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  1. The only reason I would get married again is I don't want ever be told that I or him can't be in the hospital room because we are not family.
  2. since the recipe called for cod, I would assume that the whitish mush is fish, wouldn't you? As for food styling, you would be surprised what can be achieved with a simple point and shoot, no gimmick, no spritzing. It is about understanding how to make food inviting and getting the angles right. The berries one was shot outdoor, natural light. The bacon one was shot indoor, regular light, No light bounce, no umbrella, standard kitchen light. Both were shot with a very old cannon point and shoot, using macro lens. Most phone camera now can do a lot more than that old cannon could. These are not pros picture by any means, my point is that anyone can style a good food picture using their phone.
  3. Frozen fish: Defrost and dry it well on paper towel and it would be almost ok. In the second picture, the fish was way overcooked to the point of mush, fresh or frozen wouldn't matter. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Cook with your brain, eyes and taste buds, not blindly following a recipe. This thread listed good points on how to handle seafood, if people feel it is pretentious and not absorbing the technique then it is like baby/water.
  4. Bring breakfast and lunch from home as much as possible on mondays, I bring a thermos of milk into the office. I can't stand the fake creamer a case of water is always in the car. Freeze Halloween candies and parcel them out throughout the year buy as much used as possible, and only buy what is necessary (although I draw the line at used underwear and used Kleenex *tongue firmly in cheek* )
  5. That is food porn. i make similar dish like that before, I almost always use fresh tomatoes. It is difficult to keep the cube shapes AND have enough juice evaporate. Liquid is the enemy here. Seafood need to be seared on high heat. Be brave and pull the seafood out before it is fully cooked, large ones makes this a little less nerve racking.
  6. Searing with (an overt or not) understanding the mallard reaction and what it does to the surface chemistry bonding and chemical conversion of the ingredients (aka the things that make your taste buds sing happy). Mallard reaction requires relatively dry heat
  7. With this interpretation, I see what you are saying.
  8. @Distance"I" means influence, no?
  9. @DistanceI saw your other post on this similar topic. Interestingly enough, 15 years ago, I think I scored higher in S and C than D & I. Now, understanding what S and C really entail, I sorta see why I wouldn't score high in D (I was in a brand new position, under an ENTJ) but surprisingly, the I score wasn't high as I thought for an INTJ.
  10. Just to expand on this, between 2 of us (intj & entp) , I am the one who are often few mins late, and he takes into account my tendencies. For my SO, punctuality was baked into his upbringing. My desk is just as messy as his. I was told by more than one ISTPs where to put my stuff neatly . The one thing that account for my Jness vs SO's Pness is that I push for resolution a lot sooner than he would. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Yeah, just explain what bothering you and somehow you guys can figure out a compromise
  11. an entp so, a ep child, a Isfp ex ... I am surrounded by Pness. Sure, they drive me crazy at times, but they make me human, that is accepting other people are not perfect. *tongue firmly in cheek
  12. I kinda like the semi-single status aka LDR. We get together having fun and then we retreat back to our caves until next time.
  13. You misunderstood my comment. To you, there are only 2 options: date up and date down. I am saying there is an option that is dating equals. As in respecting the person you date. There are issues with dating someone who is more successful in your eyes. There can be only 2 outcomes: either you would feel inferior all the time, or after a period of motivation, now you surpass him and you would treat him as inferior. Either way, it is not a recipe for a mutually respectful relationship.