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  1. I would suggest running this by a person you know and trust and see if they think it makes sense. What you've described is similar to what people experience when they suffer from paranoid thoughts or delusions, so it is important to reality-check this.
  2. Looking over that Oxford Happiness Inventory, it appears to define happiness as a combination of extroverted feeling and self-delusion/lack of introspection. Look at this statement, for instance: "I do not think that the world is a good place." If I'm approaching that question, I'm thinking, what do they mean by 'good'? There's lots of wars and famines and sweatshop labor and generally awful stuff that affects billions of people every day, and most of that is ultimately caused by people being assholes to one another. Things are going okay for me personally, but for the world? I'd have to score that statement pretty low. Compare that to a person who thinks, I have an awesome job and good friends and life is going great. Yeah the world is a good place! Then there are statements like, 'I have very warm feelings towards almost everyone.' This one pretty much directly asks if you're an extraverted feeler or not. Carry this through to the rest of the questions, and of course extraverted feelers are going to score higher than introverted thinkers. I am not convinced this means they're actually happier.
  3. I don't know much about American investment vehicles, but I know something about choosing actual investments. Monte is correct that a CD isn't going to give much of a return, and may it actually end up losing money over time due to inflation. What you invest in depends on a few things, in particular your time horizon and your risk tolerance. If your child is still fairly young, you have moderate investment knowledge, and your risk tolerance is moderate or high, then it would make good sense to invest the money in a diversified portfolio that includes a mix stocks (in the form of mutual funds/index funds/ETFs) and bonds/CDs. As your child gets older (within 5 years of attending school or so) it will make more sense to have most or all of the funds in less risky assets, to protect your principal and avoid pulling funds during a downturn. The amount you're talking about doesn't really require an advisor, and going to one will likely cost you more money in the long run in fees. Instead, I would take one of those online risk tolerance tests and divide the funds into low-fee funds based on the results using a discount/online investment company. Have the money go in on a regular basis and resist the temptation to play the market or move things around a lot, and you will most likely make a moderate return in line with the market.
  4. Bestiality is abuse of the animal. You will find that most people who oppose bestiality also oppose other abuses, like beating animals, inhumane conditions, and cruel methods of killing.
  5. I would assume it's some sort of scam, since I never gamble.
  6. I'm in Canada, and not a particularly religious part of it. I own three Bibles, none of which I paid for or even wanted.
  7. I have been given several over the years. People giving them out on the streets, parades, etc. Pretty sure I got one or two at school (along with other religious texts), but not sure of the source. Also, it's pretty easy to find the full text of every version imaginable on the internet.
  8. Keeping abuse secret perpetuates the abuse and makes you a party to it. I would get anyone who can help involved to try to help before this escalates to physical abuse and/or child abuse (if it hasn't already).
  9. You should never accept a cheque if it's not made out to you or if it's not from the person who claims to be issuing it. In this case it could be stolen or counterfeit cheque stock, and a cheque like that could end up being returned some time after the fact (I would hold the funds for two weeks to be sure). It's even worse if a cheque is made out to someone other than you; those ones could be returned up to six years later (at least in Canada, rules may be different elsewhere).
  10. It's a good idea to have a will even if you don't have significant assets or kids. A will can save your next of kin significant time and money. For a simple example, a will makes it easy for your executor to find and gain access to your bank accounts, whereas this could turn out to be a painful process if there is no will.
  11. Could you be more specific? That is a very broad question. Each aspect of a persons physical makeup can affect a person's gender in various ways. You have, for instance, hormones like testosterone which are generally associated with 'masculine' behavior, and which also affect fetal development (and future behavior) in both males and females and 'masculinizes' male brains at a very young age. It also affects things like bone structure, muscle mass, and growth.
  12. Gender includes both physical characteristics (genetics, anatomy, hormones, brain structure, and so on) and social aspects (socialization, culture, social roles, etc). The social aspects are socially constructed, but the physical characteristics are not.
  13. Kind of like Neegan's system.
  14. Anyone who things a person is better off for being second-class is mistaken.
  15. I fell backward about six feet when I was 25 and hit the back of my head on pavement. Had vertigo for six months and couldn't hear myself think for about two. I never noticed any personality changes, but my first ever bout of anxiety was four months later, and I've always wondered if the two are related.