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  1. I already have a business plan and work everyday towards succeeding with it.
  2. That's funny, but I'm not talking about being a WAHA, I'm talking about constructing my own business model and monetizing it. Being the boss, not the agent, and then when a steady income starts rolling in I can outsource the jobs that I regularly and consistently have to grind away at.
  3. I'm trying as hard as I can to create passive income for myself bro. It's all about building up a business and then delegating most of the responsibility to competent workers. I'm still in the creating a business stage.
  4. Rip her spine out of her torso through the crown of her skull.
  5. I'd like to know why the world 'inherently' is always used in the titles of these threads. Nothing is inherently anything. It all just is what it is, and if you go beyond the is and ask what or why, then you make yourself liable to make biased or inaccurate interpretations. Government isn't good, it's not evil, it's just a naturally forming system that manifests itself from the average personal beliefs and demands of its citizenry.
  6. I don't make money by writing, that's not my profession, my profession is MARKETING and WEB DEVELOPMENT, but part of that entails having to write articles and rank them in Google to make money via adsense and CPA companies. edit: The only reason I have to do the writing right now is because I have no money to outsource, it'll soon be outsourced (most of my business model) when I'm getting a decent income. As for now, I'm doing EVERYTHING in the process of creating a successful online business model by myself. Which is hard to do manually.
  7. I write sporadically, I'll do my keyword research and find good longtails to target, write my title and think about what my content is going to be like, how I'll format it, then I'll procrastinate for a while before I start, then I'll start, write for a little while, get bored and pace around the house, look in the fridge, sit back down, look at the article, get back up and move around. Tell myself 'alright man you need to do this, just pump it out and you'll have content to edit at least.' So I'll go, sit back down and bang out an article, possibly getting up once or twice to think about how I'll continue it, but for the most part it just takes a lot of discipline to get myself into that 'you have to fucking do it' stage where I just bang one out rapid and lucidly. You're probably correct, I just don't know what the fuck to do, that's the problem. Aside from working and forums and other introverted shit I just don't have the slightest clue what to do to have fun or relax.
  8. That's a very interesting story, and I agree that life is a balance, but I feel like I don't really have the right to relax right now until I get my own place and have a nice stable income. Already said my diet is fine, I eat my fruits and veggies, drink soy milk and lots of water. Very interesting way to look at it, but I don't like interacting with people face to face. The reason I chose internet marketing is because I can put up a sales page and pump traffic to it and make money with the words that I type, not how I present what I say in real-time. I get to think about a pitch, and present it how I want to, not how it flows if you know what I mean, both are very different and I wouldn't say that sales skills in real life are transferable to landing pages, correct me if I'm wrong though. I really like this idea, and it's all well and good until you realize that it's necessary to work to have a place to live. I mean sure, I can be a sponge and mooch off of people and get by doing the bare minimum, but that would certainly lead to denunciation by my peers. Especially since everybody I know is hard working, laborious and on the wage, it'd be shameful for me to slide by. Also when I say I smoke, I meant I vaporize pipe tobacco, which is less harmful to a certain degree, and also very cost efficient. The only reason I do it is because it feels good and I'm too poor to do anything else. I'd vaporize weed instead of tobacco if I could afford it, and just quit smoking tobacco all together, unfortunately that isn't in my budget. How do you find that it's possible to live off of 1 hour work/day? Oh and also the reason I chose the occupation of internet marketing and web development was the idea of residual income, the fact that I don't have to work an hour for a fixed amount of money, that I can be free to do other things while I earn, which is ideal, because I want to travel around the world and have a house with a library and read a bunch and hang out with friends and have a family, but it's not really ideal when you work a job and only make x amount of money/week if you know what I mean.
  9. This is the kind of advice I was looking for, and I really appreciate it along with all the other replies, but I was looking for more of replies along these lines. I'm always thinking of money and what I need to do to get to where I want to be. But I guess all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I'm constantly on my computer these days grinding, and it really fucks with me. Only things I really do for 'fun' are read and smoke. So I'll definitely have to give this writing a try, do you try it personally, do you find this really helps?
  10. Lol but aside from what I should be doing what I do is nothing. Nobody wants to work to a certain degree, but some people have more will power to get down to it and get done what needs to be done. You can't just say 'oh well you do nothing so you shouldn't do anything because if you wanted to do something else you'd just do it.' Wot m8? But I understand where you're coming from definitely. Like for instance, if I was shirking work to work on my bicycle or fix up watches or tinker with cars then I'd understand that statement. But reassessing my passions based on the fact I like to lay down on the couch and feel overwhelmed and stressed or go to my room to vaporize pipe tobacco because I'm currently too broke to afford cigs, yeah, certainly worth a reassessment. Yeah you might be right, although I'm not sure how much that would help. I kind of predicted this to, 'get a job.' Well, I've already had jobs, and each one of them more strongly solidified my desire to NEVER HAVE TO WORK ONE EVER AGAIN. Seriously, if I was going the job route I'd be going to post-secondary right now wouldn't you think? But it's very true that I might be exhausting my passion and burning myself out, but I have not the slightest clue what I can do in my downtime, I already read, work out and all that jazz. I don't know.
