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  1. ha! this is why i consult *NTPs for ideas. either it's clever or funny.
  2. Mom: Crying. "Why don't you do anything I ask you to? This is because of your dad. He's brainwashed you. ...

    Mom: "Well if she was dying it wouldn't matter! I don't have ANYTHING. Just DO what I ask you."

    Your mom and my mom would get along. What is this, why does she evade and avoid blame. Is it an honesty thing? An avoidance of emotional pain? Wtf lol

  3. I guess I'll keep my eyes peeled for examples. I figured other INTJs are familiar enough with this they didn't need specific examples, but this is what I get for assuming. Here's a composite memory, made from a endless conflict between me and my mom, however it's not a good example of what I'm talking about because she's obviously nuts: She's supposed to limit her sugar intake. She doesn't. It could actually kill her or make her sick; like someone who's in a bad way because of smoking. Mom: "If you come over I'll get us a cake. You like cake, don't you?" Me: "Uhhh, no." Mom: "PLEASE." Me: Silence. Mom: "I'M ASKING YOU. PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING. DON'T TREAT ME THIS WAY." Me: Hang up. Mom: Crying. "Why don't you do anything I ask you to? This is because of your dad. He's brainwashed you. I CAN HAVE A LITTLE SOMETHING." Me: "Look, it's nothing PERSONAL. I KNOW you WANT it, but you SHOULD NOT have it. I'm sorry. Would you have given your mom cigarettes knowing she was dying of lung cancer?" Mom: "Well if she was dying it wouldn't matter! I don't have ANYTHING. Just DO what I ask you."
  4. My mom and several coworkers are Fe types. I do everything I can think of to placate their emotions: "I don't mean to come off rude, but..." "Not to sound critical, but..." "I understand what you're saying, but..." "Well, I'm kind of a robot (fake smile). Y'know, goofy ol' me! But the way I interpret this is..." Say nothing. But it doesn't work. After grilling one of my Fe friends she confessed she wants people to be nice to her, but when her emotions are out of whack it's cool for her to throw a tantrum and to hell with everyone else's needs and emotions. As an INTJ, what the hell do I tell these people?
  5. If I need to explain something I'll get ready beforehand. Otherwise, I'm terse. Actually, I'm lying. I prefer to be verbose and complete, but it takes too much energy out of me. The only time I'm consciously succinct is when I've "extroverted too much and need to recharge." Hypothetically, someone with Te should be able to spill the beans endlessly; however, that's more of an ENTJ thing than INTJ. An INTJ's primary function is intuition; which is necessarily staring off into space seeing how things fit together. It's supplemented by Te, which means an INTJ should be able to offer some kind of explanation. If you develop Te well enough. I don't believe my Te is developed to my standards. I could be wrong. How could I prove it? I read On Writing by Stephen King in which he describes his writing process. If not there, then elsewhere he's said that he does not take responsibility for where his stories take him. He just sits back and lets them bare fruit. Likewise, I try to listen to my intuition and let it take me wherever it wants to go, and using Te to keep myself in check. Or maybe I'm a weirdly developed ENTJ.
  6. How did you keep yourself motivated?
  7. I hate that I can't just make people understand me. And I wish my intentions were obvious.
  8. I'm looking for examples of INTJs overcoming adversity. Afraid I'm down in the dumps this evening. It can be any kind of adversity, but preferably the kind most INTJs can relate to.
  9. My mom's an INFP. She tried to get me to sing with her in the car. I might've obliged once or twice, but kids songs and hymns don't do it for me. Now I listen to metal, a lot of it Satanic or openly anti-Christian. My sisters were "the way normal kids act" for her (INFJ and ESFP; they hate each other btw) and she refused to...reformulate for my sake. My ISTJ dad always got on my mom's case for not being logical. He still does. They never understood each other. My dad, as an inevitable "this is how males act" model, rubbed off on me and I'd treat her like my dad treated her: not gently. She'd buy my friendship with toys, video games, food, whatever it took. And it worked. Some. I still didn't respect her. But she also would buy things for me I didn't want and expect me to like it. Her heart's always in the right place, but it doesn't get anywhere because she's obscenely unorganized and ditzy. I don't agree to help her if I can avoid it because "hand me that thing over there" becomes an hour of "and this, and this, and this, and this, and this." She's too stuck in her ideals to accept a new reality, like her son isn't a sociopath; he's just introverted and Fi is low in his functional stack. I gave her a non-Jungian explanation for this, and she seemed to understand. Meanwhile, I've been judging her for her intentions. If she does something annoying I ask myself what she's TRYING to do, and end up saying things like "You don't need to keep calling me because I'm fine. I tell you I'm fine because it's the truth. Wait, you just called to talk, didn't you? Well, how's every little thing..." I let her spew for 15-30 minutes and then she doesn't think I hate her. It still sucks that she's high maintenance though. And she still doesn't understand me or my hobbies.
  10. I wouldn't call my tantrums tantrums. If I'm pissed, I know why I'm pissed, and if I'm not too pissed I can explain it. Tantrums to me sound like out of control emotional states. If I have a problem with you I'll just say so. I don't let things build up. I don't throw tantrums unless I've neglected my needs. Neglecting my needs is easy because it's easy not to do something. If I can't help but tantrum, I'll tell everyone around me. Because really if I'm throwing a fit it's my fault. Sometimes people get defensive, which does not help. But it also sucks when they're too sympathetic. At work, they put an ESFP on an auxillary role. I like clarity and order, but this ESFP half answers questions and is supremely inefficient. I have patience for people "dumber" than I am, but I can't tolerate ineptitude. If you're supposed to be fulfilling a role, fulfill it. Otherwise you should not be there. I would be fine if she said "Listen, I don't know, but I'm going to go get the answer" and got back to me. But she thinks she has to fix everything right then and there, involving other people who know less than she does, socializing, and otherwise gumming up the works. Have I told her about it? I tried, but she became offended right off and started thinking I was criticizing things about her I didn't even bring up. So I knew it would do me no good to work with her. Now I just smile and nod, then turn around in abject horror as I realize I'll have to solve my own problems... Or find help undercover.
  11. forgive me if someone has mentioned this already, but is it possible you have synesthesia?

