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  1. ... It's very INTJish to make a judgement call on anyone who thinks they might or might not be INTJ. Because the INTJ technically should intuitively know after gathering data for his or herself. My advise for supposed mistypes is to pay close attention to default behaviors that have remained consistent throughout your life. Over time we all exhibit ALL forms of behaviors from any MBTI type. The key to finding and understanding your type is what do you consistently default to behaviorally most of the time.
  2. ... In my experience it all depends on the subject matter.
  3. Procrastination and trying to convince others to believe or understand your point of view. It is best to just state your opinion sometimes and let time show the truth. People will be more apt to listen to you.
  4. September. You could have just a done a poll... Love the idea though.
  5. Gotta love how many times this line gets used so the person or persons who post the comment appears to be more intelligent than people posting in the thread on a forum that is designed for discussion.
  6. MBTI is not useless. It has become over emphasized in every situation. There are characteristics of each and every type that we ALL exhibit. Any INTJ that is close to their family clearly has an ounce of emotion. If not for their family than for their work. I might not appear to be social 80% of the time. But there are some days I am very friendly and social. I have learned that being stoic in all situations is rediculous . The main thing you should take form it is that you are ultimately pre disposed to a particular behavior. You can pretend not to be, but you will frustrait yourself and never fully understand why you always HATE being around thousands of people for longer than 5 hours. When you understand yourself, you will learn why you are an introvert and why you still like extroverted activities. In the case of superiority, naturally people feel like their personality is just fine. It takes years of observation to understand that you don't need to be mean, evil and cold calculating to be an INTJ. INTJ is a TYPE of behavioral trait. Remember that we as humans all share these traits. We just express them differently given a multitude of variables. Never the less, you default at one way or their other. INTJ's can be irrational and sheepish like any other human. The abuse of the emphasis of positive qualities of a type does not diminish the truth of the positive qualities of the type. Anyone who says they do not have a behavior type is completely missing the understanding of MBTI and is lying. Objectively, everyone has a type of behavior more or less along the lines as the classic types. A wise person however knows that this is not a be and end all to their behavior. I am an INTJ who will throw out an old tradition in a heartbeat if it is not useful, but I respect the fact that traditions can and are useful to society and can facilitate structure.
  7. Computer Systems Analyst. I get to sample , construct, program, test and play with all types of tech, software and hardware. Also, the position has different duties depending on where you work. You are also left alone on many occasions due to the nature of the work or just a typical slow day.
  8. I don't think they become less distinguished, you just mature due to experience. I've come to understand myself emotionally as well as others a lot better by just having exposure to people who are very emotional and finding a way to systematically understand them. Sometimes my intuition will kick in when I need to understand someone emotionally.
  9. Disposable income, baby!

  10. The guy as in designer? Or the construction workers actually building it? Most Universities try to be well balanced by requiring you take your "basics" which consists of a basic overview of History , Philosophy etc. This is why you have business philosophy etc. Many scientiest were lead to their discoveries via philosophy. You will find out that most of the influential scientist, business men and engineers are well rounded.
  11. The Advancement of technology.... gotta love it.
  12. Thank goodness not everyone shares your "Philosophy" due to their knowledge of History that many of them read by use of the English Language.....
  13. Anyone who is really good at anything is self taught with some instruction from somewhere or someone. They people who rely completely on formal education sometimes lack the ability to adapt. Which is a survival trait. On the other hand, without some form o formal education, the self taught person might gloss over certain key aspects that could make him fall behind people who are not necessarily smarter than him.
  14. This comes from lack of knowledge on how the functions work. You have to read what the INTJ functions actually mean. Also, being introverted does not mean you can't do extroverted things like play in a band, dance, etc. But people who lack this understanding think that they have "changed" because they like to garden...