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  1. From a purely theoretical standpoint, nothing. A woman can teach her son how to shave, a man could show a girl how to put a tampon in or braid her hair or do her make up, etc. etc. But those are probably just some practical examples of things that the dad/mom typically do. I'd say the biggest thing though is the perspective. Anything a mom teaches her son will always be from a female perspective, whereas anything that comes from a dad will be from the male perspective. In my opinion, it can tilt the worldview of the child to only receive one side.
  2. Yeah I could use some. I've got a trip planned, but with everything that I'm going to be doing I don't really think it's going to be relaxing. I'm hitting several different countries within the span of two weeks. And then I've got this other fear that while I'm gone something at work is going to blow up. In an odd way, the thought of vacation has actually started to stress me out purely for those reasons.
  3. That's interesting. I've heard a lot of people say doing monotonous things helps them relax. Household cleaning, yard work, etc. It just bores me to tears unfortunately.
  4. I've been very stressed lately. Between work and some personal things going on I feel like I've just been under constant pressure, at least for the last five months or so, and I feel like it's taking a toll on me. I'm mentally exhausted almost all of the time. Right now, when I do have free time, I relieve stress by either bike riding, going for a walk, or going to the gym. So far I've found these methods to be somewhat effective, but I'd definitely try others. What methods or activities do you use/do to relieve your stress? What do you feel like is the biggest stress factor in your life right now?
  5. These are all really interesting stories. It seems like it really is a mixed bag too, but one thing I wasn't aware of is how civil they could be if both parties agreed on what they wanted. For some reason in my mind I always imagined tons of paperwork and lawyers' fees no matter what route was taken.
  6. Yeah she definitely needs to talk to a lawyer, but her mindset is keeping her from even acting at all I think. It's sort of a sticky situation, because she hasn't worked in years and years due to becoming a stay at home mom, and feels like if she did follow through, she would basically be thrown out onto the street. That's interesting about the books. Were they collector's items? That sounds like it went rather smoothly. Did they both work?
  7. Someone I know is seriously contemplating a divorce, but is afraid that the whole process (lawyers, negotiations, asset split) is going to leave them basically destitute. They've looked into it online, but from what they've seen (and what I saw when I helped them look) was basically a whole bunch of "it depends". So I'm curious if anyone could provide some firsthand experience on their divorce proceedings. Were they amicable or not? Did the courts have to make the rulings on everything or were you able to negotiate terms with your spouse? In the end, how were things divided? Do you feel like you were shafted, or that one party was treated unfairly during the proceedings? Those who are not divorced but have secondhand experience are also welcome to share their experiences.
  8. Dating, but not exclusive.
  9. Well, think about who is giving dating advice here. I mean, at it's core, this is supposed to be a site full of INTJs, so that stereotype alone answers most of your questions. More real answer, a lot of people that found this site did so because they were researching psychology/MBTI, a lot looking for answers to their own psychological and social issues. In my opinion, it makes perfect sense that a lot of relationship advice here is weird and messed up.
  10. Yahoo! Finance just put out an interesting article on the hiring process where employers ask potential employees to do "free work". That is a real issue in my field (IT/finance consulting). You go to an interview, and they sit you down at their computer and be like "now THEORETICALLY if you were going to design a NPV model for us AND it had to run at an efficiency calc time of 10 minutes or less, how would you go about doing that...? " As they prepare to furiously take notes for "evaluation" purposes. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/free-job-interview-150200798.html
  11. I'm wondering if that link could lead you to the other books though. Do you have the rest of the stages? They get progressively more difficult as you go through each.
  12. I took three years of Latin. In my opinion, the Cambridge books are the best. Seems like there are some free Cambridge books online: http://www.cambridge.org/cambridgelatincourse/cambridge-latin-course-4eint/stage-1/
  13. My social life comes and goes, but it's always been really quiet in general. I haven't been "out" with people in at least a few months. Part of me misses having people to hang out with, but then again I don't really know where to find others that I'd get along with in a "friends only" type setting.
  14. Damn. You're a badass MissJ. Nicely done.
  15. Heh. Yeah I see a few posts like this. They're hoping to catch someone desperate to fill an employment gap with experience most likely. I also crack up when I see "part time" positions listed with job descriptions that would require someone to be there full time. Pay half, get the whole thing.