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  2. Hua. Sounds pretty scary and a little fachinating actually. I'm curious what world he was in, if he saw colours or anything like that. I actually promised two friends when I was little that if I ever try smoking or anything like that, that they would get a million SEK each (about 100000 dollar or so).

  3. Just finished 'Brothers to the Death' by Darren Shan Halfway through 'Hell's Horizon' By Darren Shan
  4. Sometimes, when alone, I'll think about all the bad things I've done in my life, and while the good greatly outweighs the bad, i can't help but regret some of the decisions I've made. Sometimes I'll think about all the things i could have done, and the people I could have been, had circumstances been different. Some days I curse the world we live in, and the humans that populate it. Recently, I've used Taoism as a way of establishing self forgiveness and balance in my life. No one's perfect, which is why it's so stressful to try to be. I've become better at making mistakes, and am far less hard on myself now. The road to happiness is a long one, without any real destination, but it's never about the end result, it's how you get there. Happiness, to me, sometimes seems to be so elusive, that giving up seems so much easier, but to surrender is not an option anymore.
  5. I haven't touched Spice sense then, although he has tried it several times sense, usually with similar results. He's on probation, and sense they don't drug test for it, it's popular among people on probation.

  6. He became completely detached from our world as we know it, and i couldn't reach him. his pupils dilated fully and his body went stiff. He was sweating a ridiculous amount, and after a few seconds, he went pale and ceased moving. I feared for the worst, as i had smoked a fair amount more than him. I checked his pulse and after realizing he was alright, allowed him to rest his head on my shoulder. After a few minutes, he began to mumble; at this point i began talking to him again, encouraging him to stay with me, he told me that he had been in another world, and looked pretty scared, so i didn't ask him much about it. after about a minute of him mumbling to me, he told me it was happening again, but not as bad, he rested his head on my shoulder again and began to trip out, eventually returning to his senses again.

  7. For a long time it was legal, though recently they have been making efforts to outlaw it. 'Spice' is marketed as an incense, but manufactured with chemicals that cause a 'high' when smoked. the spice looks similar to marijuana and is smoked in the same way. I've only messed around with it a few times, and sense my friend had a pretty bad reaction to it, I've decided that i'm done with it.

  8. At gas stations? Is it a legal drug? I've never tried anything (not even smoking a cig) and have no desire to try either. Mostly just curious about what it is and what it does.

  9. It's a type of synthetic cannabis. K2. It's marketed as Potpourri and incense under the name 'Spice' at gas stations. It's pretty bad for you, a friend of mine had a particularly bad experience with it.


  10. Spice? Salt, pepper, cayenne? ... potential blondy-moment here.

  11. In descending order: 1. Mushrooms 2. Weed 3. MDMA 4. Valium 5. Oxycodone 6. Alcohol 7. Caffeine 8. Nicotine 9. Spice
  12. It's not about revenge, it's about punishment. in the case of the death penalty, we do not execute for revenge, we execute to rid ourselves of the strain they put on society. (Although i feel the death penalty is unconstitutional under any circumstances.)
  13. Prejudices and stereotype's exist because of the majority. On average, you are more likely to be mugged by someone in a baggy T-shirt and basketball shorts, rather than someone in a collared shirt and dress pants. These prejudices allow us to make quick assessments and judgements of people based on their appearance, style, and mannerisms. However, such prejudices also restrict certain groups of people. Women, for example, are payed far less than men, and, on average, it is harder for a black man to get a job over a white man, because of assumptions. It doesn't matter if you're a genius, an idiot, black, or white. We all need to treat each other as equals, regardless of our thoughts on the matter.
  14. Baba Brinkman - Rap guide to evolution Definitely worth a listen.
  15. Eragon, specifically in Inheritance. It sometimes sends a shiver up my spine.