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    Im Indiffrent
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    New Orleans La.
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    Martial Arts, Cars, comp, coinstruction, phyc, philo,......
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  1. Time spent doing what I want vs not doing what I want
  2. Save the planet kill yourself. Or the guy who puts those stickers on apples.
  3. very well said.

  4. What is a flaw?
  5. Im talking about making shit happen, the risk is the reward.
  6. Fear is how we process love when we mature. we are no longer naive enough to trust. Inticipation. ---------- Post added 03-23-2014 at 03:15 PM ---------- To everone else... I hope you arrive at death safetly. ---------- Post added 03-23-2014 at 03:17 PM ----------
  7. That was aimed at trader ---------- Post added 03-23-2014 at 03:02 PM ---------- Would I be a fool if I said no? Would I be evil if I said in some case it might benifit them? what if he winded up in a cubical and at the end of 40 years killed himself without kids marrage friends because he'd never taken a risk? what if one child who got addicted created a muse to help other addicts? what if he used it to paint?
  8. When a man defines himself it becomes a refrence to everything, we are shooting through space and only one thing can be refrenced to find another. Its better to lose yourself than sit still and stagnation.
  9. When the risk itself is also the reward.
  10. Only evil men know the end of their own stories, they'll carve themselves in stone.
  11. Ignorance is sometimes caused by an individual's capicity to not understanding why they have a problem.
  12. Im not a gambler but this sounds awesome.
  13. What can we define by trying to protect someone from themselves? other than our own ideas of safety.?
  14. I think we'd have to consider the contribution / detriment per user on an individual bais to say if a person is... a. An addict b. Cost effective in its muse c. Detrimental D.? E. ?... Not conflate the entirety of the problems on a single individual, because it can seem as universal destructive,, and addition with it being escalated by the way it has been handled. The benifits are elusive. ---------- Post added 03-23-2014 at 02:17 PM ---------- This seems like the opposite of utilitarianism, or hedonistic, but can be argued to enhance how one synthesizes his environment. The corelation with dilinquency makes it relevance. what even is delinquency.? It created by the laws that dictate it.