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    Searching for answers without knowing the question...
  1. Keep posting!

  2. Love your avatar! Doom was awesome

  3. me too! I love crunching numbers :)

  4. Nice smile :)

  5. Welcome Acolyte. Where in Australia are you from? I am in Sydney
  6. well suited ;)

  7. Why, thank you. :)

  8. I don't get why I am doubting myself. I know I can do this.
  9. Nice avatar!

  10. Totally agree Jack

  11. nice shorts :)

  12. @Zibber: I totally agree. Seriously, you keep your hair.. or it starts falling out. Is it really a big deal? My hair is starting to thin, and recede.. So to combat this i started shaving my head. Life goes on dude. Life is way too short to ruin it by worrying about something like hair :)
  13. Definitely smouldering :) Very nice