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  1. If you were a cheeseburger in a can, you'd be relatively tolerable.
  2. I came back from a trip to Chicago not too long ago, I don't really have plans to go back anytime soon.
  3. Don't tell me what to do, I'll whine if I want to.
  4. Ahlspiess.
  5. Either keep playing games or get really high, most likely both. When that is I don't really know.
  6. No. There are other reasons too.
  7. I am not infatuated with your method of approach.
  8. He's just extremely high thinking over cat things with his mind blown, no big deal. Toby does it at times too.
  9. The sun is also a lemon head, gravity is a conspiracy; the only thing keeping the ocean intact is the salt, the stars are just flecks of paint on a black canvas that god decided to make and the moon is the palette, 9/11 was done by Lincoln in an attempt to execute people who were secretly vampires, Leprechauns are actually real they just hide in robotized suits we know as penguins, velociraptors lived with humans and were herbivores, NASA is covering up their contact with martians because they want to, the ozone layer isn't real because I can't see it, the Titanic sinking was a conspiracy by ISIS so we'd be distracted over a fear of icebergs, I know that gay people only turn gay once they have super AIDS and the I doubt the earth was made (I'm sure of it) over 4 billions years ago because one that is way too big of a stretch and two nobody alive ever experienced it so how can we really know? Think, people. It's about time we open our eyes to the truth.
  10. "The paleolithical horror" kind of has a ring to it.
  11. I will hold your head and then proceed to provide you with favorable sensations. I will then serenade you with traditional Celtic hymns.
  12. I sometimes get bored, and I don't like that.
  13. That's not unheard of. I've been told plenty of stories where the same thing happened, but I've never seen it myself yet. That's probably because I prefer to stay home and cook/eat home cooking.
  14. They are just about evil in the very same ways that gingers and carnival workers are.
  15. Yes. In countries like Canada and America I usually don't tip just because I didn't have anything extra on me, though I will tip when I can if the workers are decent. There are other times when I won't tip because, as Major Chord said, the idea and reception of tipping varies depending where you go. I didn't while in places like Japan, as it's considered rude to tip; It's perceived as something like giving them pity, which they're not fond of in a business scenario. They firmly believe they should earn what they're given. You should never assume that even menial aspects of your own culture is something people around the world also hold by default.