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    25. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
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    airline pilot
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    airplanes, bikes, metal, chess, baseball, beer, markets, anarchy, peace
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  1. very well played

  2. I created this as a reply to someone about 30 minutes ago which give a rough summary of how a social anarchist economy would function: http://pastebin.com/62isQ2aN

  3. Oh awesome! It's great to see you again, I'm really glad you got my message. I'm now an anarcho-communist :D. What are your views regarding anarchism in general?

  4. Lol sweet. I ain't straight up syndicalist but welcome

  5. I remember you once asked me If I was an anarchist. Well, my opinions have evolved enormously to where I am an anarcho-syndicalist

  6. I'm sorry the punctuation was off

  7. You just misquoted me again. I'm not going to have my time wasted by you anymore.

  8. except you didn't even bother to "acknowledge". You just said "it doesn't matter because voluntary charity (as opposed to mandatory "charity"?) was never enough."

    You don't seem to care why people are poor, only in what attempts to "Fix" it.

    That's why your response makes no sense.

  9. When you say "acknowledge" what you really mean is "agree with."

  10. which part am I repeating? If I am, it is usually because someone doesn't acknowledge what I am saying. I am completely open to changing my mind. but so far I havn't heard anything new. I think your just avoiding the conversation.

  11. Yeah, because you keep repeating yourself. Like I said, neither one of us is interested in changing our minds here.

  12. Perhaps, (depending if you have something new I havn't encountered) but that isn't the only point. Do you really think that you have nothing to gain or to learn by talking to me?

  13. I'll make a response to it :)

  14. That isn't what I mean by extremism. But I think it would be a waste of time to try to explain it to you. You're clearly not going to change your mind and neither am I. Let's just leave each other alone, shall we?

  15. did you see my last post? what do you think?