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  1. The Fisher King https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vza5Io4AKf8 (no idea why it's share blocked) Blade Runner, "that hurt. that was irrational of you, not to mention unsportsmalike" made the hair stand up on the back of my neck i never wanted to see Crash as i somehow got it confused with a description of a different movie about a necrophiliac couple into accidents or something to that effect, but i grabbed it off a library shelf out of curiosity. once the little girls says "he doesn't have it!" i lost my fucking mind and blurted "no! no! no!" manipulative fucking bastards! it was giving me goosebumps there again for a minute. along similar lines, once i realized where the PBS ending for Doki Doki was going, i blurted at the TV. those are the only 2 times i did that not including heckling John Carpenter's The Thing "you gotta be fucking kidding me!" THAT's what you say when an alien "human head" sprouts spider legs out of its neck and scurries away upside down. that's the time you HAVE TO get colloquial, fuck all that gosh golly shit! Benny and Joon "Joon called. She says you've run out of tapioca." "She what?" "Oh... and the police will corroborate." Jurassic Park (stealing a riff from "the far side") The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra "I would hardly expect ALIENS, such as yourselves , to have a full grasp of the English language." "Aliens? Us? Is this one of your Earth jokes?" The Wizard of Oz "Oh! What a smell of sulphur!" THE coming of age moment
  2. ribbon, air motion transformer & planar tweeters
  3. i have been working on a recipe based on rice, peas, carrots, raisins & curry spices for some time now and so far, using 1 cup of rice and close to HALF a cup of spices by now, still can't get the spices to pop enough where i can taste complexity, just a mild curry taste, and all of the dry spices are starting to make the rice clump. i've tried looking specifically for curry sauce recipes, and get a lot of junk results with a lot of chicken curries, and have tried transferring the spices into a diced tomato base that turned out HIDEOUS. i had to throw the bitter waste of ingredients out as it tasted that nasty. tonight, when i made my 5th batch, i tested both a pinch of the spices as well as the final curry with coconut milk which just took everything in the wrong direction. i'm aiming for an indian style curry and not a thai one as i have chili paste i plan on using when i start trying to make a red curried chicken minus fish sauce. *gag* right now i'm thinking that maybe the best base for a curry sauce might be mangos to marry with the sweetness of the raisins, carrots, anise & now coriander powder i'm using. i can taste the potential for the dish if only i can figure out a sauce i can transfer the spices into so the rice stays fluffy, as well as not turning ruddy brown. i think the rice should just consist of the peas, carrots, raisins, turmeric & anise with all of the spices in a separate sauce. to give you a better idea of what i'm trying to do flavor-wise, this was tonight's recipe... 1 cup rinsed and soaked rice 1 can peas & carrots 2 cups water including reserved veggie juice 1/2 cup loose minced cilantro (~ 1/2 a bunch) 1/2 cup raisins 1 1/2 tablespoon cumin powder 1 tablespoon onion powder (i tried 1/2 a cup of minced onions in an earlier test, and they did NOTHING for the flavor) 2 teaspoons ginger powder 2 teaspoons coriander powder (weirdly i got a phantom coriander flavor out of an earlier test that didn't use it!) 1 1/2 teaspoons anise 1 teaspoon allspice powder 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek powder (getting dropped! i just bought a jar, thought it tasted nasty, but figured i'd give a little a try in tonight's test which had a very slight off flavor that has to be the fenugreek) besides the lumpy texture of the rice and everything floating to the top and the amount of spice used, i'd call the flavor kind of bland with only the allspice and anise being barely detectable. it's a nice flavor, but needs the volume turned up on pretty much all of the spices which will only make the rice clump even worse. i didn't roast the spices either which would probably help. the best results i've gotten were with my second dish which had fewer spices and which i supplemented with a nice store brand (african) jalfrezi curry sauce which tasted very indian to me. mixed in with the rice, it had both a richer and spicier flavor with more complexity as well as a much nicer texture sort of like a spanish rice. does anyone have any ideas on a way to either stop the rice from clumping as i add more and more spice, or an idea for a curry sauce base? what i liked a lot about the earlier batches was the way the sweetness of the raisins and anise grounded the curry flavor with the allspice flavor just barely detectable, but it seems like the harder i try to make the other spices pop, the more everything else seems to fade into the background. i've had a few awesome curries at restaurants where i could pick up on a dozen different flavors at once, all in harmony. cumin, in particular, seems to be an elusive spice. i've increased it in every batch, but still can't taste it just as i've spent years trying to get it to pop in my chili con carne recipe that uses 1/2 a cup by now, i think, but once you reach the limit where you THINK you can finally taste it, on its own, you get a gritty textured sauce with bitter notes, but not the cumin heartiness. should drop the cumin & onion powder? are they diluting the other spices? i've found at least with onion powder, once you use enough to make it stand out, it really does a lot for ramen noodles, but that's an entirely different flavor family. what about using onions as a curry base? i thought i saw an onion curry recipe. if enough onions are used, that could add to the sweetness of the curry. i've had better luck tweaking pre-existing recipes, but i'm trying to come up with something totally my own, using these flavors, by modifying restaurant rice and anise (with peas?) as i had once. there's something spectacular waiting to happen with the raisins & anise & maybe even ginger if i could just get everything balanced & solve the texture problem. i really think coming up with a sauce is what's needed, but common tomato & coconut based sauces aren't going to work with this, and i don't want any sour flavors ruining the nice round sweet + heat thing i'm working on. any ideas would be appreciated. i've gotten nowhere trying to pull something out of other curries that'll work with this one. it seems like making a mango based sauce is what's needed, but none of the recipes i found using it are remotely like what i'm trying to do eg. using vinegar & lime.
