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  1. It's not meant to replace condoms. It's meant to replace or work alongside female birth control, like the pill and IUDs. Those don't stop STDs either, and depending on the specific option you choose, can run that same price point or higher. But they're covered by most insurance, and hopefully Vasalgel would be too. As to being "propositioned when you weren't expecting it" - again, female birth control doesn't work that way either. Hormonal birth control for women risks too many side effects, including extremely dangerous ones. Not to mention the obvious stupidity of wearing a bulletproof vest instead of taking the bullets out of the gun, so to speak. Male birth control is an excellent way to share responsibility and help out women who can't take hormones. But they have to actually approve it and get it on the market for it to do any good...which isn't going to happen if they keep shutting down trials over muscle aches and libido changes. That didn't stop them approving female birth control...
  2. Awake - 김석진 of 방탄소년단 Their solo songs on this album really are amazing.
  3. I call it recognizing incompatible beliefs. If our perspectives on the world conflict that strongly, it will inevitably cause problems down the road even after the election. Therefore there's no use in continuing the relationship. If I don't like someone's personality - and like it or not, your views on politics and how people should be treated are part of your personality - I'm not going to want to spend my life with them. Let me repeat, though, how very unlikely it is that I would accidentally get into a relationship with a Trump supporter.
  4. Lol, I'm amazed at how you turned out so considerate and reasonable, based on the environment it sounds like you grew up in.

  5. This is how I see Trump supporters, so I don't think I could be in a relationship with one. It's unlikely I'd be in that situation to begin with - how could I be in a serious relationship with someone without knowing their baseline social views? - but if they decided to support Trump out of the blue, that would signal to me that we have incompatible values. Maybe some people see political views like ice cream preferences, but to me, they're indicative of beliefs and thus who you are as a person. So it matters. WRT husbands and wives, my dad (the worst kind of Trump supporter) fully believes that my mom votes for whoever he tells her to. I think she does sometimes, and in any case, she would never, ever argue with him about it. But I know she voted for Bernie in the primary.
  6. I have a slight preference to be the younger one, but I've ended up being older in recent relationships. I graduated college and moved with my current boyfriend to work in the area while I wait for him to finish school.
  7. At least it was funny...

  8. :laugh: That was the line that ruined it for me, too.
  9. Pretty much :/

  10. Embarrassing.

  11. As a woman with dark hair and dark eyes - doesn't seem to be.