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  1. A dog that's been shot in the head climbs into a sheriff responding to shots fired's car
  2. i like the ground based rolls into sweeps & upkicks, monkey kung fu style attacks, just because they look fugly, but are hard to anticipate until it's too late. they're not dramatic, but they're underrated and effective. i've just always been a fan of that style because it's so unorthodox as well as obscure and without as much of the "ballet" as more traditional forms, although... are exaggerated facial expressions really necessary in self defense?! LOL
  3. WOW! i didn't know keith could be so freakin' funny if they WERE high, maybe they'd chill the fuck out ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: EXPERT TROLLING!
  4. monkey style kung fu
  5. Nostradamus: The Prophesies, Book 3 he also mentions ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: a three hour old supernova ...... added to this post 41 minutes later:
  6. ...... added to this post 1 minute later:
  7. 3 years and 5 views?!!! no wonder good music's so freakin' hard to find! i stumbled on it accidentally thanks to another crate digging musicologist showing his (low WAF hahahahaha) speakers off another cool beat stumbled on in a speaker demo
  8. DESPITE my paying my electric bill in full exactly one month and 4 days ago, the power company is threatening me with a shutoff and i just don't have the money, what with only paying half of my rent.

    even worse. bonkers never came home last night or tonight yet.

    having no control of one's life OR one's stress reduction of choice AND having someone, uh, rub it in your face with more or less an "it sucks to be you" when they're the reason you are where you are, well...

    1. Neoaves


      I see that Luna's returned, no sign of Bonkers??? Stressful! 

      I'm also sorry to hear about the electric bill scenario, surely they can allow an extension on payment after your rent is due...I guess they are not that lenient in the US of A.

      I hope someone cuts you a break Z, you have a lot going on!

      As for the asswipe giving you grief, you don't need that shit. De-clutter on MOFO's, one less biatch-klingon in your midst.

      My thoughts are with you {{{{((( Z )))}}}}....hoping all the Bratz appear, safely soon xxx :heart:

  9. ^? LIGHTWEIGHT! i couldn't find the ridiculous custom car with a rear wing bigger than the car itself, but this is pretty over the top too found it searching for "crazy japanese cars" or, check dekotora trucks out and their dekochari bicycle cousins ‘They Took The Hatred Out Of Me’: How Refugee Neighbors Changed A Man’s Mind About Muslims
  10. ...... added to this post 35 minutes later:
  11. State Sen. Daylin Leach of Pennsylvania. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that shit will drive him out of his fucking mind! then again, if it wasn't on TV, he'll never hear it.