  11. Do a speech on how criminalizing drugs or other substances condones and encourages the formation of street gangs and organized crime.
  12. Decided to come here and get some solid advice, since you guys are for the most part the same personality type, and hopefully you have some insights of which I'm unaware. Currently, life sucks to tell you the truth. I'm out of highschool now, been out since the summer. In September I decided to start learning about marketing and web development, and thought that I'd be interested in it, and to tell you the truth, I still am interested in it, actually I'd go farther than that and say that I'm totally and completely passionate about it. The idea of selling products and residual income and article writing and all of that is very attractive to me. I have strong verbal skills and I'm able to articulate ideas and concepts well, but the choice of my career isn't what frustrates me, what's been bugging me is my total and complete lack of focus and attention. Starting January 1 I scrapped everything, I had a site up and was writing articles for it but the niche was super high competition and as I gained more and more knowledge into how to operate a functioning business, keyword research, and networked with more marketers to consult with, I learned that my site just wouldn't cut it. So what did I do, I said FUCK IT and scrapped it completely (it's still up I just stopped working on it). So now I'm writing articles, two-three/day (plus an e-book), but today I did nothing, and everyday I find it increasingly harder to do what I should be doing and just get my nose in it and get down to work. This distresses me, because I'm young, and I rely on this, this is what I want to do with my life, but instead I procrastinate, lose focus five sentences into an article, pace around my house thinking. It's extremely disconcerting to have such a lack of focus and concentration, and it makes me worried that I won't be able to kick off my business due to apathy and fatigue that I battle with every waking hour of my life. I can't get a job because I'm not passionate about it, well, let me rephrase that, I can get a job, I just don't want to. I want to do what I want with my life, and I feel I have a lot of potential and the knowledge to do these things, but my unfocused mind is holding me back, and this is what frustrates me. So I come here for advice and some consolidation, a diagnosis would be nice, I just don't know what's wrong with me. Has anybody experience this? I feel like I'm being held back by my own lack of energy, and it scares me to think that every second I waste is one more second towards being pushed into a line of work that I'm dispassionate, unsuited and unable to do to the best of my abilities. What gives, what's wrong with me, how do I overcome this?
  13. Thanks for the quality reply Bert, you're right, I just smoked some of that Nightcap, and it was just that smooth creamy smoke that the Nightcap is known for producing. It being my first bowl, I thought I might have done something wrong. I don't know, I'm very pleased with both of these brands, I think I've been smoking too frequently with a single pipe though, probably hard on it lol. Am I supposed to be giving this cherry wood pipe a rest for a day or so before I begin smoking again? Should I just leave it outside so it cools down more quickly? Or would leaving it in cold weather to cool down be a bad thing? I smoke it once in the morning and once in the evening. Also I'll definitely make sure to check out MacBaren's Navy Flake, sounds good.
  14. Oh my god....I just smoked some Aged Burley Flake..I'm absolutely dumbfounded. I only packed 1/4 of a bowl, and I was straight up outside for 45 minutes straight smoking. Not only that, but it tastes absolutely amazing. The taste I currently have in my mouth is very pleasant. I can't believe smoking a pipe isn't still popular. Cigarettes and even most cigars are so disgusting...Pipe smoking is, magnificent. I'm already thinking about my bowl tomorrow, I'm very pleased.
  15. WTF?! I just had my first bowl of Nightcap, and I really don't know what to say or think of it. My mouth and throat feel really smooth now, it also tastes completely different than how it smelled, it's really an odd sensation I must say. I can see the allure of it, as soon as I lit up I was like 'wow...' It truly is odd though, it tastes odd, it leaves me feeling odd, I don't know. I also really sucked bad at lighting and keeping it lit, which was pretty annoying. I'm pretty sure I packed it properly, when I inhaled it felt about like it would drinking soda, but I couldn't for the life of me get the whole bowl lit, since the tobacco was placed so far down in the bowl (trying to break it in, starting out with 1/4 packed bowls). I don't know though, I like it, but at the same time it's annoying. Very odd sensation, was I supposed to feel this way? I've never gotten this, mouth just felt really smooth and my body just, felt smooth lmao. Very odd I must say, very tasty to.