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    I love to read. This time in my life is filled with the need to understand people through literature
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    Literature, Philosophy, History
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  1. I notice you have 410 posts. Did you know that Alaric sacked Rome in 410?

    Never mind...

  2. How does that even work? Also, private life is overrated. I would of just asked a question about how does one plan an accidental boyfriend, but I feel for some reason required to reply to both parts of such a short message.

  3. *shrug* I just wanted two people for symmetry and I know that you have read up a lot about MBTI. I figured that if anyone could have a low amount of bullshit in a quick typing, it would be you.

  4. Huh? I type people well after a short time?

  5. Because I'm an IxTP? There was a thread about it and everything.

  6. You still claim to be an IxTP on here? Why should I not force you into the same stuff you just did me?

  7. Hey. IxTPs and ExTJs are type bros!

  8. Happy? Now I have to go choose between being a Churchhill or a Napoleon.

  9. Change your fucking type already. It doesn't take that much effort. You only have to change one letter too!

  10. Alright, the bullshit response would be " I am slowly gaining knowledge so as to better help those around me achieve greatness". The truth, however, is I am simply living one day of life at a time and getting through college and will take whatever position is thrust upon me in due time.

  11. Doing what? What a lame excuse.

  12. Too fucking busy

  13. Quit sitting around and do it, pussy.