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    Mindfulness is transformational.
  1. =) glad someone mentioned Wiretap! Goldstein is genius.

  2. yeah, in fact, there is no empirical evidence that the MBTI is reliable.

  3. It's not porn but overtly sexual.

  4. I didnt know its porn. I just thought its japanese, weird and funny. Sorry!

  5. Breakfast bowl and plate made from recycled glass
  6. Searching online for organic knitting yarn.
  7. Shadows of the pomegranate tree, Tariq Ali
  8. Eating breakfast. Slowly, cuz I don't have to work today.
  9. Some really, really soft yarn for a sweater - grey merino wool from Italy.
  10. dental xrays
  11. Bananas - my favorite fruit. I can't go a day without one.
  12. Yes to that. ---------- Post added 09-19-2015 at 07:32 PM ---------- not sure how to interpret that.
  13. Is that a medical scam I should know about?

  14. Knitting - it's going to be a summer sweater for next year. The yarn color is called 'stone'.