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    Born in Mexico, now studying in Japan. My dream is to do Research on Computer Science.
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  1. High IQ (about 140), and I don't even drink alcohol. I did once gave a small sip to a beer, but didn't liked it at all. The only "drug" I regularly use is caffeine...
  2. Mostly gay. Even thou it is not that easy. I'm kinda demisexual, or some shade of asexual. I found some woman attractive, but in the end I'm not that turned on by them. On top of that I have deep traumas about my sexuality and my own sexual orientation. I just do not know how to express myself naturally. It doesn't really help that my parents, even thou supporting, take my sexual orientation almost as if it was an illness or a condition.
  3. Thank you everyone for this warm welcome.
  4. Hi. I've not been part of any internet forum for like 10 years now. I have lately realized that I'm becoming more and more isolated from human contact. I'm right now in a point were I'm not knowing a lot of the time how to interact normally with people anymore. Which is kind of ironic actually, because I know I have natural charisma. There may be many reasons for this, probably the most big reason is that I've been stabbed in the back so many times, that I just don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore. It probably has to do with my impossible high expectations for people, and that because I know I'm weird, I feel I cannot act naturally anymore around people. Also, and this may be the final blow, is the fact that my self-esteem and sense of internal security has been destroyed lately, in the long and horrible process that has been accepting myself as a gay man. So that's why I'm here, I want to overcome my problems and once again being able to be able to socialize. I don't know if it was a good idea, but I guessed that people who share my same type of personality would be able to understand me a little better. So Hello, and I hope we can get along.
  5. I have, but then he answers something along the lines of "It's ok", "I don't know what to say", and in general I see it almost as if he didn't want to give an straight answer... But then again, most INTP's are like that, and it is not that they don't want to give an answer but that they just don't think about it. I read somewhere that "a INTJ-INTP relationship is the best... because neither of them are aware they are on a relationship"... and if the INTP in question was a woman, I probably wouldn't be so unsure or concerned... But this is a little bit different, taking into account that even if he has said he is bisexual, he is obviously more attracted to woman... then again, I never felt attraction of any kind before. If he was a she, I just would take it that's the way she is and assume inside my head we are on a non-declared relationship... but here I wonder if he is just leaving it like that because of our friendship, that if I try anything on my part if I would freak him/gross him out...
  6. Haskell: You create a mathematical function in order to shoot yourself in the foot, but since you, the foot, the pistol and the bullet are all functions themselves, the final result would be the result of a complex functional domino maze which always end to the same dull result: "ouch"
  7. Where should I start... I'm a INTJ and for most of my life I've considered myself to be somewhat asexual. I never really cared about sex or relationships, and I found that I couldn't just be with most people, and if I were to start a relationship it would be with someone who fall into all my detailed requirements. But then, a pair of years ago, I found myself in a very difficult position. I started to realize that I was actually in love or at least I had some strong feelings for who I consider my best friend. He is a INTP (he was actually from who learned about MBTI), extremely intelligent and extremely eccentric. He is actually about 4 years older than me, and he has known me since I was born. We have a zillion things in common, and we have been so close that you could say he is already part of my family. Until one point I was sure he was 100% heterosexual, but then he started to describe himself as bisexual, and I know he has had some gay experiences, but still he seems a lot more attracted to females. Because of this, and also the fact that I was raised on a very homophobic family, I for a long long long long long time was unable to say a thing about it. A pair of years ago, after he struggled to find any good job, decided to move out to another country. Only then I was able to tell him... in a very awkward way through IMs. I was someone shocked that he told me nothing more than a joke about him been so handsome that it wasn't a surprise for me to fall for him, and even more in the context that I know how he rejected another female friend by telling her he didn't wanted to change their friendship relationship. But in this case he told me nothing, leaving me in complete and total darkness on what to think. I mean, I've been his friend for all my life, and even I'm confused a lot of times by his responses or lack of. The worst of all is that I think he didn't really thinker about it either... It was just like, "ah, cool". The worst part is that... that was a little bit what I was expecting. And as a good INTP he doesn't like conventional relationships, or titles, or anything, so I think I'm just going to be wondering the rest of my life if I'm or not in a relationship... or anything. If there a way to get anything direct about relationships from a INTP?