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  1. Of course he is INTJ.
  2. You too, E7? Why? "shame, E7" *ding ding* "shame" ---------------------------- I made it clear in my OP that he clearly enjoys our discussions / friendship. In fact, many of the times we meet are initiated by him, wanting to discuss with me about something interesting he read/learned recently. One of the reasons he values highly of our friendship is my ability to challenge him. Both me and him have pleb friends for casual talking. Many of you are trying to project your own biases or personal experiences to this thread while being blind to the very clear, basic info presented in the OP. Trying to convince me that my perception of a 10+ years of close friendship is wrong while having zero insight into it is at best, shameful.
  3. He is doing lots of exercise regularly and has not complained for any of it, so I'd say that low energy / tiredness is off the list. He is surely stressed though. As for his eating habits, I'm not sure. I'm planning on starting a vague discussion about effects of dietary patterns in our health, hoping that engaging him into the discussion might trigger him to do his own research and then act upon the results (on his own, as he prefers it )
  4. You have a fair point. I'll try to find an indirect way to mention this to him (usually by simply introducing the subject to him as a general discussion, while asking for his input on this).
  5. Well, I did mention that he is stubborn. Although, tbh, depression medicine tend to be very vague and unclear in regards to their effect & accuracy. I've talked with a pharmacist I know (apart from my personal research on the subject) and she has told me that medicine require months to fully see the effects, while in the meanwhile suffering from sides effects. So, a treatment period could end up lasting almost a year before you finally get the desired results, while in the meanwhile numbing you in many ways. I'm not saying I agree with his inaction, I'm just providing some of his excuses. In the end, the only real point is that I cannot force him to act upon his problem, so, I mostly stick to indirect options.
  6. We've discussed a lot about his depression many times (besides I've had my own periods of severe depression outbreaks in the past). So, he knows that there are potential solutions that he can try, but he is too stubborn(?) to commit to any of them. Plus, as I mentioned, his high ego is a common obstacle when it comes to judging him. It's one of his negative traits of his personality. Any further initiated discussion on this subject by me will mostly be perceived as too much / trying to control him. He tends to not ask for help, even when he clearly needs it. He is used to finding solutions on his own, so being unable to solve something on his own, is something he probably feels uncomfortable. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Interesting. I already send it to him, along with a small introduction to it (in order to discuss about it in the future).
  7. I'll print a T-shirt, perhaps.
  8. Nope. He really does not care about what most people think of him or his opinions. The only people that he'll want to prove are those that he deems worthy, which obviously include me, since I am his only best/super close friend. He enjoys analyzing subjects with me as much as I (used to enjoy) it with him. This makes sense. I think I experienced something similar during my master's studies, near the end of it, when I experienced a kind of burn out. The quality of my work dropped significantly. He does the same. And yep, I do kick his ass around, in small doses. Last time he spammed the usual "I don't need anyone to survive" I reminded him that there is a difference between surviving and enjoying life. Although it's not easy to approach him when it comes to feelings due to him having high ego, which sometimes make me think how costly a strike at his ego will turn out for me (and our friendship). Nope. I've told him into trying them out, but is adamant about not taking any. Don't recall the exact reason. I get what you say since I also have been through major depression in the past and I was mostly apathetic about anything meaningful and was wasting most of my time on "pleb" activities, but in my friend's case, it's not that - he wants to participate in interesting discussions (as usual), with the only difference that his opinions have significantly dropped quality (as explained in the OP). I think I'll do a research on the relation between depression,anxiety and cognitive abilities. ----------------------------- It seems all of you suggest depression as the cause. Good news is that I was discussing with him recently about a coding seminar that I'm thinking of starting on February and he seems interesting in the idea of participating in it, so hopefully this will provide him with more motivation & purpose. Thank you all for your meaningful input.
  9. So, something weird has been happening in the last 4 months. I've noticed a significant loss of intelligent, critical thinking, wisdom & in general the ability to intellectually challenge me in our discussions. I always considered him smarter than me (both in theory (IQ 130-135, compared to mine, 120) and in practice, via real life situations) and he was always a intellectually pleasant company, always able to challenge my point of view on various subjects, leading to very fascinating huge analytical discussions (even though we tended to agree on most general stuff). He also had, on average, more knowledge than me. Although I always considered me more wise than him, we never had any issues with our intellectual capabilities; both of us could challenge and excite each other through our discussions, on levels that no group of people (or forums) came even come close to it. Yet, the last 4 months, our interactions are filled with instances that he showed severe drop in his intellectual abilities; He'll express naive opinions, from slightly off our tier to extremely naive (or"pleb tier", as we usually call it). It's not that he just has different opinions; We tend to agree on the main picture of a topic, but also tend to have different opinions when it comes to the details, always an interesting and challenging part of our discussions. Yet, nowadays, there is no challenge in our discussions. His opinions provide no challenge at all and the only proper response to them by me is to merely deconstruct them and expose their flaw, so I can show him why it's wrong (which he mostly accepts, in the end). And it's not that he he has said few stupid/naive things from time to time; we all experience this (even though most pretend it never happened). This is a phenomenon that continued to appear throughout our interactions in the last 4 months, to the point that sometimes I wish to simply ignore his opinion and not answer at all, since I deem it too retarded to receive the honor of getting deconstructed, which is something EXTREMELY rare to occur with any interactions I have with my best friends. QUESTIONS: - Have you ever experienced something similar? If yes, is it an often phenomenon? - What reasons you think could be behind such transformation? P.S. Some input about him: In the last year he was experiencing strong long-term depression and had significantly limited his interaction with other humans to probably his minimum requirements (even with me, nowadays we mostly meet, on average, once per 2 weeks, even though we'll still chat more frequent online). Maybe severe social deprivation affects one's intellectual capabilities?
