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    Cooler than Gaddafi's giraffe collection. blue tongues baby, blue tongues.
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  1. yah revamp your goals lol
  2. God be laughing at me a lil this AM.... Ticket Accepted Date Risk To Win Amount Paid Status Wager XXXXX073-1 5/26/17 4:59pm $1000.00 $119,880.00 $0.00 Loss 9 Team Parlay Win 5/26/17 7:05pm MLB Baseball 906 Washington Nationals -225* vs San Diego Padres (L Perdomo - R must Start M Scherzer - R must Start) Win 5/26/17 8:10pm MLB Baseball 907 Arizona Diamondbacks -101* vs Milwaukee Brewers (Z Godley - R must Start J Guerra - R must Start) Win 5/26/17 8:40pm MLB Baseball 910 Colorado Rockies +104* vs St. Louis Cardinals (C Martinez - R must Start A Senzatela - R must Start) Win 5/26/17 10:10pm MLB Baseball 911 Chicago Cubs/Los Angeles Dodgers Under 8 -155* (J Arrieta - R must Start A Wood - L must Start) Loss 5/26/17 7:05pm MLB Baseball 918 New York Yankees -164* vs Oakland Athletics (S Manaea - L must Start M Tanaka - R must Start) Win 5/26/17 7:10pm MLB Baseball 922 Boston Red Sox -162* vs Seattle Mariners (Y Gallardo - R must Start E Rodriguez - L must Start) Win 5/26/17 8:10pm MLB Baseball 925 Tampa Bay Rays -135* vs Minnesota Twins (C Archer - R must Start H Santiago - L must Start) Win 5/26/17 7:00pm Props Baseball 1903 NYM scores first -170* vs PIT scores first (Fixed Price) Win 5/26/17 7:00pm Props Baseball 1915 TEX scores first -135* vs TOR scores first (Fixed Price)
  3. Anyone like baseball? Rockies on a tear i kinda like them 2 nite.
  4. Any favorites today? The Yanks are underdogs with CC Sabathia on the mound i kinda like that pick, but Tampa is strong at home. ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: Boston in danger of being swept but a good team and the odds arent bad at all with them being slight favorites over the As. id go with boston ...... added to this post 40 minutes later: The mets are really getting hammered 8-0 in the 2nd inning as is the usual
  5. Thats crazy stuff glad i was not in times square yest.
  6. To make this story even a bit more strange, Fedex said they had attempted delivery at 130pm but there was no door tag on my apt. so i then leave to call them at the corner store, go to the beach, then later on to Fedex truck depot. Once i get all the way back to my apt at 9pm i see the doortag is now on my front door. I suspect what happened is that the guy probably went to the wrong apt building. ...... added to this post 56 minutes later: Okay im back online on my cell, the only loss was all my selfie type photos from previous phone although im going to try to recover that via USB not that big of a loss in terms of $
  7. This ever happen to you? yesterday my phone died... the screen just froze and wouldn't activate took it to the VZ store and the Verizon could not fix the screen so they sent a new phone overnight today i waited all day for the Fedex delivery guy to show up from 10am to 2:30pm fedex notified me the guy could not find my apartment even though the front gate was open but i was sitting here the whole time so then i went to the beach for 3 hours i called the fedex shipper because i didnt have a phone i had to use the corner stores phone and they said i could pick it up in brooklyn at the fedex truck depot at 20th st so i went there and the the truck wasnt there so i had to wait 1 hour sweating it tons of people got there packages before me i got my replacement phone took the bus home i got here at 9pm turns out the simm port is stuck so i could not transfer in my old phones simm into the new so i cant install the new simm card will stop by the VZ tomorrow to see if they can get it done
  8. I heard this was popular amongst Brazilian ladies lol
  9. lol what is blue gender
  10. Sexual Orientation Poll - Anonymous
  11. Perhaps women like you because you are taller than most guys. That i heard a big turnon.
  12. ESTPs are definitely bad news everything they do is a con avoid at all costs.
  13. id prefer a neutral choice
  14. I'm going with a full on beard, i always wondered what i would like like with a shaved head and full on beard which is medium length, here are the result so far:
  15. Seems overblown. i live in NYC with lots of Europeans and theres lots of skin here and nobody cares. well they look but dont care.