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  1. Tablets and phones have obviously changed the upgrade model and Microsoft is trying to adapt to evolving consumer expectations. I don't see this much different than how Android and iOS updates are handled, save the stupid "it's only free for a year" stuff. I don't know what is so magical about Windows 7, with the start menu returning in 10, there will be no reason against upgrading unless you really love XP mode or the old Windows games.
  2. Principal and interest on the mortgage is 13%. That increases to 21% for all recurring housing costs (including taxes, insurance, utilities.) This doesn't include maintenance and improvements. I have a 15 year mortgage and more than half of the mortgage payment is (hopefully) building equity in my house. It definitely is way more expensive than renting, though... I could rent a similarly-sized house for 15% or so. I bought my house last year and this year I will dump over $15k into it for energy efficiency improvements (which will hopefully be paid back to me in lower heating bills.) Next year it needs a new driveway. I need to replace half of the windows in it. The lawn really should be regraded to solve some drainage issues. The list goes on. It is an endless way to spend money, and I don't expect much of it to come back to me when I sell it. Still, I hope I never have to rent again. I feel such a better sense of community now that I have my own place.
  3. I'm in my early 30s and have never been in a relationship. In my teens I began using porn and masturbation as a replacement for real women, and this became a regimen. An escape. I didn't realize until recently, when I stopped, that this is mostly why I was so zoned out with women. I have started dating this year but it seems overwhelming. I am 15+ years behind the average guy my age. My baggage is that I have no baggage. I need to find an empathetic woman with a lot of patience... I don't know what else to do at this point other than fake it until I make it.
  4. The smoke can trigger migraines for me; too much exposure to it can make me physically ill for a day. I even get annoyed now when I have to smell it when I'm driving behind somebody. How about you roll up the window, put the HVAC on recirculate, and enjoy that full goodness of your burning cancer stick. Then most smokers seem to feel they are entitled to litter. Your butts are trash. They do not biodegrade at the instantaneous rate that you must think they do. When looking for a mate, I find for me that the trait of non-smoking is right below being female.
  5. I always thought I had lower than average sex drive, then I come on this forum and some people make me out like I'm sexually deranged...

  6. Most of us are hardwired as horny beings, so I'm not sure what the point is in denying that. The "agenda" is that I want to take the woman on a date, where we can talk and get to know each other. We can then continue spending time together if we enjoy each other's company. If it eventually progresses to a relationship and fucking, then great. I'm approaching this in a way that is clearly a lot less serious than the way you are. It's my opinion.
  7. It's not at all a stretch to say most people seek and foster romantic relationships with the idea that sex will happen at some point. Sex may or may not be the primary pursuit, but for most people it's there. Sexless romance is a discussion for another thread. See, this denial is what the writer was complaining about in the first place. :)
  8. This is the default mode for males. No matter what sweet things we say, ultimately we want our "dicks wet." I'm all for learning a better way to do this, so I am open to suggestions. Imagine a guy like me is walking down the sidewalk towards a woman like you. From about five feet away you apparently find my appearance to be acceptable enough to aim a nice smile at me, and I smile back. (I know it's hard to believe, but yes, some women do react this way to me.) What should I then say to you, this woman I don't know anything about? All I know is that she has locked her eyes on me and given me a great smile. I have a few seconds to say something before she's gone forever. Nice shoes! Don't you hate this dilapidated sidewalk? Where can I buy a pizza at this time of day? I love pizza! These all seem dishonest. I'm approaching because there seems to be mutual physical attraction and I want your number so we can set up a date. If a woman wants me to dance around the mulberry bush to get to this fact, I guess we're probably not going to be compatible anyway because I'm rather direct in general.
  9. I generally can't see a woman's personality, kindness, or intelligence while she is walking past me, so I've/we've got to start somewhere. You guys are way over-thinking this.
  10. Ah, she's talking about the, "Excuse me, do you have the time?" guys. I missed that. If they have the balls to start talking with her in the first place then I don't know why they simply can't open with something more honest like, "Hey, you've got a fantastic smile and you're really cute."
  11. Yep. I keep it simple. #4 (sexuality)-- I'm not sure what the point is of bringing this up. If I'm hitting on a woman there's a 100% chance I want to fuck. "If you aren't owning and feeling your sexuality, I'm not gonna feel it." -- What the heck does that mean? Combine it with #7 (touching) and it's nonsensical. ("If I think you're hot then touch me and talk about fucking me, if not then STFU, hands off, and go away." Thanks for the insight, lady.) In regards to #9 (money), I did try to pick up a cute parking gate attendant woman from my (nice) car once: rejected!
  12. When a stranger wants to think of me as a creep because I found her attractive enough to approach, I suppose I don't care a lot about it because they don't know me. If there's one thing I've learned about this stuff is that I can't know the answer is "no" if I don't ask in the first place. If that makes me a creep to some of them-- oh well.
  13. I bother women who are walking or running on the urban trails around town. The idea seems similar to bothering somebody at the gym. They sometimes make really good eye contact (those who can run AND smile at the same time-- you are awesome ladies!) which I've learned means it's time for wonderful me to try to slow them down and blab sweet nonsense at them.
  14. Many simply provide standard service, yet I still give them 20%+. Excellent service in a restaurant is rare in my experience. Honestly, I'd often prefer to key my order into a screen myself and have them them yell out my name to pick it up when it's ready. (I guess this would make JFK Terminal 5 my favorite place to eat... lol) If anything, I find people on commission are generally more likely to provide excellent service, such as in the men's department at Macy's.
  15. Sounds like a Scrum stand-up meeting... LOL. Is he a software developer? I can't say I usually go into that much detail. I'd probably say, "I went to the supermarket and chatted with Mom on the phone. What did you do?"