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  1. Saw you dropping by.

    How are you?

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    2. Outlaw


      For school i am interested in engine machinists and mechanical engineering, things that can get me into professional racing. Being an aerodynamicist would be cool. Beroulli's Principle has always interested me in the racing world it is known as "ground effects," which i find it fascinating. It's quite simple and i think i would fare well. But i don't have the means to even begin that journey. So i must wait. 

      I don't think i have slipped back to my old self, i just have kind of accepted the fact that i am alone right now and in an uncomfortable place. With a certain amount of work done each day to eliminate my hiatus in employment and consequently, living, i work at it slowly. 

      Thinking about it, i should buy reading materials on said schooling topics

    3. Sarea


      Are there are government-funded trade/vocational school which have direct links to companies like Toyota, Mercedes Benz etc where students can have on and off practical attachments at those companies as part of the school syllabus?

      I know you will thrive well in such environment. please check online or go to the agency which can provide info for this. 

    4. Outlaw


      If i do undertake this endeavor, which is just a matter of time, i must dedicate myself to this. I will call it my profession and i must give wholly my time and efforts. I must concentrate as it will challenge me grately. I cannot have distractions. So i will go to school up north, where, i have a friend who suggessted Pell grants. I detest the idea of having a debt so i want tonwork and save as kuch as i can to eliminate that weight overhead. After i have made it, it will be done with. I just want to save and have enough to not worry, which is why this will have to wait.

      I was always told by educators(which i have a vehement opposition towards so i will swallow pride) that it is okay to go to school and rack up a debt thay you get before you even can pay it off but that is financially unsound advice...which is why they're teachers living in apartments. 

      So i have to work some before i get there. It will be a year or more perhaps, before i get going unless i win the lottery. Other than that i am okay.

  2. Well, men historically are the more brawny of the two sexes. I've always had the idea a man should be able to do, but not limited to: Dress to their frame Exercise proper hygiene and grooming Diagnose what's wrong with a vehicle Wrench on a piece of machinery or vehicle Know how to start a car with a carbueator Know what a carburetor is Wores with tools and knows the difference between a tack hammer and a ball peen, dead blow and how to properly use a claw Sharpen a saw or axe know how to figure out the best way to cut down a tree Split wood Cook tastefully Build something without a diagram Know when to love and raise a kid Know when to teach a kid Know when you have crossed your limits with a lady Know when to push her limits Know how to throw a left hook Can change a tyre Can jump a car Know the difference between 5w20 and 10w60 and that it's a bad idea to let your car warm sitting still Knows how to roll a pack of cigarettes in their sleeve I guess I'm just old fashioned and what some intellectuals would call neanderthal or barbaric, blue collar or antiquated with ideals that are no longer prevalent in a fucked up world
  3. lollolololo, oh shit.
  4. No, you think you can offend someone and do. In the situations you have deemed that you do, were not like this? Were they? If they were, then there'd be no reason for this. Talking to someone isn't a bad thing. Starting with a "Hello" might be good. Just listen to them and repeat the second to last thing they say and keep a smile on your face, even if you feel like you're going die from thinking too much. Remember to breathe, use the restroom before you talk to her. Trust me, nothing is more uncomfortable than being bloated when talking to a pretty girl. If you've got manners, use them. If you can't hear her, lean in closer so she does too. You get closer to her that way and she you. If you can smell her perfume, don't say anything about it at first until the ice is broken more. If she looks nice, don't say anything until she hints at your garb. If you can't hear her, ask if she'd like to go somewhere where you can hear. If she says yes, then she's of course interested. If she says no, then chat a bit more and then excuse yourself and go back to your seat. Then, there, notice what she says and does. If it seems like it was going well and when you asked if she'd like to step away from the noise but she said no, then don't waste your time.
  5. A Beta with Delta tidbits. I don't care to go and socialize, but when i do, i usually have fun and get noticed, notice and could have, if i could be bothered, to flirt and mess around. But i'm lazy bouts it. I'm with friends to have fun with them, not outsiders. They've got to get on my level and they'll never do that.
  6. Could you see my reply to your message just now? It didn't appear in my status updates (response) so not sure if you've seen it.

    1. Outlaw


      I see it here, but this new format is something for me to get used to.

    2. Sarea


      You'll grasp it fast.

    3. Outlaw


      I've figured it out, it's still new however.


  7. Yes, everything is going okay health wise.

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    2. Sarea


      I forgot to follow you earlier. Just did that hence easier to know if you have been posting anything.

      It's been almost two months. How are things from your end?

    3. Outlaw


      I am feeling better now, but I feel like that Simon and Garfunkel song, The Sound of Silence, the first line. Hello darkness my old friend... I have been doing my best to exercise and keep my mind off a depressing situation but sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    4. Sarea


      How is your daily routine now? 


      ...... added to this post 3 minutes later:

      I watched a documentary on car racing recently and immediately recalled that music video you gave me where it's background footage was on one car race.

  8. As long as you're feeling okay now, then i am not that worried.

  9. I didn't have to pay anything. Courtesy of having government provided health care and the shunt being his fault.

    I was advised by my friends to see a lawyer and doctors for my concussion and getting him sued but i could care less. It's not really in my minutia deal and bother with something like that. I have more important matters.

  10. How much sum in damages that you had to pay him?

    Have you seen your therapist yet, just to clear off the accident trauma from escalating.

  11. I was driving and the speed limit was 45 so i was doing around 50mph. Nothing out of the ordinary when i come over a hill and there is this stupid suv going very slow through the intersection. He pulled out and followed the car ahead, ignoring the hill and traffic. It was just me, so i hit him. I had the right of way as the faster vehicle and the nose of my vehicle hit the front quarter panel of his. The airbags went off in my suv, i had my hand on the wheel and when i hit the brakes, i turned the wheel to deflect the impact area, so it wouldn't be a t-bone. As a result and the airbags to blame, is where i broke my finger and bruised bones. When i got back to resuming my position, i started to have panic attacks about 4 times a day for a month. I would hyperventilate and loose focus, white over vision and shaking. It wore off after a while, but it was not very good.

  12. Sorry I didn't know you had a car accident at the end of June. I was offline from this forum from early June to late July anyway.

    What happened (that caused the accident)?

  13. Oh, I've slipped a little. For a while, up until I stopped working I did not exercise; at the end of June I was in a car accident and with broken finger, badly bruised bones in my left hand I couldn't put any strain on my hand. I had a concussion and cuts. I went to work the next day, cause your a beast if you work after an accident which is what I am. But for a month and half, I didnt so I slipped and felt it.

    I am back to it now, my finger still hurts when I take my gloves off or hold the dumbells. I do about 40 push-ups a day and try to run a mile every day, drinking lots of water and dumbell shit. I keep my diet simple, after I exercise to burn off immediately. Eggs, ham and beans, brocoli steamed and every now and then fish or steak.

  14. Health-wise ~ how are you?

  15. I am doing work for instructor and photography.

    I do believe that she will not leave him for me. I know she won't reply to a text or call. I feel so strongly on that part, but maybe I will. But that is what has been going on.