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  1. well i wouldn't say that. there are a lot of innovative artists in the scene, but i think the japanese have left their most inventive marks in the early to mid 90s, as far as i've heard at least

  2. It's rare to find anyone "reinvent" the wheel in those subgenres of distortion and treble.

  3. he doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but he's got a really nice energy.

  4. Very, very, VERY nice.

  5. a truncated version at least
  6. Yellow Swans & Birchville Cat Motel - Terminal Saints best collab they've been involved in
  7. My preferences are less extreme, but the actuality is I read far more fiction than nonfiction
  8. There are plenty of non-metal-related music scenes where this happens
  9. Box Is Stupid
  10. Never found it particularly awkward...I'm guessing we're talking in like high school clique contexts here? ---------- Post added 05-07-2013 at 06:23 PM ---------- Gotta wonder what rock means when several of its subgenres are spread across the other levels...also I'd love to hear some kreatrock