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  1. Nope. Completely disagree. This breeds entitlement.
  2. Set aside a block of time a week that you need to get things done. Communicate that time and enforce the boundaries. You need to stick to that schedule as well, I know, it is easier said than done for ENFP. Hey, buddy, I need to get some stuff done between 4 - 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You are welcome to sit next to me and read a book, but I can't talk to you until I am done. Ok, buddy?
  3. I laughed remembering this post, when I was driving yesterday with my extrovert spawn monologued next to me. I love the spawns and am able to put up with the noise and the demand on my time. You become expert at finding pockets of alone time. For example: showering time, commuting time, after everyone has gone to bed, early in the mornings, lunch time alone, etc ... and you make the time counts.
  4. "if now the forum moderators come in and delete a post of yours or mine in this thread, for irrelevance, this also is an interesting illustration of how the freedom of speech operates in daily life."


  5. That's absurd. So an INTJ Christian go to church not because of his belief? A pro-choice INTJ votes for a liberal candidate is not because of his belief? His belief is pro-choice and he votes for the candidate who can most bring forth what he believes in. The decision still bases on a belief. It is like a scenario: an INTJ overlord decides that half the population must die because we are overpopulated and yeah, the half that has to die, you guys are doing it for your own good!
  6. "While I spend a lot of time in my head, I am not INTJ and can't live there altogether"

    Interesting.  I never thought that is one of the fundamental differences between INTJ and ENTJ.  Yeah, I would be happy to be there most of the time.  I get out of my lair only if I need to accomplish something, and it is better be worthwhile.

  7. Suppose I always argue with them in the board room and (being ESFJ) they believe that I hate them, does that mean I should stop arguing? It is a false belief, right?
  8. I never had to praise someone untruthfully because I rarely find a person that I have nothing to compliment. In this example, I would praise the person for being diligent (with her food) because being diligent (with what you eat) is a good trait.
  9. The girls will become teenagers before you know it and they wouldn't want you guys around. Also, they are testing the dynamic with you. Sassiness: you want them to become strong women, don't you? :) it is part of the learning curve.
  10. ok, so I don't quietly say "Hi handsome". Instead, I yell across the street "Hey, handsome, can you please give me a hand?" Would that be considered harassment? if it is not (which I suspect that many people wouldn't considered it to be a harassment) then why do we use a different standard for women?
  11. First year, do some potted flowers so it looks nice. That's it. Sit back and observe the land and the sun for the entire year. I can't stress this enough. Eventually, you will know what will work for each corner for your property. Your land (and your neighbors) will tell you what will work. Don't do anything for the first year or even the second year. A lot of things you do the first year, you will have to redo them. We all make mistakes, the goals is to make less mistakes.
  12. Uh, so if I walked up to a counter and said "hi, handsome, I'd like a coffee". Is that considered to be harassment? How is that different than "Hi, sweetheart, I'd like a coffee"?
  13. Sorry, it is still a no. This is the boundary thing that we all preach to you, @AOA.
  14. Exactly! that is why no engagement is not a good strategy in the long run. Be pleasant. Occasionally, praise her for being diligent. Again, be pleasant and generous with praises.
  15. You can choose to see it as a game, or you can choose to see it as something nice you do for someone. You still don't expect return, but you are doing it to guard future consequences. Is it still a game or is it a strategy? We all have conscious choices.