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  1. 25% Ancient, 38% Medieval, 31% Modern and 6% Post-Modern!
  2. Those 'characteristics' are based on gross generalizations. Most type descriptions make INTJs seem like robots, which we are obviously not. The best description of an INTJ I've found is this one, which gives a more complete picture rather than focussing only on the rational side of the INTJ. The things you mention in your post are not determinants of your MBTI type. I don't know your age, but lack of confidence and motivation could indicate that you haven't fully matured yet and still have to find something that motivates you (INTJ tend to be late bloomers). Preferring arts and humanities to the hard sciences does not mean all that much. What could be an indication, however, is the way you approach studying those topics. E.g., when learning languages, do you tend to just learn stuff by heart or do you more like search for patterns in grammatical rules and connections between words? I.e. trying to understand the language by trying to grasp the bigger picture, the underlying structure. This is something that could indicate your MBTI type, not the preference itself.
  3. This might be helpful. Surrealism is a good pick. You could talk about David Lynch (though he's an INFP).
  4. Ah, good old Docky. It's from the dev who made uBlock. Some quick info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/3jrhbm/noscript_vs_umatrix/curzpkr

    It's, in my experience, quite a bit faster than NoScript, so I ditched NS for UM. However, it doesn't have all the functionality that NS does (and vice versa), so it depends on what you want to achieve security/privacy wise.

  5. I'm using docky. I haven't heard of uMatrix; what're its advantages?

  6. Always a great feeling when you're done with the whole setup process. :) What dock are you using btw? (Also, you might want to check out uMatrix as a replacement for NoScript.)

  7. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with it.

  8. Questioner.
  9. Bittorrent Sync, or look into Owncloud
  10. Credits go to jndiii, obviously. Very interesting problem though. Thanks for posting!

  11. Nice work! This is *exactly* what I was looking for.