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    I personally believe that Us Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have maps and I believe that our education such as in South Africa and the I
  1. Where you at?

  2. Now, where have you been as well? I seem to go around the forum to gather again my friends. Where the hell have you all been?! Anyway, I hope everything is good with you.

    Best regards :)

  3. Hello. :) You still here? How is it with you? :hugs & smoochies:

  4. Damn straight I don't. I missed this whole thread and all of the posts that started it but I just figured I'd say!

  5. Just another proof that homosexual parents is bad for the kid. Looks like it distorts the correct biological inner workings of their kids. 'Research' (*cough*) pretends to have shown that kids from gay parents are equally happy and are doing well or better at school. Yet from what have I seen, kids with homo parents are always 'special'. Not to mention that kid in the Netherlands who committed suicide because he was bullied for having gay parents. Ah, there's always something going on with gay parenting. But it's political correct to ignore and deny. It also works if a bunch of emo's deny and yell under the veiled hat of rationality.
  6. Aah, OK.

    Well, one of my points is that she'll moderate mens rights activist faster. Those longer in this game understand just fine what I meant. The rest is show and pretending they don't understand.

  7. I meant that occasionally I find my posts have been edited or deleted by a moderator, for no significant reason; however, Midhiel has never been the moderator who's edited or deleted my posts, so I find her to be one of the least "overzealous" moderators.

  8. Sorry, in that case, I didn't understand it indeed. What did you mean?

  9. I meant whether or not you were being sarcastic about your misunderstanding my initial post.

  10. The smiley symbol should have indicated a friendly sarcastic tone.

    :) <-- yay

  11. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but either way, I didn't expect it to stay open for long, no. =P

  12. Thank you, the English is not my native language. However, the topic has been locked. Did you expect such a thread would stay open for long? :) Therefore I can't edit it anymore.

  13. The point you're trying to "bring across" ("get across" or "deliver" or even "make" sounds much better... Maybe she should edit your post there) is the exact opposite of the point I'm trying to make, you *expletive*.

  14. Don't do that woman.

  15. Don't do that. She's moving the goalpost. That's her trick all the time.