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  1. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: can't fucking repost links within the same fucking forum, because of this add on bullshit https://intjforum.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http://i.share.pho.to/dd0f23f8_o.jpeg&key=2d3353e6fe34d9a5c0494d6c7ad6ec885e487feccf53bef845ceb56c04a702b4 just deleting it doesn't fix shit either... http://i.share.pho.to/dd0f23f8_o.jpeg nope... you gotta delete the pointless "we hate sharing" code, copy the source URL a SECOND TIME then re-paste it. http://i.share.pho.to/dd0f23f8_o.jpeg nope, even THAT didn't work THIS TIME! you have to paste it in ANOTHER TAB then re-copy the URL did an INTJ come up with that "brilliant idea" to make things unnecessarily complicated?!
  2. FROM: 20 Tattoo Cover-Up Jobs That Just Made Things Worse which reminds me of this classic...
  3. actually... cable ties work PERFECTLY! thank you. the bending of the stiff ties between the holes in the bottom of the crate puts the ends together close enough that i can thread them easily enough. i've tried using zip ties on bike frames before and they drove me nuts with the ties ending up collecting dust, but because of the milk crate design, i don't have to "chase" the lockdowns. as to rope, yes, complicated knots would be extremely challenging, but a basic open knot is easy enough. i'm doing a little bit of fighting with the ties at the moment to keep them from pulling the crates off center, but am re-trying using incremental tightening. hats off to you. your idea was much better than mine. i just couldn't picture zip ties cooperating like they are in this situation. THANK YOU KINDLY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK... first set is secure and the rig is ROCK SOLID! it took all of 5 minutes too. now to add bulletproof redundancy.
  4. try doing that one handed and get back to me. i agree it's a great low profile solution, especially if one doubles or triples up the binding at each corner, but the simple fact remains you need to hold one end of the ties to thread the other. i can't do that unless i get my toes involved, and even there... nope... not gonna work. hmmm... MAYBE if i tape the "receiver" end down, i can get a tie started though. i'll buy a pack as i have to go to a store that has them to get a replacement audio cable. i guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, though i predict lots of "fuckin' motherfucker!" it's definitely the exact concept i'm looking for in rope which is a bit easier to manipulate up to a point. the other issue is that cable ties won't solve the issue of retaining the speakers i'm carrying from sliding backwards in the crates and onto the amp or battery the way binding a taut rope between the crates would. i need a tighten to tension knot for that too, though i MIGHT be able to fight with bungee cords i have to do the same thing. i visited half a dozen such sites as well as skimmed through as many or more videos, and was unable to find anything that would be specific to my needs... pretty much everything seemed made to be released at some point which = fail potential to me EVENTUALLY, when i exchange the drill bit set i bought that's too small for my needs, i will be bolting the plank the crates are resting on to the frame as well as the gear i'm carrying. this is just a temporary solution.
  5. Trump Administration Position on Supreme Court Case Suggests Melania Trump Could Be Deported
  6. i've been wasting a lot of time trying to find a very specific kind of knot... sort of like a trucker's hitch, but made to be permanent and can't find what i'm looking for, and that's doable with only one hand. i want to lash some milk crates down to a bicycle trailer frame and need some kind of knot where the harder you pull the free end of the rope, the more tension it puts on the "latching", but without slipping. maybe i'm looking for a combination of two knots... one to tension the latching & another one to permanently lock it. i tried using multiple strands of twine pulled as tight as i could get them using regular knots, but eventually they relaxed enough (they were never fully taut to begin with) until the crates slipped and started rubbing my wheels the second time i used the trailer. i'm looking for the kind of knot that would let me "lock everything down" and i'll just cut the ropes when i want to take everything apart. i'm sure there's a bunch of masterminds here that know their knots so i'm trying to ask here so hopefully i can find the "tightened loop, one way slipping knot" i'm looking for. a square knot is supposedly one that would work in this situation maybe combined with a simple overhand to lock it, but i can only pull on one rope at a time, so it probably won't work for me any better than multiple overhands that lock before i can get tension. thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me exactly what kind of knot i can use to permanently lash everything together tightly. another member i chat with suggester an angler's loop i don't know though. it looks like there'd be too much friction trying to increase tension by pulling the open end OK... imagine the long end is tied off... isn't there a knot where pulling the open end tightens the rope between two points you're tied to? i'll have to try this knot tomorrow. maybe i'm just not imagining the right way to use it. i'm thinking of the loop being tied off and the open end being pulled to take all slack up.
  7. Oregon fines man $500 for using math to challenge red-light cameras
  8. this is what passes for "news" these days
  9. giphy.gif


    (that's charles manson... psycho killer... on the right)













    1. Magda


      A few amusing ones I hadn't seen.  Thanks.

  10. Men denied entry to newly opened Legoland playground whine that their human rights have been violated well... they're certainly ACTING like children