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  1. I like お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki, literally meaning "cook as you like", its customization makes it a hard food to dislike), Pinnekjøtt, curry, chili, pemmican or Jerky, steak tartare, lobster and just about every other seafood there is. I also like pretty much any fruit or vegetables, with a preference leaning towards fruit.
  2. Right, guess it wouldn't be very fair to assume people would automatically think as I would and draw that connection between art and ideas. I am not a considerate person.
  3. That goes without saying, though I think a lot of art derives from fermented ideas. Anyways it's all the same.
  4. Right when you're just like "Whatever, ok, I'll take it" is when you are using your brain. To approve or assent is to cognitively agree. You can think without words, ideas or beliefs in some primordial mix of thought, but what invariably results from this manifests in words, ideas and/or beliefs. This is where that "Thank you" part comes in.
  5. So, the question here is how would someone who doesn't believe there is any intrinsic meaning define truth without special pleading? Ultimately, I can't. That's okay though, because I think the truth in itself cannot be realized in its entirety either. There's a funny thing about truth, people want it cheapened. It's been depreciated. We have a desire to interpret the world; we abide by our drives, each with its own perspective which compel us to accept something as a standard. People tend to overestimate their abilities and dilute truth to a sort of ideal in which to strive for when really the pursuit and discovery of truth is not as simple, not because it's concealed but one reason is because people don't honestly make an attempt to pursue it. As we've all been told, the truth hurts, and it is feared and treated with apprehension. It doesn't matter what you think about it as that is merely an interpretation, and I do not believe that truth is an ideal, or that it is separate from this world, or can be found within some reality that can only be attained outside personal experience. Rather, the truth is here and will remain to be here after we are gone, even if there is nobody to conceptualize, systematize or regulate it. Truth is abundant, yet unobtainable as through our subjectivity we render it a support we continuously make to affirm it from within the contexts and perspectives of our comparably shallow life. Despite this, it's a well that you'll never reach the bottom of, but the waters of its profoundness can easily either drown you or be enjoyed.
  6. Yes, delving in introspection in order to value or judge it in itself isn't unheard of. It's all conceptualization.
  7. I find it odd that people don't understand this. Whenever they declare a certain value or philosophical standpoint, they're rationalizing or at the very least thinking it over, it's a necessity from which to derive meaning, and at the very least required in order to be sincere about said value. Deciding on or otherwise being convinced that something is meaningful is cognition. Is there something I'm missing here?
  8. That is a good rationale to follow.
  9. That's pretty much what I think it boils down to, albeit a very brief summation. I considering everything that we observe and "label" as being filtered through our reasoning or logic, and out churns constructed value. No cognizance, no meaning.
  10. Occam's razor is more relevant and applicable to gnosticism than theism, since both atheists and theists can have a gnostic approach to their belief or lack thereof. Alternatively, either side could be agnostic as well.
  11. How to can you have good humor? I don't know, my sense of humor is rubbish.
  12. Hey, you can all. . . shut up.
  13. You're just a twit who doesn't understand my feelings, stop attacking me. I don't need to put up with this kind of emotional abuse.
  14. Stop ruining my innocence, get a room you sicko.
  15. Maybe. I can't help that I'm a sensitive soul.