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  1. To me the difference between ISFP and INFP is very obvious. But I feel the same towards the difference between INTJ/INFJ, ENTP/ENFP, ENTJ/ESTJ, ISFJ/ISTJ, and others. Truthfully it all comes from experience. Identifying what functions someone has is the easiest, then figuring out what order they go in is the next task. I tend to figure out if they are Se/Ni or Ne/Si first, then focus their mental/emotional dichotomy second. However, sometimes I catch the latter first.
  2. I think, more accurately, if you don't mind me interjecting it has to do with INTJs pursue topics they prioritize for whatever reason. Usually it's based upon a personal view of what is most useful in their life and it becomes their priority and is viewed as being the most useful pursuit. That's often why INTJs are considered experts or specialists in certain areas. Because they focus exclusively on specific individualized interests whereas INTP have a wider scope of logically connected knowledge. Notice I say logically and not necessarily factually. INTP's knowledge is based up facts, no doubt, however how they connect the dots is personally formulated perhaps even algorithmic method/way of honing and piecing together their understanding of ideas, concepts, and the world around them. It is the appreciation of logical consistency which drives them. It could be said in INTJ's Fi prioritizes and Te actualizes or seeks factual and structural harmony in the world around them based upon those personalized priorities. Whereas with INTPs Ti prioritizes and Fe seeks emotional harmony. But, I don't know if that's accurate.
  3. Progression or the feeling that ones life is moving in a positive and ever improving direction. Vision and a belief that that vision can be obtained and actively acting upon that desire. Two I thought off the top of my head. Not sure how accurate they are.
  4. INTJs and ISTJs generally get along pretty well. I personally really enjoy the company of ISTJs because they are laid back but also because I can engage them in conversation plus they're unique perspective gives me useful and concrete insights.
  5. This is good advice.

  6. Can you explain more in depth what you mean by bimodally? I know what the word means, but there are various interpretations into what you are specifically looking for.I'm aware of a guy trying to create a model better than MBTI. He's actually visited this site and I used to talk to him about it quite a bit. Very interesting ideas and ways of viewing Jungian Theory. I need to find his site again, but once I do I'll post again or edit this post.
  7. Sounds like you just don't care XD

  8. problem is that i went into knowing in the first place and still did it!! must be s&m

  9. I do that a lot. I'll be criticizing someone in my head then suddenly realize I've done the same thing and am a hypocrite.

  10. self-condemnation for the win!

  11. Okay. Just checking.

  12. lol @ you realizing you just did the same thing as him.

  13. I notice that happens to me a lot when I'm arguing with my INTP roommate. I'll make a point and he goes around arguing this and that and I sometimes find myself in bewilderment that he isn't recognizing the obviousness of the argument. However, over the years I've become acquainted with his way of thinking and we hardly bump heads anymore. I seem to have a more keen grasp on his way of thinking. We still will occasionally argue, but usually pretty minor stuff. Typically we do pretty well when brain storming together. However, I think I'm becoming more familiar with Ti which may be part of the reason.