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  1. Hi! Could you help me edit this reply? I posted an image that was improperly captured and I cannot edit it out. Thx! Here's the post #24:


  2. I've not been so excited for a particular game in a long time. Before Skyrim, Fallout 3 and NV were my go to games. I watched the E3 Bethesda presentation and loved it immediately. I'm not too bummed about having a dialogue wheel because honestly they are getting much better with voice acting and integration. Side note, also looking forward to Doom.
  3. I watch reviews now and again if I'm on the fence about somrthing but I'm not too big on lets plays. I have watched a few comedic ones and can get a kick out of it but yea watching it seriously doesn't sound like fun. I'd rather play the game myself.
  4. Feel free, it's not a problem at all especially since I've not been available as much as I'd like. The help is appreciated.

  5. Do you mind if you leave the report threads that I handle for me to lock unless they need further attention from you or a global mod/admin?

  6. Thanks for the heads up. Yea, I have a thing with open threads, they drive me crazy like nails on a chalk board. Constantly wondering if I've forgotten to do something :scared:.

  7. just fyi, i sent a pm to the user since he necro'ed two threads from 2010 today; you locked my report thread very quickly :p

  8. Amazon reviews are your friend I'd say. Don't have any experience with this type of thing myself. Though I can tell you that if you want to keep a visor from fogging up all you really need to do is install a small fan kit (they sell for cheap at local electronics stores) usually just above the visor space of a helmet. Now I'm not sure how this would work in cold weather but the fan itself isn't intended to cool you off or anything just keep air moving over the visor so body heat doesn't create condensation. Edit: Tried to find what I was thinking of on amazon but couldn't, did find something similar on ebay though. Though honestly the construction of this type of device is very simple and could be done for much cheaper than that.
  9. You've told me this but I love you :heart:

  10. Haha, awesome. I loved that storyline. Also little known fact, Harley Quinn was created entirely by the animated series. Joker's first sidekick was an ex-circus midget :p.

  11. :nice:

    You guys are awesome. That's all!

  12. She is in fact, though she prefers cranberry juice over black tea.

  13. That's awesome! Is pigpjs joining?