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  1. I'm not sure what I would have chosen at the time, but I do know whatever deicision I made at that age would have been for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Which Mario game are you referring to?
  3. I think I view retro games with rose-tinted glasses. Some of them seemed very long and challenging at the time. When I've played them now they seem relatively easy and short. Or maybe I'm just better at mastering them as an adult.
  4. Here...
  5. That could have been me if I hadn't ever snapped out of it. I used to look at the ground when walking on my own as a kid, though. It likely made it easier to avoid those damned cracks! It also made it easier to walk into things like signposts. I'm thinking of Sheldon Cooper's desire to have the optimum seating position.
  6. Oh I would do it totally unprepared with no content, and make a fool of myself - not the kind of fool people laugh at - and think of the money.
  7. £100,000, a gun to my head, or fuck off.
  8. I'll take your people wanting to do things with you and you can take my solitude. Interestingly, I had the same initial response you had when I was younger, but I had a social anxiety disorder so that also contributed to my reluctance at the time.
  9. Though I don't eat breakfast often, that would be my ideal. Typically English of me. Wasn't until our last day in the US we discovered we could get such a breakfast fix easily at IHOP.
  10. I do have mild OCD tendencies. They were worse when I was younger, and more numerous. Now, some still exist but I will not fret whatsoever if I cannot satisfy the compulsion for whatever reason. Cutlery - I will select matching ones if they are available. Volume level controls that are numbered - I will select what seem to me as "round" or "balanced" numbers, and mostly even numbers. Dinner placemats - If there is a pattern I'm likely to make sure they all have the same orientation, whether on the table or in a drawer. A peculiar one from my youth (prior to teens)... You know how some people would avoid stepping on cracks, gaps and joints in pavements? I generally did that, but I also had this thing where if I did step on one with either foot, I had to step on one with the other foot to even it out. It wouldn't necessarily have to be straight away, and I could total up a few with one foot before evening it out with the other foot. The initial stepping on some would not be intentional, but all successive steps would usually be consciously considered (overstepping or understepping) until the feeling in my feet had been balanced back out by purposefully stepping on them enough times with the other foot. Thinking about these now, I'm noticing a trend. Whether it's orienetation, positioning, physical sensation - it all is based around a sense of order and balance. I can't do "random". Which makes sense as that is effectively the same as the problem I have with not being natural creative. There's always a system at work in my mind. Just like a computer, it can not pick a truly random number, it is an illusion of randomness. if I were asked to pick (write/say) a succesion of random letters, numbers, colours, or words, I will naturally keep repeating a lot of the same ones. I have to make a concerted effort and consciously focus my mind on what I'm picking to ensure they are random and not a bunch of repetitions.
  11. The Stabilizer
  12. I'm generally good at designing something when I know exactly what is wanted. I'm absolutely useless at creativity and originality. Someone else needs to come up with ideas. I recently realised the gulf of difference between imagination and creativity.
  13. I can't wait to see the lovechild.
  14. This is a forum dedicated to one of the least socially competent types. I just... don't know what else to say.
  15. Think I once burnt something so bad in the oven the remains could no longer be identified. Burning food is frustrating.