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  1. How, exactly, does what Doggzilla said suggest that Keynesian Economics is a pyramid scheme. I am not following your logic.
  2. Teaching young children the basics is a much different skill than understanding advanced math. I suspect you would end up with a lot of frustration on both sides with this type of setup, unless you gave a few semesters of teaching courses.
  3. There have been studies, most of which conclude that higher pay correlates to better educated students. This one is international and compares teacher performance and salaries after 15 years' experience. It shows that higher pay definitely correlates to improved student performance, but it's not clear if the money is what does it, or simply the fact that people are willing to invest in education.
  4. I give out toys. This year, I have bouncy balls, spiderman bobbleheads, princess pencils, avenger stickers, and bubbles, amongst other things. The parents get jello shots.
  5. Well, it's very obnoxious whatever they're doing.
  6. Um, anyone with a basic understanding of statistics will tell you that the quotes on that article just refer to sampling techniques that allow pollsters to ensure that all demographics are represented in proportion to the whole population. Oversampling, for instance, is used to ensure that you have a statistically significant sample of a minority group. Zero Hedge really should understand this, and I strongly suspect that they do.
  7. This is a (poor) attempt to even out disparities in education level. When school funding depends on the income of local residents, rather than being distributed equally to everyone, you end up with a huge education level disparity. You are correct that such policies are not always effective or fair, since socioeconomic status doesn't map directly to individual races. This is why it's more effective to focus on equalizing access to quality education, rather than handicapping individuals based on race.
  8. I'd love to see your source for this gem.
  9. Seriously? Here is a study from Stanford, showing that when a woman and man with identical credentials apply for a STEM job, the man is more likely to be considered for it and will receive a higher starting pay. Here is one from the National Bureau of Economic Research that shows people with 'ethnic' names are less likely to be called for a job interview. This one from Yale shows that these biases begin in the preschool years, when boys (especially black boys) are perceived as more troublesome than girls. Again, I already responded with my thoughts on affirmative action. Please refer to the sixth post in this thread.
  10. The post you quoted was about why implementing any form of affirmative action policy in sports doesn't make sense unless there is some evidence that discrimination is actually taking place. It's a direct response to your claim in the eleventh post that it doesn't matter if there is evidence or not. I already responded on what I think specifically about how affirmative action-like policies should be enacted. Sixth post in.
  11. The primary job requirement for professional sports is the physical ability to play the sport better than anyone else. The stated purpose of affirmative action is to allow people of various races/genders to compete evenly in the job market and in education, where there is significant evidence that discrimination was and is taking place. Unless you have some evidence that there is a non-performance related aspect of the racial make up in sports, then imposing affirmative action would result in not meeting either the primary job requirement OR the goals of affirmative action. That seems a bit counter-productive.
  12. Oh, look! A false dichotomy! American-style affirmative action has always been a very blunt instrument that fails in a lot of cases to take into account just how much socioeconomic factors affect people regardless of race. replace affirmative action with a combination of properly and equally funded education and blind selection of school/job candidates, and you might actually get somewhere.
  13. Yep. Might as well ask if young people think you can summon demons by playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  14. Context is everything. However, as a general rule, if you don't know me then I'd rather you didn't use familiar terms to address me. It comes across as condescending or sexist in a lot of cases.
  15. One of the most important things for me is that you should be able to tell how a name sounds when reading it. Otherwise, you're unnecessarily setting the kid up for a lifetime of being referred to incorrectly and having to correct others. You're also making the kid less likely to have strangers (hiring managers, people on dating sites, etc) reach out, because people are very averse to anything that makes them look stupid, even minor things like mispronouncing a name.