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  1. Dogs are lovable. Babies are lovable. WALL-E is lovable. Amelie is lovable.
  2. "Soup taker"? In that starving, homeless folks are horrible, dangerous, immoral human beings who seek the domination and humiliation of their victims and should be locked away from the rest of us for our protection?
  3. Really it explains sleeping in socks also.
  4. Yes, I'm sure encouraging women to be even more passive will help solve this forum's relationship issues.
  5. Gen-Xers play guitar too, with their grunge and their street corner busking and their coffee shop performances. I'm sure guitar picks bend at some point.
  6. Well, don't look at me. I have all the socks I need. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: You would think this sort of thing would happen more often in Forks, WA.
  7. And now you've appropriately topped it, lol.
  8. http://www.theolympian.com/news/local/crime/article146179329.html Apparently there's some guy in Shelton, WA going around entering women's bedrooms, staring at them while they sleep, and trying to steal their socks off their feet. Police say he most likely got in through unlocked doors, which means either 1) people in Shelton are really trusting or nonchalant in general, or 2) the perpetrator is really good at finding unlocked doors. Also, while this guy is no doubt dangerous and disturbing, he now has one of the dumbest and most hilarious nicknames for a criminal I've ever heard.
  9. It wasn't the content of the arguments I was commenting on as much as the context in which they were described as being presented. If the subject comes up that you have no children by choice and someone proceeds to freak out and spend 10 or 20 minutes arguing all the reasons they chose to have children, maybe they doth protest a bit too much. Yes, you could say the same thing with the roles reversed, but unlike with Madden's case, I don't recall anyone describing a real-life situation where that actually happened. No doubt it could happen. But revealing that one has children is usually much less controversial and much more common and banal than revealing that one has no children by choice, so it probably doesn't happen as often.
  10. Biz Markie - "Spring Again"
  11. No, that one's pretty mellow as far as these things go. A better example would be something like "My guy is silent in the bedroom. Does that mean he's cheating on me with my best friend?!"
  12. Perhaps. If that's true though, you would expect education/career/financial advice to be weird and messed up too, although I don't read enough of those type of threads to be able to test that. It's definitely not just the INTJs who do it though. To be honest I think the sapiosexuals tend to make more sense on average. And I'm not one of them. Well if I make 3 or 4 identical threads to this, you could definitely make that comparison. I suppose this is as good an explanation as any. Is it the same on other websites where people make threads or ask for advice about dating? I certainly get that impression from reading the write-ins to Savage Love, for example. Why care what holds atoms together, or what makes the sky blue, or what's behind the difference between introverts and extraverts? Wat
  13. It seems pretty rare that I encounter a thread about dating or relationships or attraction that leads to genuine insight and growth for the original poster. It does happen sometimes, but it's uncommon. More likely it will involve self-delusion, denial, doing the same things and expecting a different result, undiagnosed or unadmitted mental illnesses, inexplicable indecisiveness, thinly-veiled male supremacism, reflexive intellectual dishonesty, dogmatic adherence to shallow generalizations in the face of empirical evidence, gold digging as a serious worldview, unconcerned child abuse, unconcerned domestic abuse, unconcerned drug abuse, and a general hostility to the idea that one should apply the same standards to oneself as one applies to others. These descriptions often extend to the responses as well as the original poster. On the occasions that people with maturity and understanding offer something valuable, they are by and large promptly dismissed, or endlessly attacked in an exchange that spans several pages with no real progress. Usually the most dysfunctional threads get the most responses. Someone in chat once aptly described the R&D forum as "a soap opera you can interact with". Are my perceptions off base here? Is it just a few loud, irrational voices overpowering the majority? Are people and relationships just this fucked up in general? Do those with the most wisdom and positive experience just self-select against making relationship threads for the most part? What is the deal?
  14. Another noisy guy.