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  1. So I buried myself in school work and studies(cause that's what I do when I do not what to deal with my emotions). Most of you are suggesting I move on which I know I should but trust me I have met a number of girls non of them stimulate me mentally and am still attracted to like this one. Guess I am still young and naive
  2. So make a list about the things that I find undesirbale about herand convince myself why she's wrong for me and I will fall out of love with her? Got it! Though honestly am leaning towards just leaving the social circle all together and starting afresh even if it means in the meantime I will have no friends
  3. So am in college and i keep a small social circle, My friend is dating this girl who I also get along with and talk to a lot. The problem is some were along the lines I got feeling for my friends girlfriend. So what happened is my friend broke up with his girlfriend and they were off for bit..it was during this period that we had something behind his back(I know I suck). Any way after some time they got back together but the problem is after that they have been on and off together consistently. I have tried to not get back involved with her for my fragile souls sake but its hard when you are in the same social group because what happens is we will spend time together then I will realise why I had such strong feelings for her and the feelings come back again. Its been a never ending cycle really and she also flirts with me which dosent help. Anyway sorry for the rant I think I just needed to get this out but some help would be appreciated. The only solution I can think is cut her off but the problem with that is I would have to cut off my friend as well because being around him also brings resent. Also I don't know what I would tell him my reason for not wanting to hang out him anymore would be. Also I think the girl is infp are infps always this undecisive and not knowing what they want? Also why am I feeling these things when I was younger I could brush off crushes so easily but now its like my feeling functions are getting stronger as I grow up
  4. The deal actually went through, and no am not a proffessional sales man am a student economics(econometrics) atleast numbers won't ask me to introduce them. So the people I thought would actually relate are bashing me interesting. Are you telling me all you intjs are well vested in the art of manners and social ettiquette? And am the odd one out
  5. I really don't see how you have come to the conclusion that I was rude, all I did was hand the the phone before introducing them. I may have overlooked the introduction but rude? No
  6. So today I was acting in the place of a friend as an agent, showing a husband and wife the house. So when they asked me about the payment schedule and other financial stuff. I told them they could call the agent and ask him that but they insisted that I call him for them, but as soon as I rang him up I gave them my mobile phone but they asked that I introduce them first and then hand them the phone. This whole thing was just a reminder how poor I am with these sort of things, the other time when my grandfather called me I answered by saying 'yes' instead of hello and he told me that was rude. I always overlook things that have to do with showing 'respect' to supposedly 'important' people in society and making people feel important or showing how much I respect them. Why do these things even matter to people, I mean isn't getting the message across in an efficient manner more important, I mean what do all these things even mean really I can be all polite and all to a person and still think of them as a low life piece of s***t while holding a smile and being polite. Anyway why does this matter so much to people especially the older people in society( I am 22 by the way) to me it just feels so meaningless.
  7. Thanks for your opinions everyone I feel a lot better, the steve jobs link was especially helpful
  8. This post makes me sound like a whiny child. I also wish I could cry I hear it makes you feel better but I can't
  9. I made a mistake i miscalculated I know, you pointing out things I already know isn't really helping
  10. I made a mistake i miscalculated I know, you pointing things I already know isn't really helping
  11. Because you are not family
  12. Like I said I go to school in another town, I thought it would be more efficient if the person at home would run things and my programme really need you to be 100% focused. The funds were misappropriated in that he tried investing in some things and they backfiredbut within a year things should stabilise a bit more that's how I can go back to school next year
  13. Firstly I would like to apologise if this is in the wrong section but I didn't know were else to put it. Soooo hello like minded people, below is a lot of venting but this is the only place I can do so. So first I will touch on my background a bit, I am male who was going to the final year of my degree program. I lost both my parents a couple of years back so its just been my brothers and I,(an older brother and a younger one). My parents left a few assets so we can be able to fend for ourselves, my brother and I handle the finances though its mostly my brother because I go to college in another town. So now the problem comes here because now in my final year he has misappropriated funds and I won't be able to go back to school, I will have to wait a year to reapply. I am really down by this because my education is really the only thing I cared about, I put my life on hold that is my social life I didn't even have a girlfriend so to have it all taken away from you when non of it is your fault is really frustrating. My younger brother is also out of school because of the same. It takes every ounce of self control to punch the guy when ever I see him, I can't even stand being in the same room as him. He has apologised but really what does that change? Only results/actions matter to someone like me. I feel betrayed really, and I have never really trusted people but I have been learning but this just throws all that out of the window I can see this taking me to a darker place socially and making me even more anti social as well as misanthropic.(As if I wasn't bad enough already). Anyway I just needed to let this out. So has anyone of you had to go through a situation where what you value the most has been taken away from you and if you did how did you deal with it as an intj. (Non intjs are also welcome to give feedback). I also need some help on what I can do for the whole remainder of this year because that is a lot of idle time, I have a self destructive personality and I can see myself getting drunk everyday and having meaningless sex to distract myself from the actual problem. Thanks for reading
  14. The holiday converstation were just friendily in nature no flirting or any kind of that thing, Even though she not romantically interest is the idea of friendship also out of the picture for her because its not like I hvae revealed my intention to her already ---------- Post added 09-24-2013 at 08:42 PM ---------- Deaconsyre like I said they were just friendily conversations, she seemed very interested in getting to know me and was genuinely interested in chating, am sure theys nothing I have done to scare her off just yet Zibber that's not what I meant, its jus that I have always thought if two people were compatible and attracted to each other things would flow naturally without forcing matters
  15. Hey guys, I have always thought of myself as above the level of asking for relationship advice but here I am. So let me get straight to it, I will start from the beginning. There is this infp girl that I meet through class and somehow got her number for school purposes but when school was on break we use to chat like once a week or so. When school has resumed I met her on the first day of school but there were quite a number of people so everyone was greeting me and asking me about how my holiday was and the infp girl just seemed to ignore my presence and continued looking at the timetable. Few days later I ask her if we could hang out via text that is and she stood me up with a lame excuse only to text a few days later apologising. Fast foward a few weeks she sort of stares at me whenever we cross paths but she's always surrounded by her friends and they are engrossed in conversation that I can't even say hi. Anyway I haven't asked to meet her again because am not sure if I am bothering her or she's also nervous about hanging out, I guess my question is what do you guys think is she genuinely interested in me or maybe she's trying to let me down easy I know I haven't given a lot of information but feel free to ask wherever and excuse the grammar am tired and using my mobile phone ohhh almost forgot I would really like to advance on this thing whether is postive or negative with my pride unscathed so basically I don't want to have to do anything that will make me look pathetic Thanks in advance