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  1. Hang in there

  2. Yes a bit :)

    It's the getting from an active place to a dull place.

    So I have to be active while the place itself is more or less still and not encouraging to be active.

    Ballet is :nice:

  3. Thank you. I think she is lovely.

    Are you feeling any better today?

  4. It will very much depend on the female. Personally, an intellectual match or complement is a must. Personality and presentation are definitely up there, someone I trust and feel safe with. And hey, a nice car doesn't hurt.
  5. Keep at it. As painful as it can be, there is a place for small talk in new or extended relationships. As superficial as it sounds, (as has been said many times before), you will eventually meet your intellectual match and things will just click into place. You really will know when that person is a good match for you.
  6. Sometimes I feel so complicated that I find it difficult to put into words
  7. I hate it, therefore I abuse it. I wish I could break the cycle...
  8. Of course It is quite natural
  9. I really don't know that I can cope with much more
  10. Hello Bullwinkle, from another Australian. Can you believe all these people longing for the cold weather? Apart from snow skiing, give me a blistering hot day anytime.
  11. I truly am my own worst enemy. I hold way too much resentment, regret, malice and too many grudges. I am fascinated to understand why one person can be like this yet others can seemingly let it go. Clearly I have work to do on myself.
  12. Cigarettes-from about 14 to 21yrs. Definitely in response to peer pressure at school and as a result of bullying. For some reason smoking elevated me slightly towards the "cool" kids. Marijuana-very occasionally at 16 or 17yrs, again at school but this time out of sheer curiosity. In small amounts it was pleasant but recall one joint (possibly mixed with hash) whereby I literally couldn't speak for about 1 1/2 hrs. I was conscious of what was going on around me and could hear people trying to speak with me but I could not respond. That was quite frightening and because of a fear of losing control, I rarely ventured further into the world of drug taking. My exception was sniffing amyl nitrate on dance floors in night clubs in the 80's - potentially quite dangerous but I appear to have escaped unscathed. Was it worth it....probably not. I can see the attraction and completely understand how it is such a fine line between mere recreation and something more serious. Despite all the education that is done in schools these days, I believe the urge to satisfy curiosity or willfulness will win out for years to come. Don't get me wrong, I hang out for champagne Friday with the girls.
  13. Hello Flysky, Hope you enjoy it here. We all have much to learn.