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    Cooler than Gaddafi's giraffe collection. blue tongues baby, blue tongues.
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  1. Seems overblown. i live in NYC with lots of Europeans and theres lots of skin here and nobody cares. well they look but dont care.
  2. oops can one of the admins add this choice what a mistake.
  3. My grandma used to have a beard....
  4. I present to you Josh Mario John a bearded model from Canada...
  5. I have had mostly ESTP managers they varied from being inept, fun, goofy, violent, loudmouthed, dishonest, criminals, so theres plenty of variety. I think it also depends on how they were raised.
  6. We have a lot of label wh*res in NYC since its a big fashion capital and theres lots of those high end ones too, which is not something im into personally.
  7. Hey guys what are your favorite clothing brands? i personally try to keep in low key but am not really brand loyal just go with whatever suits my vibe at the time. What about you? Fav fashion brands for other INTJ or non INTJ forum members? I normally shop at places like Macy's but the brands are various (currently I am wearing a pair of Levi's Loose fit jeans that are somewhat oversized) and a button down shirt I bought at Macy's which is an off brand i believe exclusive to them. Hanes boxers. Shoes are by Asolo which is an Italian boot maker. Brand loyalty or just anything?
  8. I'm assuming theres tons of content on youtube that is stolen in fact most of it. just a matter of whether they file compaints to take it down.
  9. One thing i need is a scale to weigh myself
  10. A t shirt showing Bronx hip hop gangstas
  11. I like to document different activities and locations that i visit with selfies.
  12. http://www.selfiesfaceoff.com to post them here then have them judged.
  13. At the graduate school i went to which was a Top 25 MBA program, i met a faculty member at an applicants meet and greet. He claimed to have attended the Wharton School of business at Upenn. I was initially impressed but when i checked his curriculum vitae it listed a 3rd tier university in Pennsylvania. I was probably a bit overqualified for that program.
  14. Check this out, i have several small companies, if this guy needs a reference ill give to him claiming he was working for me