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  1. I'm an INTP married to an ENFP. I personally really love it, apart from the fact that no one makes a damn decision in my house specially to go to a restaurant (that's excruciating) and my home is clean but not organized, dishes keep going in different places. But overall, we have a lot in common.
  2. Your hair always looks stunning.

  3. Still no DSLR? :)

  4. Thank You. :) The gal that did it used to teach color for Paul Mitchell. She's solid, thankfully. I was white-knuckled in the chair when she started chopping though! lol

  5. i have... theres a lot of various materials and concepts, what parts have been disproven?

  6. You said eidetic memory ( more precisely) cannot exist, yet it hasn't been actually disproven. It's not mumble jumbo, maybe to you. It is that's what I meant by new information is showing that we are much more neuroplastic.
  7. You can read Society of mind.

  8. ".. marvin Minsky (which many of his claims have been widely disproven BTW).. " could you please tell me which claims?

  9. http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200603/the-truth-about-photographic-memory Photographic memory is not the "correct" term, but after marvin Minsky (which many of his claims have been widely disproven BTW) eidetic memory is still under research and some people have passed the tests, Temple Grandin being one of them. She's able to read a page from a book in another language just by looking at it. I'd like to see citation other than Minsky on the topic if you have any. It's common in non abstract thinkers, and it's completely unrelated to IQ and intelligence (Grandin has an average IQ) and often it can severely hinder social skills (specially in people with SPD). Additional article relating that in fact it's not well known and it's under study, and can often be found in children under six and concrete thinkers (and people neurologically atypical, like in people with autism) http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/neuro/neuro06/web2/agoldstein.html
  10. Actually I beg to differ. Temple Grandin is a perfect example. Not long term if that's what you are referring.
  11. No, there are just unrelated. Plenty of average IQ's with photographic memory. In order to have higher IQ, you need all the areas to be above average.
  12. New studies are actually showing that our adult brain has more plasticity than we were lead to believe, and that the first 3 years of live aren't as crucial as we believe it to be. Cognition and intelligence are two different ballgames, and are measured differently. Although you can do the opposite, train your cognitive abilities to stimulate neuroplasticity on certain situations.. People that have photographic memory don't often have high IQ's, like Katwalker stated it's measured in 4 major areas. Improving one won't have an effect on any other. example: becoming fluent in another languages doesn't make you forget your mother language.
  13. No thigh gap for me. My legs are very muscular and slightly turned out (years of dancing).