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  1. Hello, could really do with another clue to the current riddle if you have a moment next time you log in. Thanks in advance. 

  2. I know. This is why I can't really say I have much of an issue with those who are transgender or appeal to the idea. Only when it gets to the point of being completely delusional do I find it questionable.
  3. I've never seen the appeal in becoming transgendered, but I have noticed it's on the rise. This is nothing I take any issue with as it's their body. I would probably be pursued by a rabid mob holding torches and pitchforks if I posted this on Tumblr, but all this "genderfluid" nonsense is forming like a tumor on the already malformed figure of society. To think fondly of being the opposite gender is one thing but that's not an issue either. The problem is I can't even put "opposite gender" nowadays without being considered ignorant as somehow it's gotten to the point where simple pronouns like "he/she" is considered controversial by some and it's absolutely ridiculous. If gender is indeed a mere social construct, then why be so triggered over it? I've been mistakenly assumed to be female but all I had to do was tell them I wasn't one, not go off on some "did you just assume my gender?" fit. I think they put on such a dramatic act because it's all just a severe case of special snowflake syndrome; In fact it's the purest example. Hopefully this is something people are going to look back on and be ashamed of for such an arrogant attempt at grabbing attention. I would start saying "sex" instead of "gender" but that'd be superfluous considering that people will find something to complain about that term too. It's either that or they are legitimately insane. I may find furries questionable but at least they seem to know they're not really another species, it's a self-realized fandom. Just like cosplayers the ones I've come across are clearly aware they are acting out a role. I still probably wouldn't want to be embraced by one in those grimy looking costumes but otherkin come across as a different beast entirely. I like mythical lore and all as indicated by my bestiary, but if it's not delusional to actually consider yourself some mythical creature in spirit or any other "kin" (there are so many I'm not even going to begin to make an attempt in listing them all) then I don't know what is anymore. If being disrespectful means not falling in line with the insanity of others then I'd gladly take that title. I don't care how convinced someone is that they're Spongebob or whatever in spirit. They're not. All in all it does make me curious what people will come up with in the upcoming years, and following close by is sure to be the usual reprehension.
  4. You could say that. I've never really been that close with anybody and I don't regret it either. Having contacts is nice now and again, but I never felt as if it were a necessity.
  5. I actually think I'm dumb more often than not. It could be because I'm aloof, or maybe I'm actually showing some self respect by judging myself accordingly like I would anybody else instead of lying to myself. I'm not sure.
  6. Hypnagogia, a common occurrence during sleep paralysis which manifests itself in many different ways, from visualizations to smells. There are a few theories which address these seemingly constant themes between various people, brought on by the once popular "Have you dreamed this man?" tale. I believe it's a mix of two of them in particular. First is the "dream imitation theory", which claims that a certain phenomenon has arisen casually and has progressively developed by means of imitation; when people are exposed to said phenomenon they become so deeply impressed that it begins to manifest itself subconsciously. No doubt tales of "shadow men" and popular interpretations of other anomalous being play a large part here. I've even perceived them a couple of times myself. The other is the "daytime recognition theory". This suggests the prominent apparitions brought into question are unpremeditated. Often people won't recall finer details in dreams, this is why looking at one's hands or taking a second glance at the clock are popular reality checks. Thus, these oneirical manifestations are an instrument which, in the subject's waking life, encourages recognition of an otherwise undefined image. Regarding my own experiences, I have experimented in inducing Lucid dreaming for a good while now, so naturally this was something I've experienced very often, especially while trying WILD which pretty much invokes waking sleep paralysis. My experiences have ranged from malicious hallucinations such as hearing people break into my place to figures standing at the foot of my bed, to amusing ones like my pillow levitating and carrying out a conversation with me. It's understandable that it takes some getting used to, not only due to the hallucinations but the fact that one is unable to move during these experiences. I've always considered them as a good thing, as I know my mind is creating the steps to transition into a dream state, and it's possible to take advantage of them and manipulate these aberrations for reality checks.
  7. Well, would you look at the time?

    I've got to go.

  8. Benevolent tap water, and a foot warmer to go with it.
  9. This seems like a no brainer. I would choose one from the future that's actually familiar with time travel, preferably one who is responsible for perfecting or at least refining it. He/she/it will have to come to me though, deceased figures from the past don't really have access to travel to my era alive.
  10. Variety is the spice of life. Who the hell wants to read a manual with a boring description that is merely "pea sized" anyway? I don't; I want my manual to state "Wando pea sized", how would I ever learn from it otherwise?
  11. That did make me think of what it'd be like manuals specified on the pea size when it comes to different CPU models. Some would refer to the amount as "Maestro pea amount" while others describe their amount as "Thomas Laxton" sized maybe? That way, the general rule of thumb can be a green one too.
  12. While it's completely harmless to go with just an amount that is literally just a few millimeters bigger in size, It's a bit silly to get a specific measurement on what is considered pea-sized as it's more a guide than exact amount. It's even sillier to say "Yeah? Well you need a big pea amount not just a normal pea sized pea amount." I'm almost expecting to delve into the intricacies of pea varieties and their different sizes as this point. Of course there is such thing as too little, nobody is disagreeing there. What I'm saying is that there is no point in having the entire CPU covered, just the contact point between the CPU and heatsink and its micro gaps which really doesn't take that much. Upon being pressed against the CPU, there only needs to be enough to fill in any of the micro gaps between these surfaces, the thinner the layer (as long as it effectively fills said gaps and is visible) the better.
  13. I've never watched the show, but I've given a good number of clips a watch, his body language and the effect of body language he has on others says a lot. He doesn't strike me too much of an introverted type, Negan seems like an extroverted sensor as he revels in exercising and displaying his power over others. He seems to know how to use body language effectively for intimidation, always in someone's face and even making sure others don't look at him wrong (this is something INTs tend to lack, at least on an intended level). He's very straightforward and wanted to know right off the bat (pun) who the leader of the group was in order to establish dominance. As a leader, he's very good at creating reward systems that counter the punishments and vice-versa. It seems that he often uses mind games, showing much interest in reading people to determine their motives and staying ahead a step or two. He always seems to be making some message or another. As rigid and meticulous as he is in maintaining control though, I think he made a mistake in not establishing territorial boundaries over which groups scavenge where. Spot checks may keep things monitored but allowing people to gather and share discourse is a mistake. Overall I'd say either ENTJ or even ESTJ.
  14. That brings back memories. Not only was it my first Elder Scrolls game, but I've put more hours in it than Skyrim and Oblivion combined. I liked messing around with the construction set.