  10. Merry Christmas, mate.
  11. Well, I always identified myself as a classical liberal. Also, I don't accept their self-proclaimed "liberal" title and that's why I never refer to them as liberals/progressive, since ,simply, they having to do with it. I prefer the labels "Left-wing" or "regressive" for the radical left-wing), although in general I detest labels, since they tend to over-simplify complicated subjects. ...... added to this post 16 minutes later: In regards to some of the replies: I feel that many of you mistaken my OP as referring to simply having different political opinions, which is not the case. I don't mind different opinions (especially on matters that there is no objective "absolute truth", like for example economic/political policies) but I do mind if they express radical opinions. Let me explain this with an example: Non-radical: X politician will harm our country because his policies are out of touch with reality, thus they will fail. (further arguments to back this up are required or else it will be considered a naive/uneducated opinion) Radical: X politician will harm our country because he is a fucking NAZI (or any other accusation/insult)! Non-radical: X politician will harm our country because he is a fucking NAZ(or any other accusation/insult)I! (followed by clear, strong evidence that back this opinion) Lastly, in regards to some "triggered" individuals about calling her opinion(s) naive: In some matters there are "absolute truths" and in others there are not. For example, the fact that the Earth is not flat, is a subject that is backed by absolute truths / facts. So, someone expressing that "Earth is flat", it automatically makes him naive/uneducated in this domain. Having naive/stupid opinions does not make you stupid. Humans are (sadly) not infallible. What will make you stupid in general will be to reject critical thinking and to not change your opinion after being exposed to valid counter-arguments. P.S. Sorry for not being active in the discussion but I usually prefer to be an observer rather than an active participant of a discussion.
  12. Wow. I'm impressed. Very mature (both your relationship behavior and your response). You are both (born and raised) Americans, right?
  13. A. Your advise to her is irrelevant, since she is not here to read it. B. Please, try to answer the main question/subject of this thread. Thanks!
  14. Greetings, I've been dating a girl these last 2 weeks and she is really super horny for me. During one of our dates, out of the blue, she threw a random political comment about Trump winning the elections and how this was attributed to the misogyny of the Americans (she is from N.Europe). I had avoided so far discussing politics or any challenging philosophical subjects since I had identified from the very first moment she talked to me that she is part of the PC cult. Having naive / stupid opinions is not (any more) a red flag for me, as long as you are not aggressive / radical / too focused on them. Besides, apart from her political naivety/delusions, she is pretty nice person and fun to be around. But I never lie or hide my opinions (I never allow to be intimidated/bullied into silence by any person or system), thus I replied, revealing my view on the subject, in a polite and civil way (in summary, I explained my position and gave my own explanation to why this has nothing to do with misogyny/racism/random -isms while providing the real, based on my perception, reasons. I was pretty sure that she'll get triggered and get into full SJW mode, starting calling me names for disagreeing / disproving her point of view, BUT, surprisingly, not only she reacted in a non-radical way but she also indirectly admitted that her point of view on the subject might have been skewed and thus, wrong. So, although she passed this test (any form of extremism is an auto-red flag for me), I had me wondering if she is really simply just naive / simply following the mainstream political trend while not being obsessed with it, OR perhaps she hid her true (radical) reaction in order to not alienate me (she knows that any form of extremism is a major turn-off for me and that I really don't mind being single again). I know that she had been to some horrible previous relationships and she sees me as a "golden star", a huge change of pattern in her dating lifestyle, which is why I don't dismiss the above hypothesis as an exaggeration. So, I'm asking for your input (extreme/radical members included) on this: Q: If you are in a relationship that you deem really good (in regards to any aspect you deem important; social, emotional, sexual, intellectual), are you willing to change your stance/opinion on any subject in order to not potentially ruin the relationship? Remember, loneliness & desperation can be major drivers (especially for people that have been mostly disappointed by their dating choices. (example, women around the age of 30, looking for a suitable companion for a life-long relationship, etc) Discuss (and please be polite)!
  15. I love what they did with the City-state system. Also, the fact that you can (at last!) control in a meaningful way the army of your city-state allies is immensely satisfying, since it was one of the main things I did not like in Civ5 (watching allied city-states not actually participating in the war / not fighting effectively).