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  1. Yes, everything is going okay health wise.

  2. As long as you're feeling okay now, then i am not that worried.

  3. I didn't have to pay anything. Courtesy of having government provided health care and the shunt being his fault.

    I was advised by my friends to see a lawyer and doctors for my concussion and getting him sued but i could care less. It's not really in my minutia deal and bother with something like that. I have more important matters.

  4. How much sum in damages that you had to pay him?

    Have you seen your therapist yet, just to clear off the accident trauma from escalating.

  5. I was driving and the speed limit was 45 so i was doing around 50mph. Nothing out of the ordinary when i come over a hill and there is this stupid suv going very slow through the intersection. He pulled out and followed the car ahead, ignoring the hill and traffic. It was just me, so i hit him. I had the right of way as the faster vehicle and the nose of my vehicle hit the front quarter panel of his. The airbags went off in my suv, i had my hand on the wheel and when i hit the brakes, i turned the wheel to deflect the impact area, so it wouldn't be a t-bone. As a result and the airbags to blame, is where i broke my finger and bruised bones. When i got back to resuming my position, i started to have panic attacks about 4 times a day for a month. I would hyperventilate and loose focus, white over vision and shaking. It wore off after a while, but it was not very good.

  6. Sorry I didn't know you had a car accident at the end of June. I was offline from this forum from early June to late July anyway.

    What happened (that caused the accident)?

  7. Oh, I've slipped a little. For a while, up until I stopped working I did not exercise; at the end of June I was in a car accident and with broken finger, badly bruised bones in my left hand I couldn't put any strain on my hand. I had a concussion and cuts. I went to work the next day, cause your a beast if you work after an accident which is what I am. But for a month and half, I didnt so I slipped and felt it.

    I am back to it now, my finger still hurts when I take my gloves off or hold the dumbells. I do about 40 push-ups a day and try to run a mile every day, drinking lots of water and dumbell shit. I keep my diet simple, after I exercise to burn off immediately. Eggs, ham and beans, brocoli steamed and every now and then fish or steak.

  8. Health-wise ~ how are you?

  9. I am doing work for instructor and photography.

    I do believe that she will not leave him for me. I know she won't reply to a text or call. I feel so strongly on that part, but maybe I will. But that is what has been going on.

  10. Where are you working now?

    You're still obsessing over her because you can't stop wondering if she really likes you, and IF you overtly reciprocate, would she leave him for you. What do you think?

    Why don't you just text her. Get the answers out, get the signals deciphered once and for all, prove you're correct or incorrect, and see what happens.

  11. It's been so ling, i can't remember, lol.

    But since then i have stopped working there. It was an emotionally abusive place to work and lots of turmoil. I didn't like it so i left. The abuse was from certain individuals, of which i never had an interest in but it was such an infectious and pervasive type that i could no longer condone it; as i felt it was a breach or encroached on my principles and morals. The people i miss, yes and the girl i liked, dearly do i miss.

    So, right up until i left i do remember very clearly that the girl(who we were talking about that i liked and asked me those questions) did like me. It was on the non-verbal level. She said it in her expression, her posture and it was fairly primal and pheromone induced. After all, she was and is very lovely and easy on the eyes. I know now for sure that she has an interest. I picked up on it then, now. What is funny is that a friend of mine who works there still(and is a girl) had guessed my type(of girl that i liked) this particular girl was my type.

    Around that time wherein i finally read "between the lines" as it were, she offered to give me a ride home a few times. Maybe 4, however i feel that these were not her offerings, merely the suggestion to her by her SO that she do so, to gather information of sorts. At the time, i was mad and depressed, distraught really. I declined her invitations because at the time i told myself that "She has no interest in me and why should i?" I was mad because all the bullshit i was inadvertently thrown into, that and the fact that i knew, i knew! that she liked me, had an interest but i denied it to myself. After all, she's bloody involved with someone else. It pisses me off that i thought that way, seeing now my thoughts during the day are moderately of her.

    So, as it is now, i am on good terms with most of my friends there and i visit. I don't talk with her, just like when i was there. This girl keeps me up at night. But she'll never answer a call or text reply if i initiate something, because she's involved. I have my motorcycle now so i can clear my mind...which coincidently i ride to clear my mind about here. This night i put on 52 miles.

    So, with that it is where i currently am. I don't talk to girls that i come across in stores or anywhere else for that matter. In a sense, i have reverted back to my old self in a way, but knowing what to do and how to read.

  12. Tell me

  13. Perhaps they are being obtuse about it. Personally, i feel that INTJ's can have the strongest sense of love or passion, if you define them similarly. I combine them both, but that is myself personally. INTJ's can be intense when they find a person they can be around. That is very attractive and can keep people who are intimidated away.
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