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    I work in a lab that makes mutant mice. Yes, really.
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    Medieval and Renaissance vocal music and dance, cake decorating, parrots, reading.
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    (that's charles manson... psycho killer... on the right)













    1. Magda


      A few amusing ones I hadn't seen.  Thanks.

  2. I'm definitely INTJ, but I also sing, dance, and decorate cakes, among other hobbies, and have a lot more friends than the stereotypical INTJ (although most of them are INT or INF types). My best friend (who I've known over 30 years) is an INFJ, and we get along very well, although I've been known to joke that it's because she's empathic enough to understand and put up with me. I think in some ways INTJ females have more pressure to develop empathy and social skills than men do, so we may develop more in those areas out of social necessity.
  3. The brownies!! ROTFLMFAO!!!

  4. Keep up the good work - I'm a fan!

  5. Thank you! When I see stuff that I think others with a similarly warped sense of humor will appreciate, it's fun to share it.

  6. Hey Magda - a massive thank you for all the great stff you post here - I visit every day cos it's my favorite thread on the Forum!!!

  7. That took a minute...:laugh:

  8. In the 70s my dad worked in the Bank of the Commonwealth building (formerly the Dime Bank, now Chrysler House).

  9. Yep, grew up in Plymouth, now in Ann Arbor, doing medical research at UM.

  10. Are you from the Detroit Area?

  11. took me too long, but i had a good laugh at that once i said it out loud

  12. That's. Awesome.

  13. The we love scotland one.

  14. Which one?