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  1. If you really believe that spanking is a good thing, then why do you believe that "spanking is something that shouldn't be used passed a young age"? If it's so good why stop it? You answered that question by saying "because I was already bigger than my dad at 12". to which I responded "so, spanking is not a question of good or bad, it's about whoever is bigger has the right to hit someone weaker. "
  2. How is not hitting your child related to "raising a puppet" or "behavior orchestrated by someone else"? Yeah and I agree, that aspect is very sad.
  3. Right.. So to you, spanking is not a question of good or bad, it's about whoever is bigger has the right to hit someone weaker. Got it.
  4. I'm genuinely curious why you think this. If spanking is such a good thing for a child, why should you stop at a certain age? Fruits and veggies are good for you, so you continue to eat them throughout your life. So why are you selectively applying standards?
  5. Why don't you like trump?

  6. When you negotiate with a child, both parties get what they want. The statement that "kids are now calling the shots" is simply not true. Parents need better negotiation skills. If you hit a child then you are either too lazy and/or too stupid to negotiate with your kids to find win-win situations and therefore you don't deserve to have kids in the first place.
  7. E7 this is a false dichotemy. Negotiating with your kids as an alternative to punishment is not smothering them in empathy and compassion. hitting a child with already low maoa activity makes them more violent.
  8. You would hit a 2-year old? That's so wrong..

  9. First of all, you have to prove that lack of discipline and punishment is the direct cause of "bratty behavior". Time-outs are a form of invisible prison because you are making the child stay at a certain spot. To me, if a parent relies on negative punishment instead of negotiation to correct a bad behavior, it only screams "might makes right". Some of these comments are so terrifying and predictable to me. If a child is subconsciously taught that "I'm bigger, therefore I'm right", is it any surprise that they turn out to have authoritarian tendencies or viewpoints with regards to child rearing?
  10. Watch this video It's kinda long but may help you out. Back in the day, a woman would "accidentally" drop their handkerchief next to a guy (this is her way of choosing the guy). The guy picks it up and says "miss you dropped this". She responds with "oh did I?" and a conversation ensues. There are many ways to translate this tactic that is more appropriate for this generation.
  11. tony williams is the best
  12. the platters - twilight time
  13. Good stuff man. Is it an only source of melatonin? Doesn't seem that compatible with the expensive tissue hypothesis as eyes tend to be the most expensive organ in the body.
  14. I was being sarcastic haha

    Thanks for sharing the story about your step-brother. Very illuminating.