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  1. Excellent and insightful post...

  2. The fact that he frequently touches you is noteworthy. It is extremely rare for me to initiate physical contact, and in the unlikely event that I were to do so (repeatedly), it would only be with someone that I was very (physically/intellectually/emotionally) attracted to...
  3. Maybe just a TiNi bit more...?
  4. To those no longer with their partner/friend INFJs: What went wrong?
  5. Where there's an "N", there's a way.
  6. I have no doubt that most (if not all) INTJs experience emotions, but at least some of us (particularly those of us on the Autism Spectrum) also experience alexithymia, or "the inability to identify and describe emotions in the self". I also think that many of us believe (whether correctly or not) that we base our decisions and behaviors primarily on "what makes sense and is logical" to us, rather than on "what I feel like doing".
  7. "Jasmine" is objectively the world's best tea variety.
  8. I've always seen myself as more of a sidekick than a hero, more of a Robin than a Batman. One of my favorite experiences in life was being the right-hand-man to an incredible ENTJ economics professor back in the day...
  9. INFJs are probably my favorite type. I currently have a female INFJ acquaintance (she's single, I'm a married man) that I have known for nearly 6 years. We hit it off immediately upon our first encounter, and we have continued to grow closer over time. She is one of the few people in my life that I can carry a conversation with, easily and naturally. I love spending time with her. I gather it's common for INFJs and INTJs to feel like they have a "magic" connection, in part because we are the only 2 types that have Introverted Intuition as our dominant function. We both have private inner worlds that we are hesitant to share with anyone other than a chosen few that can understand us and that are trustworthy. My INFJ acquaintance is one of my "chosen few", but it took 4-5 years of spending time together before she finally decided she could trust me enough to open up. We now have a very enjoyable "confidant(e)" like relationship that is very stimulating and fulfilling, I think for both of us...
  10. Check out websites such as www.rebootnation.org and www.youbrainonporn.com
  11. "I will cut your taxes and cut bureaucratic red tape!"
  12. When people scuff their feet when they walk When people walk slowly in front of me and won't let me get by them
  13. I think "live like you're dying" is largely XSXP propaganda that INTJs shouldn't be made to feel guilty about. If you are happy with your life, then keep living it the way you're living it.
  14. I fawn (no pun intended) over baby animals, but baby humans - not so much...
  15. I have an ENFJ acquaintance that has behaved in this exact same manner for the past 4 years. It confused me and frustrated me and drove me crazy until I finally asked her about it earlier this year. She had a number of partial explanations, mostly to the effect that "It was her, not me". She had suggested a few times in the past that we officially plan to meet once a month (rather than leaving it up to chance), and I finally took her up on that suggestion starting next month. I am optimistic that by scheduling a monthly get-together I won't have to experience as much of her flaky communication. PS: Until very recently, I took her poor communication very personally and felt rejected by her. I'm working at believing that she didn't mean it that way...