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  1. Haha..thank you..the test is still around..it will get over by the end if this month..

    I do believe in luck, but it doesn't happen all the time : (

    I think I only pray to God when I need help, how good is that?

    Maybe that is why He ignore me sometimes. Haha..Just saying :x

    But miracle do happen sometimes.

    Like there is one time, I was very upset about something, i called my friend up but she was up for something. That same evening, i went to town for a stroll and happened to bump into my friend out of nowhere. I am not sure if this is some sort of coincidence.

    Then there was another time where i got upset when i broke up with a friend.

    I cried myself to sleep. Then the next day, somehow almost everyone was being kind and friendly to me.

    It made wonder if at all He is looking after me all these while.

    I respect all religions and only think there is one God.

    I don't know who is God though. Let's label God as "x".. Maybe an aura, some force.

    I dont know. ??

    Human only believe things when they see it.

    We don't see wind, we only feel it, but we know that wind exist..

  2. Good luck on the test! And if this wishful comment came too late, then I bet you did well. :)

    Luck to me is a set of coincidental events that a person unwillingly took advantage of. But who knows, it could be a gift from the angels, but I guess it depends on how you perceive it, since it could be luck to one person and a curse to another; like a card game: only one person can be lucky. One person may see being born into a privileged home as being lucky, and another may see it as stressful and inhibits personal growth, since everything is catered to the person.

    No, I don't really have a religion, unless you consider agnosticism its own religion. What about you?

  3. any difference between getting raped and getting fucked? getting raped=getting fucked. she might be emotional when it comes to sex, but so what? it is unfair coz it is not her choice to being raped. those girls that ain't worth to get involved with are girls who willingly spread their legs for any guy.
  4. Haha..luck always comes and goes..

    what is "luck" to you? Is it God gift or nature gift..and can it be replenish or improve?

    By the way, do you have a religion?

    Haha..YES..You'd better use all your money before you die! It will be ironic to die without spending them, cause I don't think heaven or hell use USD : D

    Yea, exam is coming up in few days. So i am preparing for it : D

  5. Ok, let me rephrase that: low expectations for random luck. I think I used up most of my luck last year.

    In the US, I'd probably be considered average or mediocre in terms of investing. Ha, I hope I'm rich and can use the money before I die.

    How's your studying coming along?

  6. Yeah. Optimism helps of course and low expectation means less dissapointments : )

    sounds like a good plan, you're good with money and going rich once u retired! thank god America isn't a socialist country..haha..

    Yup, i hv a list of places to visit too : ) i'd probably be very busy once i start working. Haha.

  7. Yeah, I'm approaching this with low expectations. Optimistic, but low expectations. Does that work?

    That happens with friends. I haven't spoken to a close friend for over 4 months, although I did bump into him at a friend's party. I expected it would happen sooner or later since we didn't have much to talk about and we begin to find our own little niche.

    Listen, compounding interest is god-send. By the time I'm 70, I should have accumulated about 3 million in my Roth IRA account if I deposit the maximum every fiscal year; I'm not even including 401k and pension plan yet. Hopefully inflation doesn't screw me over. Even if I do have kids and they support me, it's still better to have a fall back plan just in case. You should try looking into some investments; save up a little here and there, so you won't have to be worried in the future.

    Wow, I feel like I'm pitching you a sale as an insurance agent. :)

    Well, think of it like this, once you're done with the hardships of school, you can take a break and just travel. Just get your mind off things and see the world; meet new people. That's kind of my goal in life and is in my bucket list: see the world. Even better if it's from space. :)

  8. Don't worry, it will be good, it all begin from the mind ; ) if we try to approach all possible outcomes with positive mindset, things will turn out better. . .Well, I used to have a bunch of good friends in college, but good times never lasts, we all diverge into different paths and we seldom contact each other since. I have a few good friends, but we seldom hang out during such occasions, they are better with their friends and love ones. You have started to save for retirement, seriously? That is likely 30 years from now. What are your plans by then? Hmm, i guess medical expenses are quite costly in the States. Ask your son to pay for your plans after retirement : p .I did save some money for myself, but i have not thought of retirement yet, i just save them so that i do not need to rely on my parents to buy or do what i want. Yup, it is quite sunny here and there is no rain at all. . . i guess there must be a reason behind whatever i am going through now : | ..sigh, but i guess it is not any worst than people in Mali and Iraq right now. Kinda grateful though.

  9. Thanks, I hope things turn out well. It is 2012 and we haven't died, so guess it's a good start?

    You should try setting up a New Year's tradition. Every year, my friends and I would go to San Francisco, even if we miss the fireworks, which is most of the time. It didn't require much money, except for maybe gas, but everyone chipped in.

    Yup, 24. Already started saving up for retirement. Surprisingly enough, I'm a bit late to jump on the retirement band wagon, since some people have already started saving up since they were 15, with the help of their parents of course. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

    My first few puffs of the cigar didn't go so well, since I was coughing up all the smoke I inhaled -- I don't smoke. It's an interesting feeling. It has similar effects of drinking a glass of wine; a bit soothing. The taste was like smoking sweet wood. It's hard to describe. We did it on a mountain overlooking the city, which added to the experience.

    Winter's pretty much over, and now it feels like Spring. It's California, so it's not that cold. I'm assuming India isn't that cold either?

    I don't think I'm working my ass off compared to your circumstance of living in a foreign country on your own and trying to be a doctor; my life is a piece of cake, right now.

  10. I was at home during new year. didn't go out so much this time as i was running out of cash. i don't really enjoy staying at home, cause it sucks to live with family members with undesirable personalities, might as well bet they don' t like mine either.

    don't forget to add some fun in life, otherwise it will turned out static.

    if you're belong to snake year, then you should be 24 this year, am i right? haha.. we never know how it will turn out to be, but i know one thing for sure, that you're in control of your destiny, choices are yours, whether to make it a good year or otherwise.....and even if it did not turn out great *touch wood*, try to embrace and learn from it. i really hope the year of Snake will bring you luck, success,and happiness.

    how does cigar taste like? i heard it is good.

    how is winter, it must be really cold out there. i thought it is time to hibernate, why are you working your ass off? :D

  11. How was your New Years?

    Life's still the same. Not much action or suspense, which I guess is a good thing. It's the year of the snake, so I guess I should be more lucky? I don't know. Last year was my friend's year and he didn't do so great. I did try a cigar; new experience.

    Yeah. I have a final tomorrow. I'm taking a class for winter semester, which basically means an entire course crammed into 2 weeks. I had a mid-term a week ago.

  12. hi..happy new year to you too!!

    how is life??

    my exam is approaching soon..but i think i spent most of my time on irrelevant stuff..sigh!!

  13. i see..stay there as you like

    fate..hmm..i know its like we can contriy our destiny and all but sometimes we just got to believe..