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  1. trying to... e.g., trying to understand
  2. Varaha.
  3. I'm a genius.
  4. 8march
  5. Gladiolus.
  6. I'm just ... happy.
  7. Discord.
  8. litmus.
  9. cite. e.g. Say nowt, win it, then – talk your head off. Brian Clough (english footballer), not Bryan Clough (english writer). He likes word nowt too. Nowt. great word, and not only word.
  10. Kowtow.
  11. Salieri.
  12. bravo. and acclaim.
  13. paris blue. and paris green. ---------- Post added 05-20-2012 at 03:10 PM ---------- and pasigraphy.
  14. pardon.