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    I'm 23. I've had 3 people tell me I've changed their lives. One of whom I saved his life. I love.
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    Silicon Valley
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    writer at mikexie.com, entrepeneur/programmer wannabe
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    entertaining others, gaming, writing, dancing, singing, poking fun at people, arguing over nothing
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  1. Tall women. I end up dating a lot of them.
  2. it works for me. but then again i try very hard to be someone i would love to be around. you should give it a go imo. it's something you should do anyway, good investment, improving the quality of life of your self relationship.
  3. Self publish on amazon for kindle. Publishers are dead and they don't know it. Advances are going to zero etc. find an artist for your cover on elance
  4. The price of anything can only be meaningfully measured in time. Acts of service(behind the scenes) and quality time(center stage).
  5. There really isn't. Make things. Get your things out there. Find a mentor or critic. Keep pushing until you get recognition. Then keep making more. You're asking for luck. Most people don't write a 50 shades their first time. Or ever.
  6. Anyone care to add why to their response? What about product management?
  7. A dozen or so that time has no meaning to us.
  8. In all seriousness do some hw n see what careers are like. And ask around people love to talk. Btw don't use the word cyber it's a bad habit. Engineers will hate you. Afaik
  9. FDR Napoleon My INTP math major genius and super nerd friend Zoolander
  10. And I thought a lot of the charm in women was in how utterly incomprehensible they are. For me I find it difficult enough to find people that can keep up with my normal pace. It's not so bad slowing down though. But I'd rather not.
  11. Absolutely awful. It's embarassing.
  12. I do do far more politicking than I'd like to admit but I keep my hands very clean. Unfortunately I'm not sure where I want to be. But not DC. I left. The dinner parties felt empty too. And petty. I wanted to be a cult leader briefly. Man that'd be kind of cool.
  13. I'm 23. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I'd love suggestions for a good fit. I love conversation. I'm very good at it. I read a lot so I can talk with almost anyone. I like convincing people to do things. I'm exceedingly charismatic. I never asked anyone how. I don't exactly like writing but I'm very good at it. Same with explaining things. I size people up unconsciously. I used to play a lot of chess. And fight. Also I did the pua thing for a while but it made me feel empty. And a bit guilty. Thematically I suppose the 1v1 format is my "expertise". I like assessing others and maneuvering them to the most efficient posts. Event mgmt was probably one of my favorite things. And captaining a video game team. I study history. Human behavior. I like to be in control. And by this I mean know more than whoever I am with. In everything I do I am exceedingly technical. Whether its programming or speech or conversation. Thanks.
  14. Thanks! She is a wonderful person.