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  1. 1. Looks always matter. However, different people have different criteria for looks 2. Non-motivated side: Why ruin a perfectly good friendship? That means the motivated party has to work harder to convince the other party that you can have your cake and eat it too.
  2. 529 is good but there are few restrictions. As you mentioned, there are also other investment vehicles such as UGMA/UTMA. Each has pros and cons. With UGMA you don't have to stick with money market (it pays peanuts), for hands free investments, you can look into passive mutual funds like ones that are offered by Vanguard. Last time I looked, T Rowe Price and Vanguard offered decent selection for 529s. As Monte said, if you don't want to deal with this, look into a brokerage. Asked around for agents/brokers recommendation. I wouldn't even bother with the saving bonds. Congrats on having the foresight to investing in your daughter's future.
  3. You so miss out, dude Whatever happens to taking in the experience for experience sake! huh? huh?
  4. ENTP: I am good with whatever you want ENFP: I am good with whatever you want. #ENPIndecision Boom. Drop mic
  5. On one hand, you said you value intellects yet you gave considerable amount of thoughts on looks. I am not blind by saying ageism and looks bias don't exist, but for folks who lean towards intellectual partners, they don't really care all that much. The only time where age can be problematic is when people are in different stages in their lives and reconcile the differences in stages can be problematic. In your case, I don't think it matters all that much. If you don't believe in your own attractiveness then you need to work on your own self-esteem. Nobody can do that for you. Personally, I have dated people who were 15 years older. I prefer their conversational skills and their life experience. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: I said this now and then. I mean, how on earth would I know if I don't ask? Hinting is a waste of time.
  6. this is how the introverts feel.
  7. well, if it is coming from an ENP, assume it is friendlyflirty, and nothing more. It is all the same, isn't it? After all, flirting is a form of friendly social interaction
  8. Assume that there are no mental health concern, in a "normal" situation this is what I would do: communicate early and often, follow up if you need do. People needs warnings and responses to escalation. Don't wait until nothing happen and whoops their heads all at once. Yes, it is tedious and annoying but that how the rest of the population works. Day 1: I do see issues with X. Let's get together to discuss this. Day 1+n: How is it going? About X, where are we with that? Day 1+n+n: Here are the issues I see with X, I am curious to know your thoughts on this. *and then listen* Day 1+n+n: Can we sit down and see how we can make X to go smoother? Let make some concrete date, etc ... If something that you want people to sit up and take note with, tell them how you feel. I am frustrated that xyz. I am concerned about abc, can we get a resolution? Spell out the consequences if you need to. Good luck. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Yes! People don't know what is going on inside your head. You have to tell them. Don't assume. Tell them and push for a resolution. I have children, if you need specific helps, please feel free to PM me.
  9. He still has to think about it, he isn't ready to discuss what he is thinking. Actually, you asking about it sounds like you were fishing for a compliment.
  10. You confuse agreeableness with being submissive.
  11. nah. it is pretty normal around here.
  12. Being INTJ doesn't mean that a person has a license to be rude, condescending, etc ... (not saying that you are). It is small talk (i.e surface talk) only because you haven't found a way in: Engage the person, find out their interests, find a tangent relating their interest and talk .... That means that one has to engage and to take an interest in the conversant. Be curious about them. Wait ... INTJ are not supposed to do that, right? ... Wrong. In order to find someone to stand the INTJness, work at withstand them first. Can't take anything until you have given.
  13. What's up? INTJ 1w9. Female here.
  14. Ground chicken: lettuce wrap a la PF Chang