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  1. guitar mods
  2. ooooh... your brutal honesty is so refreshing... maybe you're a mad scientist... but i'm calling it chemistry
  3. modular synthesis
  4. ^^ hold still... let's find out ^ cockblocker! ever hear of prison rape?
  5. SOMETIMES emotionals can be amusing...
  6. you always ask when i'm browsing the INTJf. i expect that to always be the answer
  7. i'll give you a hand job if you hook me up with your sister
  8. a bunch of funky stuff i've forgotten, but the waking snippet that stuck with me was trying to squeeze through a narrow hallway on, what i think was supposed to be a blimp, and only being able to push an inch or two at a time until i got frustrated and started grabbing on door jambs to try and pull myself through if i had to guess, it was inspired by watching this trailer:
  9. THAT was what i originally was going to use for Atamagahen, but thought the black plague is much more appropriate for someone whose avatar screams grim reaper. as to spoon? is that a comment on my cooking? LOL
  10. otherwise... they'd be too distracted trying to type shakespeare!


    wait... doors weren't invented yet!

    1. Swamp Yankee

      Swamp Yankee

      - Knock knock

      - Who's there?

      - 'allo

      - 'allo who?


  12. OH... i'm sorry to hear that your system lags. i guess that makes me an inconsiderate elitist bastard then because i hate having to to strain my poor widdle finger with additional mouseclicks instead of instant gratification, BUT, i'd like to think that the AWESOME stuff everyone's discovering is worth an additional 10 seconds of loading... unless you're on *gasp* dial up. does anyone even do that anymore? do what you gotta do... i'll complain about having to dig through links while you complain i'm giving your computer a headache. *sigh* i'm NOT going to post my answers in links. hate me all you want. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: for what it's worth, evelyn is clinically deaf, & this IMMEDIATELY jumped to mind. i'll share another track of hers when someone's looking for the most pissed off jazz instrumental ever. i once used it to break my new 12" speakers in when i had enough of my fucking door slamming neighbor one day. IMMEDIATELY this AWESOME jazz guitar (and like i said, i generally DESPISE jazz) came to mind. i read about it in an audio magazine as it's considered one of the highest fidelity acoustic guitar demo discs out there and was blown away when i borrowed it from the library. it brings back heartbreak memories of a cat i lost that LOVED this disc who would stretch and yawn whenever i put it on... i think, because of the conversation i had with her about "gato" being spanish (and brazillian) for cat in my FAVORITE track, which i'll put in spoilers because it has vocal accompaniment, but was what popped in my head immediately. further useless trivia... badi assad is supposed to mean bad ass in potugese the FIRST track on rhythms... there was probably a better track, but several of the ones i remembered by name weren't available and, back in the day, i was the FIRST person to post the next track, the previous track and others, and had everything deleted by fidiot suits who don't know free word of mouth when they see it. i BOUGHT my CD and it wasn't cheap either... at least $16, though i think it was over $20. how the eff do you expect ANYONE to buy your $20 if they've never even heard of it, or if they have, have never actually heard it?!!! the third track:
  13. it's probably not your computer. sometimes the forum gets uppity and refuses to embed stuff. it's happened to me a couple times and someone else i chat with here has had it happen to her at least one day too. AWESOME! that was my point with this thread. as someone who's BEGGED for good music more times than i have fingers & toes to count on and MAYBE gotten 2 meh replies, i'd like to think i can do better, hence the "3 adjectives system" combined with my natural "ignore mediocre music & only collect the best" bent. i found moondog when i grabbed the pineapple express soundtrack off the shelf at a local library just because the title sounded interesting and was FLOORED by that haunting melody that took my breat away and even made me tear up a little it's so effing amazing! and that is coming from someone who MOSTLY despises the annoying musical babbling that's called jazz. i like jazz subgenres though... big band, swing, bachelor pad, ragtime & even a little bit of dixieland, but most modern jazz sounds like an insane drunk yelling incoherent nonsense & calling it poetry. i like sharing that sentiment whenever possible because it makes snooty, condescending, jazz purists loose their shit that i dare mock "the most sublime intelectual blah blah blah blah music in the world". i don't mock london saxophonic though. bird's lament makes TOTAL SENSE! regarding The Caretaker's An Empty Bliss Beyond This World... listening to it now... the intro sounds like the end credits to a movie... oh shit... it's an hour long! i'm done here! LOL it's not the end credits... it's the OPENING to an entire freakin' movie. speaking of end credits... wasn't Eraserhead - Lenox Avenue Blues, Fats Waller the end credits? from what i remember, there's no soundtrack at all for the movie other than the "in heaven" song... but it really matches the vibe of the previous video. i have no idea what you'd call that style of music as generally, easy listening, muzak, & elevator music refers to bachelor pad... skating rink music? listening to Tim Hecker - Aerial Silver now. your take on timeless & celestial is very different than mine. i would have went with echoey new age stuff like this regarding Fishy, Electric, Mischievous & Fuchsia Ruler.... WOW! that's REALLY specific. i didn't know you already had a specific song in mind. i never would have rumplestiltskinned that as 1. i never heard it, and 2. i'm not hearing anything that sounds "fishy" about it like the splashing sounds at the beginning of liquordelic. sorry to have disappointed you. OK... i see what you're doing... like using LYRICS to capture the vibe, you're counting TITLES and cover art, as with the fuchsia (THE word that comes before FUCK in an unabridged dictionary as i bet a lot of us learned in elementary school once we got access to the "big book" LOL), you're using the title and art for Crypt of the Necrodancer OST - Fungal Funk (2-1) to very literally associate with "buried". i try to capture the essence entirely within the music itself... otherwise, i would have chosen ray lynch's celestial soda pop which doesn't sound as spacey as kathleen's song above. not hearing "complex" in Broken Dreams [Prospit's Fall] || SBURB OST, if anything, with just piano and a drum, i'd go to the opposite end of the spectrum and call it minimalist. different perspectives... definitely. WOW! that's going to be REALLY hard to capture as an instrumental, but if i "cheat" with lyrics, this totally NAILS IT! i'm not giving up... it's just going to take a lot of time to come up with an instrumental if i can OK... at first, i was thinking of AON's camilla, the old, old story, but then remembered this where the footsteps are pretty literal and the "vibe" is in the "i'm telling you, we're done here" ballpark... come here & over are kind of contradictory terms... come here... now go away if i take a DIFFERENT interpretation of EXACTLY what kind of "come here" you're talking about, and what "dicktation" is, then this could work too, i guess... when it's over... it's truly over which segues right back to the next track, after momento, on the art of noise's second album not JUST going by the title, but because it accurately describes the vibe as far as i'm concerned, i think pretty dark is a good match for as the cutesy sounding springy female "vocals", if you can call them that, conjure up images of water splashing & cool waterfalls for me, at least WHEW! that burned a few mental calories