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  1. Have you been chatting in the past 10 days?
  2. We don't live together, but at my place, he has a designed place for his stuff. He has full control of the space, i don't go there, I don't make noise about it, eventhough the space is in my house. Correct. I find that this manifests itself in a bad way during a fight. I wouldn't know when to stop pushing logic.
  3. Vote for #4: Other -- Clearing pores. That's it.
  4. It is very good that you recognize this. It doesn't mean that you can't wonder out loud, you just need to preface your musings with "I was just thinking ...." basically, giving her a chance not to take what you say as something set in stone. My SO does this for me and it really helps. Potential pitfalls: letting her shoulder all the organization, insisting on that you must know everything before you can do something (INTJ tends to work with a 80% plan, rather than 100% plan). FWIW, INTJ women seem to do well with NTP men. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Yes. So when she is wrong, instead of pushing your vision, ask her upon what assumptions she bases her decisions. She may not be able to answer you right away, but she will think about it.
  5. Agree. There is a difference in taking care of parents vs. children. Personally, it would be the end of the relationship if my SO can't accept the thoughts of us extending helping hands to young children. I have the means to guide those lives, I can't let the kids suffer. As for your friend (and yourself) speak up now about how you feel about children.
  6. For me, the responses don't align along the gender lines. It is more about where I am in relation to them and their attitudes.
  7. "but i'm glad to hear it's much more than cunning linguists."

    :laugh: My dear Whoops, you are such a slut !  I see what you did there.


    1. Whoops


      totally. also, i will respond to your (very interesting) pm. :nice:

  8. Sure, evidence is required, but can be supplied in absence of words.
  9. Looking back at the people to whom I was attracted, there is a common theme. It is not so much that those people had great verbal skills, some were very introverted. It was because they can convey their thoughts, through variety of methods. With the intuitive, there are short forms of communication that often negate the need of using plethora of words. Also, (for me), it is not so much that they can talk well, it is that they can solve problems well. This is where people's fluid intelligence shine. That, is the real attraction.
  10. Re: your post on DQ's INTJ / ENTJ

    Interesting observations.  Just about every INTJ female I know, everyone of them can foul people into thinking that she is an extrovert (at first glance). 

  11. Distance is correct in pointing out that to freeze certain food properly, you would need to freeze them in single layer (individual quick frozen method) before bagging them. Also, ( upright ) freezer doesn't need to be in the kitchen. Reach in freezers don't offer the same flexibility as the upright kind.
  12. I only leave after careful consideration
  13. I am not a fan of side by side, I prefer bottom freezer. With side by side, the fridge side seems to be small. Like distance says, I want to max out the fridge side and supplement with a stand up freezer. I just paid $150 for a small freezer. my ice maker is in the freezer part, makes sense for it to be there plus more room for fridge Check out Sears outlet, you may find some named brand with a discount.
  14. You lead because you had to.