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  1. I think how the baby was concived is beside the point. The question is do you believe it is a baby if so than it is wrong to kill it at any stage. Does someones mistake or trauma justify the taking of a life? As to the times mentioned for when an abortion should be allowed to be performed are you aware that over half of babies born at 23-24 weeks gestation will live. A baby's hearbeat starts 3 weeks after fertilization. The question is really what counts as a baby and if it is a baby are there any good reasons to kill it? An interesting documentary on points like this can be found at http://www.180movie.com/
  2. I would be in the someone please kill me group however...I have and can do it if I absolutly have to and have ample time to prepare. I guess I need something between those two points. It also depends on what I am needing to speak about. The problem I have is that many of the times I have needed to speak in public I needed to include at least some of my "feelings" or "personal experiences" and this is something I do not do easily and can never find the right words to express what I want to say in these areas.
  3. You are a Type 6 with a 5 wing: "The Defender" Your trifix is 6w5, 8w9, 3w2. In enneagram theory, you have one type for how you relate to the world (either 8, 9, or 1), one type for how you think (5, 6, 7) and one type for how you see yourself (2, 3, 4.) Your tri-fix contains one number from each of these triads. They are listed in the order of how strongly they present in your personality. Your core type (your strongest type) is Type 6 with a 5 wing: Type Six individuals are reliable, committed, and security-oriented. They are natural troubleshooters, and are always aware of potential problems. This makes the Type Six anxious, but the anxiety fuels them to resolve their problems. They can range from loyal to rebellious, depending on where they get their security from – if the security is from within, they can be very defiant… if it comes from others, they can be very cooperative and devoted. When a Type Six is in a growth state, they become calm like a Type Nine. When they are stressed, they can become arrogant like an unhealthy Type Three. You are a Type Six with a Five wing, which means that the committed nature of the Six combines with the cerebral nature of the Type Five. As a result, you often excel at concrete thinking and troubleshooting. Your second type (your next strongest type) is Type 8 with a 9 wing: Eights are assertive, dominant individuals who naturally take control of situations. Eights are aggressive in satisfying their needs, and indeed, Type Eight is the most aggressive personality type in the Enneagram. When in a state of growth, Eights become like Type Twos - caring and protective of other people. When Eights are stressed, they become withdrawn and secretive like Type Fives. You're an Eight with a Nine wing, which means that the calm nature of Type Nine combines with the assertive nature of Type Eight to create an individual who uses their power justly and often doesn't make the first attack... but if someone else does, they'll finish it. Your third type (the least-used of the three) is Type 3 with a 2 wing: Type Three individuals are self-assured, confident, and driven for success. Type Threes have a great deal of energy that propels them to excel at their chosen field, and this is why the type is often called The Achiever. Although Threes may not always like it, they’re often looked up to. Type Threes, more than any other type, are the most likely to be a workaholic. When in a state of growth, Threes become more cooperative and trusting of others, like a Type Six. When stressed, Threes become withdrawn like a Type Nine. You are a Type Three with a Two wing, which means that your driven nature combines with a desire to help people. You often come off as charming and outgoing as a result. Some words that describe you: decisive, authoritative, natural leader, assertive, ambitious, driven, adaptable, energetic, loyal, reliable, anxious, skeptical. Interesting. I know I am a 6w5 and know my second type is 8 (8w9 is probably right) the 3w2 sounds ok but I also could be a 4 in the last spot I haven't been able to figure it out very well as I am not finding anything online where the two are compared which would make it easier some aspects of both seem to fit me pretty well and other aspects of both not fit me.
