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  1. No, sorry, you've got it wrong. A profile like that would not get the attention of many women of substance. You have to say something that gives people an idea of your individuality, not an impersonal list. No.
  2. I think you're overstating the importance of these facts. If this is all you put in your profile, then you will come across as very shallow, regardless if they are true or not. If you ask women what they want in a man, sure, this stuff might make its way into the list, but at the end of the day, they want to date a real person, not a list. I can guarantee you most women would prefer someone they connect with over some cardboard cutout who meets every bullet point on the list. Common values and goals would of course hold more importance, but things like playing guitar or having a college degree - eh. If playing guitar is a passion of yours, or you feel your profession is meaningful to you, then talk about them in that manner. It won't help to say "I check the guitar and college boxes".
  3. Not sure how I feel about the new poke coins system. Before I could put a Pokemon in a gym and get 10 coins right away. Today my Pokemon got kicked out of the gym in less than an hour and came back with 0 coins :(
  4. I met an engineer-turned-psychologist once. He gave a presentation at my company on handling stress at work - it was actually very interesting. Someone asked why he changed fields and he told us he only went into engineering because both his parents were engineers and pushed him towards it. He did enjoy it while in school, but then ended up in a job where he was designing soldering guns and became miserable as he didn't find it meaningful. He did mention that he thought his background helped him be more analytical and less biased in his new field. He was also not very touchy-feely, but instead very direct, organized and concise. It seemed to work very well for him, as he had a successful practice, doing both clinical and organizational psych. My opinion is you should use your background to your advantage, as it will be quite unique among psychologists, and play to your strengths. Improve your social skills by all means, but know there are also people who look for a more pragmatic approach in therapy. And of course, like others said, there are other specializations besides clinical. I've found that when working with people, patience plays a very big role in practicing empathy.
  5. I found this interesting talk on what happens in the brain when a person falls in love for each gender: If you don't want to view the video, here's a summary: - for women: oxytocin and dopamine increase; dopamine increases through the dating/being excited process, while oxytocin increases slowly through cuddling/kissing, but most significantly through orgasm - this would suggest women are more likely to fall in love when they have sex - for men: testosterone increases which blocks the effect of oxytocin - so it's no longer relevant; instead the combination is testosterone + dopamine + vasopressin; dopamine increases the same way through dating/being happy, while vasopressin increases through experiencing sexual attraction and drops when a max has sex - which suggests men fall in love in the period of courtship and attraction before having sex. So it would seem the science confirms the old wisdom that says women should wait to have sex so they don't fall in love too quickly, and so that the man doesn't lose interest. What say you, intjf?
  6. I'm mainly referring to food, but I guess you can extend the concept to whatever else you like. You know what I'm talking about: the creamiest cookies, the crunchiest fries, the cherry on top. Do you savor them first or keep them for the end?
  7. mango, cereal and almonds smoothie bowl
  8. Being a bit less lonely.
  9. I also have a huge problem with spatial orientation to the extent that I can walk into a store, turn around a few times, and then not know which direction I came from if I don't choose a reference point beforehand. I got 4 for visual on the test. Highest was 8 for read/write. I would probably not have survived very long in the hunger-gatherer era, but modern technology makes these physical limitations pretty much irrelevant.
  10. The Flobots - There Is a War Going on for Your Mind
  11. Lol, love the avatar

  12. Believe: Russia is actively trying to destabilize the West Don't believe: Trump knowingly collaborated with Russia to win the election
  13. If someone likes you, then little mistakes appear as cute. If they view it as crippling, then they probably never liked you much in the first place and you haven't lost anything. That said, she may not know is was an honest mistake, so you could explain it to her in a humorous tone. I am a bit confused though as to why you ordered instead of her. If you did it because you were getting her something as a surprise, then it's ok. If you ordered for her in front of her, when you had no idea what she wants, that may not be such a little mistake.