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    A French 20-something who likes to eat, sleep, wear high heels and be a good person.
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    Literary translator (English to French)
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    Fiction, music, video games, History (17th century), Aikido
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    Burn the land and boil the sea, but you can't take the sky from me.

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  1. I just realized your personal text was a line from the Firefly theme song. :facepalm:

  2. Did you get my letter yet? :curtain:

  3. Nope, nothing ._.

  4. I haven't D: Ooh exciting! I'll check right now :awesome:

  5. :curtain: Have you gotten my letter yet?
  6. The main problem with the whole "isolated mentally ill" theory is that this is not the first time it has been used in the past two years. Or the second, or the third. There have been repeated attacks like this (although this one is by far the most successful). A lot of the time involving what the media loves to call a "mad car". "14 killed by a mad car last night". Beautiful way to take the responsibility away from the driver - the car did it, guys! All of them committed by Arabs. Some of them claimed by ISIS, some of them accompanied by "Allah Akbar". So to sum up, what you're asking us to believe is that under the influence of a mysterious mental disease, a string of people who all happen to be Arab are pushed to kill people in the same manner, and this has begun after ISIS's rise to power for no reason. Sorry, I'll stick with the theory that makes sense.
  7. Also, if that wasn't obvious, I'm simplifying when I say "they hate us". Really, what I mean is "most of them hate us" - and, by "us", I don't mean every single French person personally, I mean French people as an entity. You can hate this country, its culture and its people without automatically hating every single French person. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that, but won't get into a debate or anything. (Or get into the specifics of my personal family life.) Just wanted to get this stuff off my chest.
  8. As a French person, I don't give a damn whether he was a good Muslim or a bad Muslim, or what exactly constitutes one or the other. I'm not a theologist. There's a time to dissect ideologies, observe communities, try to make sense of how a religion can be touted as a wonderful manifesto of love and peace while simultaneously brewing misery and violence wherever it settles. And there's a time to just say: I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING BULLIED BY THESE PEOPLE. And if you're surprised that these acts of violence are made by Arabs and Muslims, if you haven't understood that they hate us and everything our country stands for, then I guess you haven't lived in my shoes for the past 20 years. I'll go ahead and guess you haven't lived in the same apartment buildings as them, been to school and to work with them, not to mention have them marry into your family. Yes they hate us, no it's not a conspiracy theory, it's what we've been living for a while and what has lately escalated into a string of unbearable tragedies.
  9. :hug: I'm alright, just trying to figure out some things as far as moving and future career ideas go. The usual ;)
  10. :hug: Thank you sweet lady :hug: How are you these days?