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  1. Make sure you keep a record and document everything. At this point I recommend saving off emails and putting them on some sort of personal drive, for evidence later. I'm not sure if I would quit or not. It really depends on the situation and how much you think you can take. It is possible that they are trying to get you to quit to avoid paying unemployment. At that point it's really up to you and what it's worth to you.
  2. The people who I know believe this mainly attribute it to themselves. They'd rather die then go through the experience. I've never heard them speak for anyone else or suggest a blanket "everyone should choose death over being raped" and they certainly aren't trying to retroactively imply that a rape survivor would be better off dead. In their perspective, the ordeal of the rape itself would be worse than having to go through death. I can't really speak for any sort of broadly held popular belief though because this isn't something I've talked with a lot of people about.
  3. I'd say it really depends on how much you have saved up. I don't really know where you live but looking for work three hours away could be very difficult if you start getting called in for interviews. Plus, there's the costs of moving itself and also breaking any current lease contracts you have, and then you may be required to sign a new lease agreement at the next place which you will then be stuck in. If you're about to have to decide between making rent or eating though, then you do what you have to do. Also, if you're up for moving, check out job postings in different states. I recently just switched jobs and I found both LinkedIn and Indeed.com to be excellent resources. I actually took a job offer from a post I found on Indeed.
  4. Start cutting back on your expenses, and try to look for ways to save as much money as possible. Start networking and talking to friends and other colleagues to see if they may know of any openings. Start considering job fields that you may not have considered before, and apply to as many places as you can think of. Set a personal goal for yourself so you don't sink into depression while job hunting. Like, "I will apply to at least three places each day" or something. Then, even if you are not getting callbacks, you still feel like you are accomplishing something. Check into unemployment laws for your state. Sometimes, even if you are fired, you can get unemployment benefits. It all depends on the circumstance and the law.
  5. I started thinking about it today, and watching tv used to be one of my favorite past times around five years or so ago. I could just sit and watch tv or play video games for hours. Now though, while I still watch tv or play games, I'm always doing something else too. Texting, surfing the internet, having a secondary video on YouTube going, etc. I'm not sure when I developed this habit or why honestly. I still enjoy watching tv and playing games, but I always feel compelled to have several other things going on at the same time now. I wonder if this is a trend other people have developed or if it's specific just to me.
  6. Well there's definitely something fishy going on here...
  7. Have you considered using an asbestos removal company to just remove it? I don't know the layout of the house or where exactly the asbestos is, so I'm not sure if it is even an option, but I'm just wondering if you've considered it.
  8. Alright, fair game. I totally respect your view point because you're completely consistent. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Well, while I don't personally see it as "rape" since the sex itself was consensual, I could definitely see "sexual assault" due to the risk of pregnancy and STDs. I can't really argue with MissKat's logic though because she's consistent across her viewpoint. If it's rape when a guy lies about his contraceptive then it's rape when a woman lies about hers. I haven't read through the entire thread but it seems like some users have mentioned that a woman can't get a man pregnant so it's not a fair comparison, but this is an age old argument that has led to several stalemates on this forum about "having to have a child/abortion vs having to have to pay child support" and which is worse. I won't get into it, other than to say in my opinion putting someone at risk for one is as bad as putting someone at risk for the other. Also I suppose it could be argued that condoms protect from STDs and the pill doesn't, then would it be rape if a woman lied about the number of sexual partners she had, because then that would put a guy at more risk to catch an STD, similar to how not wearing a condom would? In that case, I would ask, where do we draw the line?
  9. I truly feel bad for you. From reading your story, some things jumped out at me right away. 1. Her saying she was unhappy for the last six months. See, to you, this probably seems sudden and shocking, but according to her, she's basically had six months to think about ending the relationship, and after six months of thinking about it, that's the conclusion she came to. It's probably a lot more final in her mind than it is in yours. 2. You talk about becoming social, going to the gym, etc. which I think is good and healthy, because it will provide you with other things to do and think about besides her. The biggest problem though is that you say you're doing all of this "to become a better man for her." That's a huge red flag. If you're basing all of your actions now on the hopes that it's going to get you back with her, it's going to hurt even worse if you aren't able to then get back together with her. It's going to make it feel like all of the things you have done were in vain. So my advice is, it's good that you're doing these things, but do them for you, not for her. 3. I don't think you should bring her mother into this. Her mother isn't the one you were in a relationship with, and to try and use her mother to sway her is manipulative, and it's not like her mother can decide for her that she should get back together with you. I think talking to her could just give you more false hope. 4. I totally get you wanting to see her face to face. I agree with this, that at the very least you should seek final closure, so you won't have to live with that "what might have been" feeling, that just tends to eat people up inside. I'm not sure you should just spring it on her though and show up out of the blue though like you mentioned. That could just lead to an argument and an immediate shutdown with no conversation whatsoever. I think your idea of coming into town and letting you know that you're there and want to talk to her is fine though. Good luck to you man. I really feel for you and hope everything works out ok. It's a terrible situation to be in, to lose someone you care so much about.
  10. Attack on Titan Phantom: Requiem for a Phantom Eden of the East All good.
  11. This is a random, non-intelligent, message and I expect many replies or I will body slam you, lol.


    1. Cord


      Sup man?

    2. Eye on Earth

      Eye on Earth

      *Body slams*

      I watched a guy get his butt kicked at the gym today. He tried to MMA-style fight a big body builder and the big dude just laid him out flat -- one punch and down he went. I laughed a bit and went back to lifting.

  12. I don't really understand the concept of "calling it a day". In my opinion the only time you get to do that is the day you die. Just because you give up on one endeavor doesn't mean that you still don't have problems that need solving. You have to regroup and move on to something else. Some handle regrouping better than others, but everyone has two options, either continue living, or die.
  13. Yes, the Politics subforum has a post minimum and also a time limit. I think the time limit is that it becomes available two weeks after being registered, but I could be wrong on that. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay.
  14. Yeah. The company that I'm working for right now has an AS/400 set up and IBM Infosphere to data mirror the data to another database for reporting purposes. From my understanding though it's going to be retired. From what I understand the plan is to upgrade to Oracle E Business Suite.
  15. I don't know about "deep connection" but Prayer and Stricken always gave me "emotions".