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  1. update: jurgen klopp is an enfp.

    *drops microphone*

  2. You will die laughing.


  3. Depends on the nature of the list I assume. Personally I fucking LOVE LISTS, but mine are things like "name your top 10 books" or "name 5 people alive or dead you'd have over for a dinner party". Lists unto themselves, imho, can exist as exercise in thought experimentation or to serve a more practical purpose. I rarely if ever do practical lists, which strikes me as more of Si based exercise.
  4. Blogged a bit about the girl I'm seeing now, an ENFP, in my new blog. :p You're thoughts on things would be interesting. :p

  5. Sending all my love and well wishes when you do, Girl.

    Blessings Mox!!!

  6. Not yet - hoping to get out there within the next couple of weeks though!

  7. No matter how hard you try you will never be this cool.


  8. Sister Woman...did you personally have anyone involved with the Dakota Pipeline Protests? That situation was wrong, just wrong.

    Blessings, Girl!

  9. +1. Perfectly stated and defined. I'd add that while most of the time ambiversion is the best of both worlds, it can create some confusing expectations for people when they think you are one thing (usually an extrovert) and then you go into introversion mode and avoid people like the plague. I've had some extrovert friends who have taken that very personally.