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  1. Pay off all student loans, pay off non-asshole family's debts. Buy a small farm in the middle of nowhere. Start a rescue for special-needs animals. Make a trust fund for my daughter.
  2. When I took the test it gave me high DSC, with D being highest. INFJ to the best of my knowledge.
  3. Beef, ribeye. Or raw salmon (sushi obviously.)
  4. My answer would have been 'cook one has a nice camera.' I'm genuinely bad at cooking, lol. Trying to improve and learn though. I'm at ' wow, spices taste good if you use them correctly' phase. When I graduated college I was at 'dont put metal in the microwave' phase.
  5. Definitely didn't turn into my parents. Didn't date anyone remotely like them either. Interestingly enough, my dad is ISTJ, my husband is ENFP.
  6. I'd leave ASAP. Safety is a lot more important than a few perks. After leaving I'd tip off the landlord and let him deal with his own property as he sees fit.
  7. Same religious beliefs aren't really needed, but same/similar values are. I don't care who you think is flying around in the sky if you are a good person and treat others well. And one of my values tends toward 'live and let live' so anyone who would be seriously trying to convert me or others would be incompatible.
  8. I'm so sorry, it was a huge blessing to her that you were there in the end I'm sure. I lost my grandmother to malpractice. After ignoring her worries and questions about her medication being the wrong dose, he yelled at her and told her to stop calling. Two days later she ended up in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage from her medication being over triple the dose she should have had, which eventually took her life. Fuck the people telling you to make peace with it. It adds a burning layer of hatred, anger, and trauma on top of the grief and pain. They TOOK our family from us. Not only do you have to struggle with the fact that she's no longer here, but that she SHOULD still be here. For me, it was a lot harder to lose the anger than the grief. I wanted to mail the doctor a copy of her obituary every year on her death anniversary. I wanted his medical license gone so he never hurt anyone else. I wanted that pile of money he sits on for being a doctor sent to my grandfather, because he took away the love of his life because he was a negligent asshole robbing the rest of the world of oxygen. In the end we did nothing. In the states, juries overwhelmingly favor the doctors in malpractice cases, and they were going to try and pin it on her heart condition. I would have still went after him, but it was our grandfather's decision and I respect that. Definitely take time to heal and clear a bit before seeking legal counsel. I don't know if your country is anything like the states, but it's a long, difficult, painful process.
  9. I'm so sorry you're going through this. :( *hugs* Hopefully when she gets to hospice she will be feeling a lot better. In April I worked with hospice taking care of my husband's grandmother at home during her last days. They will probably give her anxiety medication when she gets there, which will help with the terminal agitation and make her feel better.
  10. I've read a couple people saw clowns standing in their yard staring at their house, and went away before the cops arrived. Their neighbor started camping out on his porch with a shotgun. These idiots are going to get shot.
  11. I don't miss them at all. But I tolerate them a lot better now that we live far apart. (The exception being my sister, but we never not got along really so I still like spending time with her.) Some extended family to do wish I saw more, mostly grandparents.
  12. I didn't get along with my parents growing up. My father was extremely controlling. I never acted out in behavior, but I wasn't able to be indoctrinated or brainwashed like he tried to do to me and my sister. The difference in treatment it caused between me and my sister was night and day. I was repeatedly told I was going to end up a pregnant teen and a drug addict. I had a job since 15, both parents badgered and harassed me constantly to get a second job. My sister never had a job until after she graduated college and they never asked her to get one. Ironically I had never once gotten a ticket or been in an accident, yet my family constantly tells me my driving is awful. My dad and sister have had numerous accidents and tickets. (But my perfect streak ended when someone rear ended me at a yield sign. Wasn't my fault.) I found out in recent years though that my dad told my sister that I was allowed to go to my grandfather's protestant bible camp and she wasn't because I 'thought for myself and wasn't sensitive' like she was. I have never been told that by him. Funny thing is now that I must have proven that I'm not a drug addict teen mom, my mom asked me to fund vacations for the family. It hasn't happened yet.
  13. Although, unfortunately, it may also cause AI diseases when your immune system gets grumpy with all the foreign DNA floating around. http://www.livescience.com/35713-pregnancy-autoimmune-disease-increased-risk.html
  14. I haven't made an effort to really keep anything. I've thrown away any letters/pictures etc. I don't really have a use for them. I'm sure there's some stuff I kept, but not purposefully out of sentiment, more of a 'I still use this and like this' sort of thing. Though after one particularly hideous breakup I did trash a bunch of gifts from an ex, including an ipod, dvds, and some gaming stuff. The circumstances surrounding our break up made looking at the items give me the creeps. All of my other breakups I regarded the items neutrally.