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  1. I can't imagine a more complete and effective rebuttal than this.

  2. Utter foolishness, nothing can be done to make people think. I've been observing people for over 40 years and it's nothing short of amazing the lengths to which most will go in order to avoid having to think.

  3. That was written with quality in mind. It will make people think!

  4. Well then, you should easily be able to explain why Republicans sending jobs to China is the fault of Mexicans working in completely unrelated industries and unable to take the jobs in the first place.

    Or how liberals are "picking winners" by giving minor subsidies to renewables, but giving a magnitude more subsidies to oil isnt the same thing.

    Or how the only cities more violent than Chicago are all in states with CCLs.

    Please, do explain how its drinking Kool-Aid to simply notice clear patterns which disprove conservative theories.

  5. I've never seen anyone who likes kool-aid more than you. I shit you not.

  6. Oh well, I'm sure someone as direct as I will eventually have the same pleasure.

  7. Just something dumb, but apparently if you have enough suspensions or something they just start doubling them now. I guess they don't want members.

  8. That's wild! Who'd you piss off?

  9. Damn dude, a two month suspension?

  10. Yes! Sometime the game goes into extra innings, so--maybe a pinch hitter might be good too.

  11. Relief pitchers, Love it!

  12. Pay attention and be careful.