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  1. Oh shiet. I meant to write 'employees' not employers. Sorry for the confusion. But back to the topic. I totally agree with the OP. If you think that you're smart, then start your own business. Don't try to convince yourself that it's not the logical thing to do.
  2. I created a unique way to run a business. I have 3 employers who has different skills. The value of my business are my ideas together with their knowledge. I constantly get new ideas and they have the potential (with my leadership) to make these ideas reality. I tell them what to do, the business is nothing without me. Though I must confess. If I lived in the US, my business wouldn't work. But I would still be able to start my own thing in the US if I wanted to, just not this thing.
  3. Oh is that how it is? I started my business because I wanted people to work for me while I live a different, relaxing life in another country. I play smart, not hard. It's clear that a lot of people here lack creativity and self-confidence. Or maybe it's me who is too optimistic, but it has worked out for me.
  4. lol, I love you :D No, everyone is crazy

  5. You're being sarcastic all the time and I can barely understand sarcasm so I'm kind of confused with your comments. But thanks for being serious once at least, I can answer that comment. I think that most people have a hard time analyzing themselves objectively and that would make a good reason for seeing a psychologist, however, all information you give to the psychologist is already contaminated by your subjectivity. So in the process of seeing a psychologist, you still need to analyze yourself and the information you provide objectively. And if you have the ability to do that and have the same knowledge a psychologist has, then there is no reason that you can't diagnose yourself. Edit: This is kind of offtopic, I don't even know why I started writing about self-diagnoses lol.
  6. Are you upset? Would you like a lolly? It's something with this topic... I'm not sure... Is it upsetting? There is a lot of information on the internet about this topic, a lot of youtube videos and articles. And so much of it is just wrong, incorrect. I don't know why but when it comes to this topic, everyone is so sure that the information they have received is correct. When is it ever acceptable to state something without at least writing where that information was taken? Anyway, a sociopath is not the same thing as a psychopath. Read 'A handbook on psychopathy' or 'The anti-social personalities' or any book that was written by someone who has researched the subject. This wasn't directed at you Jourdan, except for that 'upset want a lolly thing :P'
  7. So if a psychiatrist told you something you would believe it just like that? They got their information from books, if you've read the same books then you have the same information. Crazy betches.
  8. Hah. Like a psychiatrist would know something I don't... Love this age :)
  9. How do you think a diagnosis is made from the beginning? The same people who came up with APD and psychopathy came up with sociopathy. Have you read any books about this subject? Or are you just remembering what you heard somewhere? If you're going to disagree with me, at least provide a source.
  10. It's not, but I'd love to see your source. Oh do we? Not all sociopaths suffer from anxiety. I wouldn't say that it's impossible for one to be aware though, especially nowdays with all the hype about it.
  11. I know that in the diagnosis 'APD' a person needs to be a criminal in order to fit it. But have you heard the term 'White collar psychopath'? A person with APD who is intelligent enough/has enough selfcontrol to avoid committing crimes. These people would have nothing to lose on admitting these traits, many people with APD are narcissistic, so discussing themselves would probably serve some narcissistic supply which they need. So I wouldn't say it's impossible that one would confess it.
  12. I want to discuss the difference and the traits of the two labels. Many people think that they are the same thing but in reality the difference is quite big. I'll start by writing about the general difference in traits (According to David T Lykken from his book 'The anti-social personalities and Sam Vaknin from his youtube videos). Another word for 'sociopath' is 'class two psychopath'. Psychopaths are born this way. They are the kind of person who tortured animals as a child. They have empathy but no sympathy. They have no emotional attachment to anyone. They come from every segment of society. They have good emotional and physical control while committing crimes and are calm even in situations where they may get killed. They are compleately unreliable. Sociopaths are made this way. Many grew up with only a single mother and had a rough childhood. They are capable of emotional attachment and are unlikely to hurt people they like. Compared to psychopaths they experience more anger and sometimes act out of rage. They have no sympathy for people they don't know or people they don't like. They experience much anxiety. They don't follow social norms. With this in mind, what do you think goes on in the mind of a sociopath vs psychopath? What do they think about, how do they think etc. Do you have more knowledge to add about the two labels? Experiences with potential socio/psychopaths. I read on some stupid blog a theory that all INTJs are sociopaths, I think it's stupid but, does anyone agree with the theory? Does anyone think that you may have any of these disorders? Thoughts on that?
  13. No but I love the fact that this guy is driven by me.
  14. Haha, wow. If you're happy and enjoy life then maybe seeing a therapist is a waste of money.