  4. maybe that's why WHENEVER someone gets my name wrong, it's always "john" something like 80% or more of the time. in my teens and early 20s, i think no one ever called me anything else besides my given name. i always found it interesting too that the ONLY two people named gil that i ever met were BOTH grocery store managers, and that all the women i've known whose names end in "...ene" (ilene, earlene, jolene) have been whackos
  5. life imitates art... Your Name Might Shape Your Face, Researchers Say
  6. the most violent jazz tune ever... i used it to torment neighbors who were acting up at full blast on 12" speakers once, like in that movie where a woman in an apartment building snaps, points her big speakers towards the floor, cranks it, screams, and stomps up & down. i was disappointed that it didn't have more bass though.
  7. the Trappist-1 system, a mere 40 light years away, has SEVEN "earthlike planets" in it's goldilocks zone! as a red dwarf system, it also has hundreds of billions of years more time for life to evolve there if it hasn't already. considering how fast it happened on earth after the lunar impact, i wouldn't be surprised if SEVERAL of them already harbor life or even shared it through panspermia. mind you, this is only our galactic back yard. i remember days when scientists FOOLISHLY questioned if other stars had solar systems when many planets in our system have systems of their own.
  8. motherfucking hypocritical in the fucking extreme right wing fucking treasonous piece of shit! anti-democracy right wing scumbags like wayne lapierre are losing their fucking minds that the constitution has this fucking thing called the first amendment that guarantees citizen the right to FREE SPEECH, THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE and to petition, but now these fascist fucks want to suppress not just votes against their asses, but protests too. wayne lapierre claims the anti-trump protest movement "borders on terrorism" as have other enemies of democracy attempting to legislate against protests as "felonies", the right to protest against big business "economic terrorism" and even to ALLOW wingnuts to commit vehicular manslaughter against protestors because "accidents happen". where the fuck were these ALLEGED patriots when THEIR white devil terrorists were showing up to obama speeches WITH FUCKING ASSAULT RIFLES?!!!! where's your "righteous indignation" there motherfuckers?!!!! yeah, you're right republicans... we really DO need some second amendment solutions as suggested by trump and sharon angle. you're right... we really do. when the first amendment fails, there's always plan B. ...... added to this post 17 minutes later: on the subject of treason... CPAC Attendees Wave Pro-Trump Flags That Look Exactly Like the Russian Flag
  9. regarding rabbit vs. snake... making the social media rounds recently... a redback spider vs a brown snake, the second most poisonous ground snake in the world in australia... where EVERYTHING can kill ya
  10. ‘This is not Trump’s America’: Passengers cheer as racist man kicked off flight for harassing Pakistanis ...... added to this post 22 minutes later: Muslim-Led Crowdfunding Campaign Triples Goal to Restore Vandalized Jewish Cemetery i GUARANTEE you won's see THAT covered at foxnews or breitbart ...... added to this post 28 minutes later:
  11. Maryland teachers forced to remove iconic pro-diversity posters for being ‘anti-Trump’ get a motherfucking life you racist pieces of shit! only a trump loving bubblehead could see such a POSITIVE fucking message as being "negative"... it doesn't matter either that diversity = STRENGTH, as has already been proven whereas monolithic cultures, like japan, stagnate. genes are MEANT to be scrambled. too much inbreeding, and you get this shit... breed with a different ethnicity, and you get hybrid vigor and beauty like this i haven't seen many blondes that look half that sexy ...... added to this post 37 minutes later: the news is more or less old, but i really like the simple "this is who they are" way it's framed. maybe, just maybe, it might FINALLY sink into the grey matter of factually challenged fox bubble dittoheads that KNOW the system is busted, but still keep voting to perpetuate it out of spite, or misplaced loyalty, and like a crazy person, keep expecting different results. well now, they've fully enabled "their people" and are only now starting to come to terms with the fact that what they say and what they do are two different things. oh yeah... fuck the DNC too!