  12. thought i'd check this again and share my plan. instead of hating people for their apparent stupidity i'm going to reserve judgement. i'm going to try understanding where they're coming from before i write them off. this doesn't make people less sheep-like. actually, it changes nothing about them. in fact, it makes okay people seem bad and bad people seem heinous. but it's my brain observing other people and tying an emotion to the idea: "don't do this or that because it's shallow/dumb." the brain naturally does this. someone talked about jed mckenna a while ago....not sure if the thread was totally about him or not. anyway, he says something like "i don't do my thinking in my brain." the brain might be a terrible place for thinking because of the chemicals therein. objectivity isn't easy to come by. so you'd have to use some kind of tool, like a journal. can't remember why i'm relating this to jed mckenna, BUT... if i observe someone being a dumbass instead of "wow, what a dumbass! i hate my life because of you!" i'm going to think "the thing that guy is doing seems dumb as hell. why is he doing it? what is his intention?" i'm not sure if typing this out illustrates how this alleviates pressure, but i recommend you guys try it. just to see. and since INTJs use Te asking people why they do things they do can lead to some interesting conversations. you just have to say "not to criticize," "no offense, but..." "just curious..." works for me. have a nice day.
  13. In fact it may be deleterious to march around thinking "I am smart! Everyone else is dumb!" People are stupid and it does nothing to affect their lives. There are a lot of dumbass old people. Sometimes you research a problem and the solution pops up quickly. This page is one of those. Bottom line: if I analyze the reasons behind people's stupidity I'll find they have legitimate reasons
  14. i'm writing this wearing all black, including by chance my underwear. (or wearing nothing at all, if that strikes your fancy.) every day people get dumber and meaner. every day i have less respect for everyone. i have these unwanted visions or fantasies of becoming a serial killer, but even if i could stomach murder it wouldn't change the fact that everyone is stupid. maybe you're the problem. maybe it's not that people are stupid. you just don't tolerate people. but where do you draw the line? call me arrogant, but i simply don't make the kinds of mistakes other people do. i'm not a genius. hell, i flunked out of college. it's your attitude that's the problem. not the rest of the world. fine, but what am i supposed to do about it? stop valuing competence? be content with hearing the same old jokes, pretend i give a rat's ass about nonsense social rituals, and pretend i'm an extraverted feeler when i'm an introverted feeler? please understand me. really, though, why can't people stop and consider my feelings for once? INTJs are some low, single-digit percentage of society at large. is it insane to say we're as legitimate a minority as gays or non-whites (in the US)? please tell me it ain't so. i would rather the problem be my attitude. in fact, i think it is. but how can i change my attitude while holding on to my values? “If you feel irritated by the absurd remarks of two people whose conversation you happen to overhear, you should imagine that you are listening to a dialogue of two fools in a comedy.” —Arthur Schopenhauer arthur, teach me how to laugh.