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  1. I've just busy as hell. I've been doing a lot of research, reading, and doing a new job.

  2. Still traveling here and there? Haven't seen you around for a while.

  3. Why hello thar

  4. This is the case for me. I also have the tendency to imagine and work out ideas in my head when around others, so chances are I won't be paying attention enough to them to notice the flirting. A mix of apathy and boredom tends to interrupt attempts of flirting at me.
  5. My first thought upon reading this. Are we talking about the determining or rather the defining of sexuality? It sounds like the latter to me, and the two are different. I don't think I ever actually determined my own sexuality. It just is. But I've attempted to define it, though...usually resulting in a failure to define it particularly well. I go by the term "some kind of queer."
  6. Is it a thing that Asians are afraid of black people? Legitimately curious here.
  7. I don't think INTJs are less sexual, so much as we can just be busy with things or pondering too much for our good. Just tell him that you want more sex and tell him when you want it. Candor is a good thing.
  8. Pre-modern times, generally. Namely the times of ancient civilizations, tribes, and kingdoms. Renaissance Europe is the threshold that I stop at, since they rediscovered ancient wisdom and embraced it. After that point though, yuuucck.
  9. That's true, and a fair description as well. The point in asking that question was precisely to, as you mentioned, put a spotlight on the very concept of sharing esoteric knowledge. One could write a very esoteric sentence on a billboard and it will be meaningless to everyone who cannot read the deeper meaning, which is something that is learned first-hand and not by simply studying. In fact, one can find many old texts on the internet that was once thought to be ancient, esoteric wisdom by past scholars, but that doesn't mean that they will be of value to the initiated reader. As Above, So Below means nothing to those who don't Know. As an aside, there's also the question of: What is the value of sharing esoteric beliefs with the uninitiated at all?
  10. Money? Which money? Or the concept of money? I love the power that certain monies grant the owner. Do I love the money itself? I wouldn't go that far.
  11. You're probably right.

  12. I don't think he simply means restricted knowledge but also like really niche interests, like the Nazis believing in Templar gold in Jerusalem and the myth of the origins of the Aryan race.

  13. Probably has to do with communication. The person doing the nagging is probably doing so because they feel like they aren't being respected or heard by the other partner. It's definitely a two way street though. The nagger ought to find a constructive way of dealing with the issue at hand and needs to properly communicate desires as best as possible. The nagee needs to properly communicate whether or not they intend on doing something (and how they'll do it). I've had relationships where I've been nagged and where I've also nagged the other person myself. Thankfully I don't really have that issue in my current relationship, since it is minimized by the use of better talking, dry erase boards, and much more clear communication and agreements in general.
  14. Isn't it counter-intuitive to ask about esoteric knowledge in a public forum? If everyone had access to that knowledge, it would no longer be esoteric.