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  1. Warmup problem: Supereasy problem:
  2. That's what I've been doing. I've been ignoring their big banners claiming they need money. Instead I've been simply making use of the free content that has been generated by unpaid editors like myself.
  3. It's a lot to be making off of free user-generated content.
  4. you are wrong sorry, we have satellites with ion drives orbiting the earth right now so we are not using the only the same propulsion as on the v2. Also we could theoretically use an alcubierre drive to travel faster than the speed of light by exploiting a loophole in the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity states no object with mass can accelerate faster than the speed of light but withe the alcubierre drive we would not be accelerating faster than the speed of light we would be creating this thing called a warp bubble that uses the universe kind of like a conveyer belt traveling faster than the speed of light without the effects of time warping.

  5. Interesting. I tried playing it in extra slow motion on youtube and it looked like it was due to friction with the table. The centrifugal force of the wine tilts the glass in the direction of the lump of wine, and then the motion you're applying to the glass pole creates a torque about the point of contact at the edge of the base of the wine glass which causes the wine glass to roll around. The motion of the base of the glass is similar to what happens when you spin a coin and after a while it is almost flat on its side but still rolling/spinning about.
  6. I'm with jndiii. Not sure what K27 is doing. If you're holding the glass, it wouldn't be spinning would it?
  7. We need to work on exterminating mosquitos as a species.
  8. This is incredibly exciting. Seriously mindboggling. Interstellar travel here we come!
  9. I know! Just fucking take it already!

  10. Man that black center stone in your avatar is triggering my OCD haha.

  11. Thanks lol.

  12. not a lot of info, but sounded interesting anyways... hope things work out, just remembered a couple around here that would be jealous/resentful LOL