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  1. I would say it takes both hard work and luck to be successful. There are many hard working people who don't succeed. There are also many lucky people who don't have the skills to take advantage of their lucky moment.
  2. Physical attraction is definitely part of it - at least it was in my case. And I do find many people attractive and even stare people in the eyes sometimes without any strange feelings :) Just these two cases have been different. And in the first case I actually got to know him better afterwards so it wasn't just attraction either. And many people probably read way too much from eye contacts as well. This is exactly why I don't really like talking about it with people I know.
  3. I think I know what you mean. It is just strange and surprising. Haven't really talked about it to my friends because I know how ridiculous it all sounds. Waiting for the third time to happen with someone who is actually single and ready to date. Just a bit worried that expecting this feeling again might make the waiting really long.
  4. This has happened to me twice with two different men. I don't really even know how to explain it without it sounding a little crazy. First time happened in a party and was really calm, we just stared at each other. Don't know how long. I found him also attractive and afterwards found out that we actually had a lot in common as well. He was just divorced so nothing happened. It is actually a longer story but don't want to explain it now. Second time was in a bar. I noticed him and thought he was handsome. Later that night heard from my friend that he was actually engaged. Decided that nothing can come out of it and then it happened. He was standing behind me and my friends. I didn't even mean to look at him but somehow couldn't help but stare into his eyes. I remember the exact moment when we both realized there was something more. Can't really explain it otherwise. Afterwards we avoided each other if we happened to be at the same bar and occasionally look at each other. I'm not going to do anything but I still remember that look after 6 months.
  5. Would you be ok if she saw other people while you are just friends? Just to be sure you are the one to keep. It should go both ways. She seemed to be more interested in a relationship so you probably didn't have to think about this so much. I also liked catzmeow's answer.
  6. I have been reading these discussions for a long time and finally decided to join the conversation. For me it seems you are scared that this will be another failed relationship. Understandable, but having been on the other side of this behaviour, not very nice experience. When the right one finally comes along, the one who would really want you, don't punish her for others mistakes. Don't string her along and then see someone else on the side. You might lose something good.