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  1. dietary differences between genders in hunter-gatherer societies with very little success
  2. coconut milk - yum, yum
  3. I don't think someone like that is likely to be dumb. Being mindful and inclusive of everyone requires forethought and awareness of surroundings. It may seem like the act just 'comes naturally' to them, but there are a lot of processes running in the background. What you're describing is an ENFP. The female equivalent would be an ExFJ, as the planning component is required to display a caring, always prepared, slightly overbearing persona.
  4. The Wall (2012) - german movie about a woman who suddenly finds herself alone inside an area limited by an invisible wall, completely cut off from all human contact with no explanation. The movie tells the story of her day to day survival from that point on.
  5. Gen 2 'later this week': http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/the-pokemon-go-pokedex-is-growing/
  6. Tuna by far. I've been witnessed eating it out of a can with nothing else.
  7. Menial jobs can also be stressful and exhausting, especially because they are usually far less interesting. I think you would quickly find that the decrease in income will significantly affect your life out of work and you won't be able to enjoy it as much as you think when you realize you don't know if you'll make rent this month or can't afford any of your hobbies. Yes, you will probably have more free time, but lower ability to fill in enjoyably. Just get a government job or something if you want fixed program.
  8. Believing that would be nonsensical in so many ways. If women wanted to 'be like men' in every way, that would mean they see men as being perfect or better than women, 'mannish' being something to aspire to, which would be undoubtedly sexist. This is a ridiculous question attacking a straw man. No one believes there are literally no gender differences. The point is some of them are biological, and some of them really are cultural and learned. The trick is in identifying which is which. And even that is irrelevant in many instances if you simply treat people as individuals. Believing men and women are fundamentally different in every way is just as idiotic as believing all differences are taught by society. So anytime you want to attack your 'opposition' remember you are two sides of the exact same coin.
  9. That depends on the reason that guy has for not paying, which may or may not be based in thinking the habit doesn't make sense. I don't think it would be advisable to cross your arms and say 'so why aren't you paying for me?' but I think two people can have a discussion on a cultural norm and their opinion of it and other similar norms. Also if one of the people in a relationship has a certain issue that is bothering them, I think it's preferable to bring it out in the open, rather than let themselves stew over it. It doesn't have to come across as demanding or entitled, and the person doesn't have to be right. The discussion can end in them realizing they had nothing to worry about and they were on the wrong side of the issue, but it has to be brought up in the first place.
  10. I find this line of thinking very wrong. It's basically saying 'I think X, therefore other people must think X too'. I find it unusual when other people think something which is statistically unlikely for them to think, regardless of my own opinion on that topic. OP can ask the question of his behavior relative to cultural norms, without herself holding the opinion that men must pay or else. It's my observation that most men and women operate within traditional paradigms in dating in various ways, that may or may not include men paying. But OP could just ask the general question as in 'This girl I know was upset her date didn't pay. Isn't that ridiculous of her?' or something like that, only less idiotic sounding.
  11. Wow, I thought you were a woman
  12. From the perspective of someone with a more traditional mindset, no, she is not guilty of the same thing. Our society is equal from a legal standpoint, but socially it's still very traditional.
  13. In person, only if the assumption is correct. If someone looked at me and thought I was a man, I'll confess I would be extremely offended. Online, any assumption is fine.