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  1. At a bar, drinking. Got hit on, or rather assaulted, by a dude, as I was enjoying my beer. His female accomplice assured me that it was "a compliment, it really is a compliment!".
  2. Ravenswood Zinfandel Napa Valley 2012, it's ok. Probably some whisky later. ---------- Post added 01-22-2015 at 10:34 PM ---------- And there we go, Glengoyne Distiller's Gold 15, very nice. Some Balvenie later on. Didn't drink alone at all in 2014, good to be back. Feels good to the point I'm almost nostalgic.
  3. Generally yes, I prefer being alone. Or rather I prefer living alone. I do like to socialize, but love having an empty apartment to come home to.
  4. Hilary Hahn Plays Bach
  5. Handwritten. I use fountain pens with different nibs and inks. (Old school, but still the best tools for the job in my experience). As I have a very visual memory these pages are easy to store as snapshots in my brain. The physical nature of the paper and ink and the uniqueness of each page adds to that, more physical sensations to aid your memory.
  6. Taking a break from internet forums for a long while. Going to delve into my books.
  7. This is my experience as well. (If you replace playing games with playing music).
  8. Glengoyne 15 Year Old. Very nice.
  9. Yes, I've had this happen to me a number of times. I just keep doing what I always do, being as honest and direct as I feel the situation allows. The people that at some point have called me arrogant do keep coming back for advice though. I feel that most people like to have at least one person to rely on for a bit of truth, even if their feelings might occasionally get hurt.
  10. Yes. If that's the way things play out, I'm fine with it. Of all the relationships I've observed I've never once thought to myself "this would be nice to have". I've always loved coming back to an empty house. Might change some day, but I would be surprised if it did.
  11. 000948920026856603
  12. Thanks, looks like you are informed. I posted a reply.

  13. I think you need to be a bit more specific, maybe even share an actual example, as I'm not sure if you are talking about voice leading, the actual harmony at a certain point of the score, intervallic and rhythmic relationships between voices, or simply the arrangement of the voices as they appear on the score. Or maybe you are just looking for the word "arrangement". (And almost certainly the arrangement of the music will differ depending on whether it is intended for piano or guitar according to the nature of the instruments).
  14. - No. - No. - No. - No. - No. - Yes.
  15. Sorry I'm late, it's just a pain in the ass finding a place to tie up my horse these days.