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  1. You need to be kind to people.

  2. Male Brains are obviously superior (wink wink nudge nudge) :D
  3. Type: INTJ Age: 21 Race: White Sex: Male Orientation: Heterosexual Country: Canada Attractiveness: 5/10 Confidence: very low Reason: All of the above
  4. Welcome to the black hole that is INTJ forums may this forum leave I more confused then ever before :)
  5. Pretty sad IMO what's the point of a marriage if there's no sex I don't know these people are like in real life not do I know how long this was an issue so I won't judge the guy for making the spreadsheet. If they can't get along then the should just split
  6. Sorry my fault I should have specified that I was referring to murders only I'm am aware that most people aren't murdered
  7. I've been lately been thinking about my demise these thoughts contain mostly of it is from cancer mostly from the idea of my repressed emotions, also from car accidents and shootings and lately I've be thinking that's family would try to kill me mostly because your most likely to be killed by someone you know and most of them I die alone T_T and more repressed feelings What do you think of your demise how do you think you will die?
  8. A Hobbit. In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.
  9. I'm clueless in the department but from what I last heard INTJ are isolated creatures that roam in the dark and plot to destroy the world and now you here spreading your lies about dating and relationships peefff...
  10. Intj could be only to get something in there favour and we most likely would use it to another person
  11. Thanks for the muffin

  12. Higher risk of STD or STI and have poor values and ethics IMO Btw we don't have a lower STD rate because if promiscuity it's because we. Are a developed country with proper healthcare and a abundance of protection unlike poor countries which have neither
  13. Dragon Quiz Results Your score is 4 Diabolical. Well that sucks I got mostly the dragons from popular media
  14. I'm sorry to hear that but u did the right thing
  15. you are a genius