  4. ---------- Post added 03-07-2013 at 05:53 AM ---------- I try to be more of an extrovert when I am out (and sometimes succeed if I am out with people I know and don't have to interact with too many at once). Then I go home and fall into the bliss of knowing I will not have to see or talk to anyone the rest of the day or maybe the whole weekend :-) The only time I talk a lot at home is when I see or Skype my parents especially my Dad who is an infj and have opportunity to talk though my thoughts or ideas, which always helps to clarify them more. Also for some reason I tend to get long winded on here (probably because I don't actually know anyone here so really what does it matter what you think about what I am saying and why should I care what you think in the long run)
  5. I always find it interesting how many people think intj means you will have above average IQ. Your personality type has nothing to do with intelligence it is about how you perceive, gather and process information. The use of the term mastermind not about intelligence but abut how intjs rend to plan for every aspect and have backup plans it is because they are able to envision how things are going to or can come together. However that also brings me to the question of what is intelligence and. Can an IQ test really measure it. IQ tests have such a narrow scope of information they test on. For example take a Bedouin out of the desert and give him an IQ test and he will not do well, not because he does not have a high level of intelligence, but simply because the nature of the questions. Then take someone who has very high iq scores and put them in the desert...they will not do well either it is all about the questions you ask. ---------- Post added 03-08-2013 at 02:10 PM ---------- About the grades question. Personally I usually didn't care much what other people got as grades unless it was to see how tough things where getting graded to see if I was doing as good as I thought I should. I would set goals for myself and only be disappointed if I did not reach the goals I thought I should be reaching. I think my goals where always realistic especially since I usually reached them and when I did not I know from others that the grading had been especially tough.
  6. I don't hate extroverts and often don't mind being around them...however at the moment my extremely extrovert aunt is visiting for the week, one full day in and my nerves were in taters second day my the rest of my introvert family were all struggling. My parents left with my aunt and uncle this morning for an overnight trip to visit other relatives but they will be coming back tomorrow. Much as I love my aunt I am not sure I will survive this week. Especially since I move back overseas 3 days after she goes and need to pack,organize, shop and prepare for that.
  7. I prefer not buzz cut. Not a fan of long either really. I like the length of the second picture the most. On some guys bald or buzz cut is OK but my preference is short to mid length.
  8. I am the oldest of 4 I have 3 brothers, being the only girl. My next youngest brother has cerebal palsy I have always taken on the protective older sister roll and am often the one to convince him to do things he doesn't want to but needs to do. I am not sure his type. We mostly get along well although have some disagreements at times and are both too stubborn to change our minds. Next brother is I think istp very smart good at math computers etc we get along well but I am least close with him. I am closest with my youngest brother who is an infj. Overall I am very close to my immediate family. This partly comes I think from moving a lot and to any countries as we grew up so that we were the only constant people in our lives and many times the only ones we could communicate with anywhere near our ages for quite some time.
  9. As others have said it affects people differently. Certainly should not keep you from doing many things though. I have asthma which is mostly brought on through exercise I do not need to take medication regularly except during allergy season but do take an inhaler before exercise which although helpful is not as effective as I would like. Walking for me is not a problem unless it is a lot of uphill or in cold weather which makes it worse for some reason. In fact most of the time I live in a country where I need to walk everywhere to get around. Just losing weight although that may help will most likely not cure her but it does sound as though she is using it as an excuse. If it is so bad that she cannot excersize and walk around maybe her medications need to be changed.
  10. The final results matched my type. But in the past I have gotten high in all the areas and this test put the n at slight and the rest at strong. I can see which questions this is from and thought might be the case as other where a lot of questions that neither or both answers where true. One thing about the test that makes scoring difficulties that for anyone familiar with mbti the will easily see where the questions are going and be hard to get impartial results even if they are trying to answer truthfully
  11. This is also true for me. The only people truly do not feel lonely around are my family. I think this comes from moving around a lot all my life (to different countries and cities etc). The only constant in my life is my family. Everything else as stated feels like an illusion.
  12. Definitely big picture. My Mom is ISTJ and sometimes her need to fill in all the details first drives me crazy.
  13. I do not think your type should be such a factor in your decision. Understanding how you think and why you do things etc will be helpful but I think that although some aspects may be harder than others for you anyone would have struggles but each of us will have a different set. You any have others around you you can work wit to fill the gaps in places you think you are lacking in. The question you are asking also begs the question what do you see as effective or success? I myself am in ministry and although find some aspects are outside my comfort zone I am blessed to work with a team which enables us to be much more effective than I think any of us would be separately. My advise would be don't let understanding your type limit the possibilities of where God can use you but rather help you to understand what your strengths and weaknesses may be so that you can become more effective ---------- Post added 03-03-2013 at 12:08 PM ---------- Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes I am trying to type on a small tablet and it is very much past the time I should be in bed.
  14. I tend to push down any frustration and anger I feel and certainly try not to show it but when I do show some believe me the rest is boiling beneath the surface. At times I do get angry and let it show mostly just around my family by yelling at someone but then will go and cool down and reason myself back to sanity and go apologise. I am not good at letting things go though and will generally hold onto any grievance.