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  1. Elle (2016) Naughty, sophisticated, honest, twisted, amusing and very real. Solid 10/10.
  2. I'm fugly #humblebrag
  3. Ares ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Should have picked Uranus.
  4. Same too.
  5. Logan (2017) Great movie: direct, brutal(bloody) and with some emotion. Even better if you know the backstory but enjoyable for anyone I'd say. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: No happy end :]
  6. I've already noticed this effect some time ago mostly from experience. I didn't know about the concept though. I think it all revolves around trust. Should the person telling you a story/giving a fact that goes against your beliefs/principles/ground knowledge/perspective be seen as trustworthy and/or respected, then you'll have less or no backfire at all. Not everyone has a system/method to assess the credibility or trustworthiness of presented facts, which is the reason most are basically forced to go with the "gut feeling" mentioned in the comic. This does not - or at least should not- be the case in science (as byhisello99's post suggests), where a system of values to exchange information is in place. Some weeks ago cleaning my bookshelves I found this: that's why most scientists are or should be honest. in addition to the danger of creating "fake" knowledge ...
  7. I spare no effort/investment to get the very few things I really care about.
  8. I'm an omnivore.