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    This is gonna hurt you more than it will me. You won't like what I have to say. I can guarantee it.
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    Geocaching, poetry, woodworking, engineering, chemistry, painting, astronomy, calculus, model rocket
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    There’s no point acting all surprised about it. The charts and demolition orders have been displayed in your local planning department in Alpha Centauri for fifty Earth years.
  1. Where arre youu, VP? Hope all is well you critical thinker you. :hug:

  2. stuart hameroff

  3. Democratic science. Love it. More votes = more true.
  4. You're right however in Japan they seem to have achieved a very complex weak measurement system which does not cause waveform collapse. They are suggesting that this will enable communication between the earth and satellites as a first step, having achieved teleportation over 147 miles. Now the classical information does add a wrinkle which may be diminished with a step-wise communication setup (very complicated). Extremely precise clocks enabled the first test to work, because the classical information could be inferred by the timing of the remote particle.So consider a remote probe, with an entanglement emitter midway between it and the earth. A synchronized clock on the earth and the probe, and yet another quantum communication link between the emitter and earth; another emitter midway between those; and so on until one emitter is within conventional communication range of the earth. Ridiculously complex timing and navigation involved, I agree. Gravity will not be our friend in synchronizing the clocks either. In intergalactic space this might be more practical without interfering gravitational bodies.
  5. We have to be in Wall-E mode, essentially. Destroy our home, we'll get the bug to go outside.
  6. Any entangled particles would do, even coherent photons actually. The technical obstacles would be quite large since the emitter needs to be perfectly equidistant from both stations.
  7. Well matter itself has not been teleported intact. Only characteristics of two entangled particles. So your soul is safe for now.
  8. That's a very difficult question to answer. I am not sure even animals qualify as observers. I think it is the soul which is defining each of our individual universes, which happen to overlap. Hardy's Paradox is the axiom that we cannot make inferences about past events that haven't been directly observed while also acknowledging that the very act of observation affects the reality we seek to unearth. So whatever else has happened in the universe, or on this planet, or in your house, which you are not actually observing, cannot be inferred. If you had a fish and it died while you were working on the computer, you cannot infer that it died until you actually see that it is dead. Even though you can then see that it had died some time ago, it is not true that it actually did die some time ago, that reality resolved only after you saw it.

    But an atom is not a consciousness, while an animal may be. Possibly the line is drawn at the soul which exists in an upper dimension, quantum entangled to our physical bodies.

    What is really interesting about this paradox is that even blind people can collapse a wave function when the observation is linked to an audible signal.

  9. Are atoms observers of themselves. Does a single atom observer?

    I'm interested in how you think the soul works?

  10. I don't see why not. Quantum teleportation could provide real-time communication between systems and the crew in flight.http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/09/120905134356.htm
  11. A photon was not sent through space, only information about the photon was. It's called quantum teleportation. Albert Einstein called it "Spooky Action at a distance." The teleportation of information is instantaneous (ie., faster than light). We have finally proven this teleportation in a lab. You can read up on it at this link (which actually works this time LOL)
  12. Is there a question in there? I hold myself accountable and never blame external conditions for my fate. I express opinions about circumstances based on how it impacts them, not myself, as in "You can say that and it's your right, but you're going to probably loose some teeth over it. Just sayin'." I think that means I'm external.
  13. First of all, there is no junk DNA. The non-coding portions are the operating system. Second problem is you are neglecting compression. The genetic code expressing our features run through an interpretation engine just like your program code runs through your CPU. The DNA programs quantitative data, like how long your fingers will grow. So it doesn't describe every cell of your finger, it maps out a basic template, then sets parameters for the organ to run by. Also consider that we are almost completely bilaterally symetrical. It only needs the code for one arm, hand, thumb, etc., then a portion of the code called the homeobox mirrors the pattern on the other side. It also manages smaller details, like setting the number of fingers we have. DNA codes for one finger/toe, then in the homeobox it is programmed to iterate 5 times per extremity, with slightly different parameters for toes than fingers.So you're not considering data compression. Think how much you could put on two CDs if you only had to describe each organ only one time, then just map them out onto the final product with basic parameters.